Amal Clooney is your boss babe with serious fab style

Amal Clooney (1)

The world stopped upon knowing that one of the world’s most desirable bachelors has finally been taken off the market. It made us wonder who snatched the heart of the always-dashing George Clooney.

Many hearts were depressed as they watched one of Hollywood’s hailed actors tie the knot in the romantic setting of Venice. Little did we know that this lucky lady is more than just a woman with Clooney’s last name after the wedding took place.

In fact, Amal Clooney is another interesting personality that’s worth following due to her substance and style.

Amal Clooney (2)

How can someone have it all? Not only is she beautiful, but darn intelligent as well. The 37-year old lawyer, who can also pass to be a model due to her admirable physique, specializes in international law that gives light to issues that affect people in certain parts of the globe.

If her portfolio of achievements isn’t enough, wait until you see her rocking pieces of statement clothing that define her not only as an empowered woman, but also a woman who champions the favorable side of looking good.

Our boss babe right here certainly exhibits the golden rule of confidence and being self-assured. Not only do her red carpet moments look fabulous, but she has also accomplishes this in her everyday style.

Amal Clooney (3)

We always see her wearing crisp tailored pairs that really suit her. The classic look of white top and skirt right here is a clear testimony that she exudes grace and class.

Who would have thought that this fine lady tackles serious issues involving human rights?

Amal Clooney (4)

Just because she is a lady attorney doesn’t mean she’s confined by strict grounds of fashion.

Why, this woman also knows how to have fun by wearing colors and prints that accentuate the most of her beauty and lean physique.

People, this is your Mrs. Clooney, and she’s as versatile as she is sassy because she’s a fashion A-lister herself.

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Enjoy the Weird Vibe of the Big Mac Shop

Big Mac Shop (5)

Fashion can be absurd and weird sometimes, or shall we say, most of the time? With all the revamps and trends that circulate within the industry every now and then, the obscure and the different seem to be classified as the new type of normal.

We witnessed shoes that are made of fur, tops that are made completely of sequins, Lady Gaga and her raw meat ensemble, the flower headbands used in festivals and other trends being brought to life.

Truthfully, fashion attracted us into a black hole of uncertainty and yet, we have all managed to look fabulous and stylish despite the risks involved.

Only the few who are bold enough to jump off a cliff would end up succeeding and in the world of the fashion, those who transcend norms and limits are considered geniuses.

Big Mac Shop (1)

One of the most popular fashion shops now dominating social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest is a store named Big Mac Shop.

Given how they are named, some might deduce that this fashion store sells plus-size clothing or elegant dresses with the most feminine colors, but you’d be surprised to know that they pegged their designs on the famous fast-food chain, McDonald’s.

Big Mac Shop (3)

Though the shop is not run by the famous fast-food chain, the Big Mac Shop is slowly making noise in selling items and garments under one fabric design: that of the printed and beloved Big Mac, hence the online shop’s name.

Reminiscent of the style created by Jeremy Scott, those who want to be noticed would definitely adore the shop due to its minimalistic approach of using a single design on all of their items.

The very thought of having Big Macs printed all over your ensemble is not only downright bold, it channels uniqueness that only you and a chosen few would understand.

Also, have we mentioned that renowned prints are a sure hit in the fashion world? Do you remember the vintage tote bag with a mirrored print of Campbell’s Mushroom Soup on it? Well, the products of the Big Mac Shop pretty much deliver the same nostalgic and fashion-forward vibe.

Big Mac Shop (4)

Currently, the online store is open to countries such as United States, Canada, Australia and Europe.

The store is interconnected with other social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with a handful of fashion followers.

What you’ll see on their website is an arsenal that speaks loudly of Big Mac, including Big Mac Raincoats, Big Mac Board Shorts, Big Mac Thermals and Big Mac Wellington Boots.

Big Mac Shop (2)

Some brilliant minds from Sweden gave life to this awesome shop and their products, even extend to the Big Mac Dog Coat, Big Mac Bed Linen, Big Mac Sleeping Bag, Big Mac Wallpaper and the Big Mac Tent.

