Reem Acra’s 2016 RTW takes you to his beginnings

Model on the catwalk

The designer that brings royalty back to life through the dreamy gowns she creates has returned, but this time leaning on a more laid-back direction as she launches her 2016 ‘Ready to Wear’ collection.

It will not be Reem Acra without the flares and the beadings. The intricacy of craftsmanship and the modern take on classic designs are some of the qualities why this Lebanese designer has captured the attention of the international fashion market. Her company which is known for making unique bridal gowns has evolved ever since it started back in 1997.

Model on the catwalk

If dressing two of the most powerful women in the world like Madonna and Angelina Jolie isn’t enough, then royals from all over the world will attest to how fine and beautiful her designs are. And as the New Year comes in, the RTW line that the brand started in 2008 will continue to flourish in the closets of tasteful and elegant women all over the world when it comes to picking the clothes that reflect them.

The latest RTW collection is a confession of where this designer came from. See Middle Eastern inspired prints that grace each piece from jumpsuits to dresses. Busy designs as they are, the designer successfully incorporated jovial hues while respecting a woman’s body as they fit well to define a woman’s curves. Embroidery will still be present – as this is the main characteristic of garments found in the region where she was raised.

Model on the catwalk

Belts also dominated the show. The inspiration is simple – it is derived from the people that the designer comes across whenever she pays a visit to flea markets all over the world.

The low and deep V-necks are in line with current trends making waves everywhere. Overall, more than a tribute to Lebanon and its neighboring countries, the collection essentially has a bohemian vibe in a cool and classy way.

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Kate Spade goes squad on their 2016 campaign

Kate Spade 2016 (1)

Kate Spade sets an all-star cast as the brand scouted not only the beautiful Jourdan Dunn but other interesting personalities as well. The always favorite brand decided to go with groups in their most recent campaign tapping Iris Apfel, Anh Doung, Karley Sciortino, Anh Duong and Robert W Richards.

Kate Spade went groupie because the latest theme pays tribute to the vibrant and busy city of New York. Dunn, who has always held a place in the brand’s line up of models once again proved that she is worthy of her spot in Forbes’ top earning models as she rocked the theme so flawlessly.

Kate Spade 2016 (2)

Each photo embodies the distinct life found in New York. People who have spent their lives here will definitely relate to the campaign as it features New York staples like hotdog carts, newspapers, pigeons, flowers and dogs. Fashion wise, Kate Spade went semi-classic as each piece hints a touch of 60’s fashion.

The girly flare is always present on every piece that Kate Spade creates and their Spring collection did not disappoint as floral prints graced their current theme.

Kate Spade 2016 (3)

See maxi coats and multihued stripes steal the show as well. The overall vibe is not only chic and stylish but laid-back as well. This is definitely the same style that New Yorkers exude in their everyday clothes. Known to be the cult favorite of ladies with ultra girly fashion, the brand’s latest ad will surely cling to the minds of women with the same fashion sense as Kate Spade.

It will not be surprising if racks will be sold out as they have already established a solid clientele that’s always true to the style that the brand embodies. The campaign was photographed by Emma Summerton.

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Braving a Brand New Year with Stylish Risqué Nets

Stylish Risque Nets (1)

Lately, we have been seeing a lot of fashion icons and celebrities donning the legendary always-stylish fishnet tights.

The very sexiness and sultry aura that fishnet tights give off has always been a craze for a lot of women, and there are more ways to sport it like a pro.

Some might think that wearing these kinds of stockings would somewhat result in being vulgar, but when worn fashionably, fishnet tights might even put you on top of the fashion food chain.

Stylish Risque Nets (2)

Usually made up of interlocking and weaved mesh of black net, it really does resemble the tool used for fishing and the only variation you’d be able to notice is how wide the weaves are. Women succumb to the power of this garment when they feel playful with their outfits but shockingly, fishnet tights can be worn in more ways that would channel your creative side.

Fishnet tights also have the capability of making your legs look shapely and defined. The visual treat that the nets provide also obscures any imperfections on your torso, without adding bulk or using any type of covering material. The real question when a woman decides to don fishnet tights is why exactly does she want to wear them in the first place?

Though always connoted as part of lingerie than daily clothing, a woman must be able to establish that can add pizzazz to her chosen ensemble. If you’re tempted to wear fishnet tights in the office, make sure to get a micronet so that it will look as if you’re wearing a glistening pair of stockings instead. Aside from black, it will also be best if you pick colors such as slate gray or navy blue for an office setting.

Stylish Risque Nets (3)

For girly night-outs, try to experiment by wearing a couple of fishnet tights with different or contrasting colors. The playful color and the unassuming design would definitely work with tattered denim shorts to give you a more carefree yet fashionable finish.

When going out for a date, you can also patronize this garment by pairing it with a dress. This look will exude a vintage feel as if you’re part of the movie Great Gatsby.

Feel more regal by pairing fishnet tights with the right dress type such as wraparounds. If you want to hint on sexiness without going over the top, put fishnet tights into play with a knee-length skirt and boots that are below the knees. This would definitely serve its purpose of hinting at being sultry yet fashionable at the same time.

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An Impressive Commitment from Uniqlo through LifeWear


In every grand outfit lies an inspiration that leans on a very simple and basic form. While most of us adore the fad that ‘being over the top’ has, we’d still have some mundane moments when we just want to slip into our staple white shirt and torn jeans.

There’s no denying that wearing these basic clothes is sometimes the best feeling in the world because your fashion sense does not need to prove anything.

Your raw go-to cover-ups, your old sneakers and your hand-me-down sweaters are just so difficult to resist that you wish to be with them every single day.

While many it is common knowledge that fashion is always changing, everyone just knows that these staples are here to stay no matter what.


Uniqlo, a world-renowned clothing brand, has gone beyond the intrinsic sciences of textile and fashion to offer their clients the best staples that they’re accustomed to.

Despite the luring concept of innovating into something new, the brains behind this successful fashion name have known better to just stick with the old because the world asked for it.

They started out with the smallest things in fashion and evolved them into things that a person would use, or be endeared to, for a long time. Be introduced to Uniqlo’s latest achievement in clothing: “LifeWear.”


LifeWear is another way for you to enjoy your favorite garments for a longer time, as the company used only the finest of materials for them. While many would find LifeWear pieces a little bit expensive, the ‘service’ provided to a consumer will definitely be worth every penny.

Uniqlo leaked materials such as merino wool and cashmere as components of their collection, which have a dual purpose of controlling your body temperature amid heat or cold, while looking dashing due to their creative designs.


For those who are sporty, LifeWear takes pride in another innovation called ‘AIRism’ which efficiently uses fabric to absorb sweat. Uniqlo’s LifeWear boasts ultra-fine fibers that can generally be found in their sports shirts, and even sports underwear; something that’s never been thought of before.

Truthfully, Uniqlo is still on the verge of creating clothing innovations like the ‘HEATech’, which will certainly be part of the LifeWear series. Contrary to AIRism, this wondrous feat will supply its future clients with the warmth that everyone loves during those seasons when the temperature drops.

HEATech will cross the borders of mass-producing clothes and would not have a bulky feel, ensuring that while you enjoy its warmth, it won’t compromise your look.


Uniqlo is one of the few retail brands that truly puts their customer’s convenience first, instead of satisfying their own self-righteousness.

Despite the hefty price tags, LifeWear items are said to provide with companionship that garments have never done before.

This innovation would pave more ways for other clothing lines to follow suit so that in the near future, we would all be finished with just pleasing the eyes alone, and focus more on the functionality of wearing an outfit. Uniqlo and their LifeWear philosophy is