You would definitely want to patronize this venture as some of the profits that the store makes are donated directly to Ronald McDonald’s House of Charities to aid sick children and their families live a better life.

The Big Mac Shop is the kind of a fashion outfit, which knows what social responsibility is. You can scan for products that might tickle your fancy via their website,

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Facial Hair Slash Men Slash 2016 Equals Awesome

Facial Hair (1)

After the emergence of men all tied-up with the craziest and the most innovative hairstyles and trends, many are expectant that 2016 would go about releasing a fresh list of what men need to follow.

Man buns and faded sides were the craze that was afloat last year, and we can agree that up to now, there is quite a huge number of men still sporting these cuts. It is quite refreshing to see that as time goes by, members of the alpha gender are actively following or starting a trend by themselves, which should have been done decades ago more intensely.

Now that we’ve entered a new epoch, men (and the women in their lives) await how 2016 would go around the increasing interest of men in fashion and styling, with strong stresses on grooming and hygiene. Many style experts have leaked several concepts that men should realize as the year stretches until it closes, and one resounding idea is the importance of facial hair in looking awesome.

Facial Hair (2)

Men are expected to sport the long beard which is directly inspired by Russian political icon Rasputin’s stone-cold facial hairstyle. Experts say that the long beard is the best paradox for men this 2016, and they must have a very strong foothold on how it originally looks like.

For guys to sport this look, they should know the shape of their face as this is the direction that should be followed in growing your beard. Patience and the genes of being ‘hairy’ would be two of the main components to give this style a try.

One must have extensive facial hair growth to put the long beard into shape, which in turn would help you in concealing small and double chins or giving an illusion that you have a more chiseled, elongated face.

Facial Hair (3)

Contrary to the long beard, the short beard is meant for those who want to look rugged, yet sleek at the same time. The short beard would be in the middle of having a full berth of facial hair and being bald.

One edge that this look has is its ability to slip into different hairstyles, giving you more options on what look you want to achieve. Facial angles are at best here as these will be highlighted, and experts say that a guy should grow at the very least 1 centimeter of facial hair to achieve this quintessential look.

Facial Hair (4)

The old and long-withstanding trend of growing a full-blown mustache would be brought back to life and men should follow some rules to successfully don it. Taking inspiration from the men of the 1970s, people of today can now feel the manliness of growing a mustache.

It’s plainly black and white in having it or not, there is no middle ground, and definitely no other way of styling it aside from just letting it grow. The least you need to do with it is to trim it every now and then so as not to look drippy or too rugged once it reaches maturity.

Stylists and experts suggest that a guy must have this look for only a short period of time, preferably 6-8 months, or else the trend will look old and unflattering.

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Bette Midler is Marc Jacobs’s face for Spring 2016

Bette Medler Marc Jacobs (1)

In the tradition of creating a one of a kind campaign by selecting unexpected people to be the face that represents each launch, distinct brand Marc Jacobs has once again wowed the public after unveiling that the 70 year old Bette Midler is their newest muse for this year’s Spring collection.

It’s always the fusion of reason, passion and fashion whenever the concept of Marc Jacobs is discussed. Focusing on getting inspirational people from different places and industries, finding the right face to symbolize the brand’s current theme has always been impeccably spot-on.

We still feel the hang-over from the star studded cast of their 2015 campaigns where legends like Cher, Christy Turlington and Anthony Keidis became the brand’s face.

This year, opening up the veils of Spring 2016 will expose the ageless beauty of another icon, Bette Midler. Using the same platform as before, the designer channeled his admiration for this classic singer using social media.

In his Instagram account, Marc Jacobs expressed his respect and admiration for the singer who influenced him during his childhood years.

“To her beauty, her brass, her glamour. To that energy, vitality, verve, nerve and curve… I’m so happy to share this beautiful portrait by David Sims. Ladies and Gentleman, the Divine Miss M!”– he posted, pointing out the core reason why he has this certain fondness towards the singer. (Cited:

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 17:  Bette Midler and daughter Sophie von Haselberg attend the Marc Jacobs Spring 2016 fashion show during New York Fashion Week at Ziegfeld Theater on September 17, 2015 in New York City.  (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Marc Jacobs)

Alongside Midler is also another distinct personality. Lana Wachowski will also be the face of the brand for its 2016 Spring/Summer campaign. The transgender director of The Matrix was selected due to the same reason of how her personality inspired the life of the designer.

Moved by Wachowski’s speech when she received an award back in 2012, Jacobs was impressed by the director’s intelligence and inspiring way of thinking.

“She expressed thoughts and ideas that have filled my head and heart always but had never been so eloquently captured in language that was so tangible, intelligent, poignant and full of possibility,” – the designer mentioned during one of his posts introducing Wachowski as the new person to represent the brand. (Cited:

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Glam girl meets street on Elie Saab’s 2016 RTW collection

Elie Saabs 2016 RTW collection (1)

Elie Saab is best known for his romantic evening wear that exudes femininity. The Lebanese designer has a distinct vision of incorporating the soft and delicate aura of a woman through the abundance of lace, embroideries and embellishments in his clothes.

Understanding the common taste that attracts the attention of even the rich and famous of society, Elie Saab has dressed some of the world’s most glamorous ladies including Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Emma Watson, Gwyneth Paltrow among others.

Throw a big red carpet event and you’ll definitely see one or two A-listers wearing his creations. The beauty of his couture is popular in a sense that no red carpet moment will be complete without the appearance of one of his gowns. The designer might be known for his formal wear, but he clearly sent a message that 2016 is the year when his creations can also be worn in broad daylight.

Elie Saabs 2016 RTW collection (2)

As graced by the current favorite muses of fashion, Elie Saab included Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner to his roster, which sends a subtle message that his current collection is ready for everyday use, especially for the youngsters as his exquisite collection is paired with bomber jackets which make his fancy dresses jive with street fashion.

There will always be lots of lace; a trademark that made Saab one of the most beloved designers by women who have exquisite taste when it comes to fashion.

Elie Saabs 2016 RTW collection (3)

Romanticism is still his core inspiration as bow ties, ruffles, florals and V-necks complete the collection. Every piece is a must have.

Aside from the blues and the flowery designs, the excitement was subtly broken as the considerable injection of whites was also presented on the runway.

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Must try lipstick trends for 2016

lipstick trends for 2016 (1)

Ladies, we all know the wonders of good lipstick. Your trusted shade can turn your straight-from-bed mornings to oh-so-fab moments in just a snap and there is definitely no arguing with that.

This little tube can either be a one man team when it comes to making those lips pop or a total team player in completing a full make up look.

As the New Year comes, let us take a look at the shades that we should be having inside our beauty packets in order to have a trendier look all throughout 2016.

lipstick trends for 2016 (2)

Mattes will not go anywhere as they will continue to become a sight on our most trusted beauty counters. The good thing about this kind of finish is that formulae developed by cosmetic brands get better and better.

If using matte worries you of getting dry lips, think again as there are some that are specifically made to take care of the lips while giving that highly pigmented finish that is being loved by many. Tip: Those in liquid form are most effective moisturizers.

If there is a queen bee amongst lipsticks, it must be all of the classic shades of red. So make sure not to throw those purchases from last year as they will still keep stealing attention even with the plainest of outfits. Consider this as your mood lifter especially on days when you feel like you do not have your best look.

lipstick trends for 2016 (3)

Oranges will have a major comeback. We first saw this shade back in the last quarter of 2014. It seems like these colors will not give it up, as they are forecasted to get the spotlight especially during the spring season.

Other shades have to step aside as they will be superseded by peach and old rose. Keep that pale look inside the box because this year is about being bold when it comes to showing off hues.

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Manolo Blahnik sets a stunning collection for 2016

Manolo Blahnik (1)

Exquisite things come at a price. They say that class and comfort has a high cost. Beautiful things in life may be free, but this opposes the price tag attached to the most stunning pieces in fashion. As the popular belief says, fine looking shoes bring you to wonderful places, but we might have forgotten that going far means wearing something comfy and durable.

Manolo Blahnik shoes can be considered as the pricey little black dress of fashion, but worthy of your attention. The industry might meet extravagant and fashion forward designers, but the sole knows what it wants.

Comfortable five-inch heels that can be worn an all-day while walking around here and there without hurting the feet seem like a fantasy, but the famous designer was able to translate it into reality. He gained much attention during the height of cult favorite Sex and the City, but the brand that carries its creator’s name proves that he’s more than just a passing fad.

Manolo Blahnik (2)

Alexander McQueen and Christian Louboutin are innovative and futuristic, but a conventional woman who values class and ease will always go back to Manolo Blahnik.

The brand’s 2016 collection stays true to its core element. Once, the hailed shoe designer mentioned that the ideal heel height is two inches and everything else is cartoon shoes.

Manolo Blahnik (3)

Shown in most pieces of his collection, there are monochrome flats, dotted prints and embellished shoes that emulate his trademark.

From stunning floral heels, classic pumps, embellished strappy footwear, Falco plain snake materials to the haute couture designs adorned by fringes, ladies with different ranges of taste can definitely identify themselves with every single piece that’s part of the shoe brand’s latest collection.

Manolo Blahnik (4)
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2016 Bomber Jackets Moving a Notch Up with Intrinsic Embroidery

Bomber Jackets (1)

Once in a while, even the strictest fashion followers get bored and would do everything to be garbed modestly. Some think of ways to simplify an outfit, removing accessories along the way and sticking to what is deemed ‘minimal’.

Femme fashion advocates would just don a simple white shirt, their most tattered pants, rundown sneakers, put a baseball cap on, et voila, their wardrobe for the day.

Bomber Jackets (2)

In 2015, the emergence of women wearing the basics has been appreciated worldwide. People have come to adore this fresh approach and forecasts have been made that this trend would continue to flourish this year.

This ‘basics’ revolution paved way to a lot of other trends such as the white shirt redux, patched denim pants and cover-up bomber jackets.

Bomber Jackets (3)

After the expected success of Gucci’s Pre-Fall 2016 collection just recently, the utilitarian bomber jacket was put in the spotlight by giving it a feisty twist. Many people have used bomber jackets as a finishing touch to their simple wardrobe, and we can agree that its comfort and style are truly in the trend.

Now and for the next few months, more and more brands are set to create collaborations and mash-ups to upgrade how bomber jackets look to solidify its reputation as our go-to ally when encountering fashion problems.

The sporty look of bomber jackets was innovated by putting a twist on it through intrinsic embroidery. Yes, you heard that right. Your basic looking cover-up would now be adorned with colorful patches of art and wide arrays of design.

This refreshing and amazingly cool approach has already been seen as some retail shops in New York and Paris are on the verge of making it public.

Just imagine the bulky bomber jacket, which is quite manly looking, would be transformed into something that female fashion fans would definitely love. The mix of color, picture and craft can now be seen on frequently used bombers, and we are certain that no one would ever complain.

Bomber Jackets (4)

The conventional style that bomber jackets have would now pop up in scenes when you wear it in a very busy street.

Imagine the cross between satin and cotton with detailed images like sets of butterflies, flowers or whatever caricature looks best in an outfit.

The possibilities that embroidered bomber jackets present would pave way to a more stylish way of finishing-off a boring and bland ensemble, and the palette of colors can even be an accessory in itself.

Bomber Jackets (5)

Without changing its cuts and body, embroidered bomber jackets would still fit and feel the same. But now, you’d have more confidence in wearing it without the fear of being too dull.

Hence, you’d look more radiant, noticeable and trendy. As of now, famous fashion names have been hinting at mass producing embroidered bomber jackets such as Stella McCartney, Gucci, Philipp Plein, Jonathan Saunders, Chloe, Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel and Nasty Gal.

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Fashion 2016: Expected Trends to Lean on Comebacks and Bold Innovation

2016- Expected Trends (1)

Fashion is a huge topic that always finds various ways to change. Innovation and creativity play an essential role in keeping the fashion industry rolling and luckily, fashion trendsetters have an endless bag of tricks and surprises for people to devour.

More so, faithful minions of style and sense never lost steam when it comes to patronizing whatever it is that fashion might throw at them. It is a vicious relationship of give and take, and no one’s ever complaining.

Now that the year 2016 is starting to heat up, it is expected that the whole fashion realm would be vying for what’s fresh and hot, like the way it was for the last couple of decades. Below are some of the things that the fashion-savvy should be prepared to follow in 2016; a selection that’s quite delectable and resolute all at the same time.

The illustrious 1970’s fashion is said to be making an impressive comeback this year, using a specific garment, which is suede. Don’t be surprised when you see people, specifically from the younger age brackets, donning comfortable suede in frills, overalls and one-piece dresses.

The whole fashion community would also have an illicit affair again with Victorian-inspired styles snatched directly from the history books and old movies. Women would be enthralled to know that ruffles, high-collared necklines, the puffiest of sleeves and the dominance of flower patterns would be in trend again, this time, for the whole course of the year.

2016- Expected Trends (2)

Spring would be steaming hot as the freedom of off-the-shoulder maxi dresses would be felt through resounding fashion brands and designers such as Givenchy, Proenza Schouler, Derek Lam and Jason Wu.

The gorgeous silhouettes produced by these daring types of dresses would surely spunk up the whole world of fashion without deviating from the rule of thumb which is ‘keeping the class’ intact.

2016- Expected Trends (3)

You’re trusted white shirt would be all spruced up to be intrinsic items as renowned fashion designers will venture into a white-shirt revolution in 2016.

If it were considered a basic fashion item before, now, it would be given a new approach in becoming your handy-dandy choice in more formal functions.

2016- Expected Trends (4)

Also expected in 2016 would be the flat mule, which was sparked by different fashion icons and establishments such as Trademark, Edun, Victoria Beckham and Alexander Wang.

These flat mules give you the comfort of wearing very basic footwear that can all be adorned with designs in an elliptical pattern, which are dizzying and endless.

Pleats would also be present again in 2016 but this time, tune in for tighter knife types for a cleaner and sharper result. After being big in fall 2015, pleats would stay afloat through women’s dresses, skirts and formal tops as seen on Tome, Boss, Altuzarra and Proenza Schouler runways.

2016- Expected Trends (5)

For the fashion extraordinaire, the emergence of paperbag waists is also foreseen to be a top-notch trend in 2016. Though not an easy-peasy garment to wear for daily use, paperbag waists work well during events that need to fulfill the ‘dress to impress’ connotation.

Tighter tops are said to be the perfect pair to these, and we’d be seeing a plethora of patterns to be printed therewith. Another big leap to be expected in 2016 would be the use of nets as a main garment. Heralding from the success of mesh, the 2016 version would promise bigger holes and tighter knots, all to be paired with basic colored garments underneath.

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Empowering Style: Pinstripe Pants

Pinstripe pants

The revolution towards the female empowered role in society has affected all circles including the fashion industry. A natural course of things, it is important that you should also look the part. In terms of this role women have accomplished to secure, the uniform for such should also be appropriate for professional standards.

One key piece is bourne out of this call for a new style to answer the needs of women is pinstripe pants. This clothing has been an important piece for women in the workplace as it exudes confidence and elegance. But to maximize this, one should know the appropriate ways of styling them.

Leaning towards a look that is impeccably tailored and professional, one would never go wrong in pairing pinstripe pants with collared shirts coming in colors of beige, navy, white, and gray.

Tucking it in with a belt and an open neckline will give a lady not only a work-appropriate ensemble, but also a taller stature. If you have a uniform at work to prevent hassles, this classic outfit could be your savior. You can alternate this with your pencil or bandage skirt, or you can also change the colors of your shirt into bolder ones if you are working in a casual environment.

Against popular opinion, pinstripe pants are not limited to the workplace. Going out to social gatherings will permit you to wear these male-inspired pants together with some lace or ruffles to give a more feminine touch to the outfit and tone down the seriousness brought by the usual workplace look.

Since you’re out of the working environment and currently enjoying a cocktail with your friends, don’t hesitate to swap the closed-toed heels with peep-toes and go for tops that will make you stand out in the black-light, such as sequined tops.

While styling is important, one should also remember that choosing the proper pinstripe pants to enhance the body shape is also important. While the straight leg cut is hiding away the unattractive bumps is versatile, it is also important that pinstripe pants fit perfectly to prevent the added bulk.

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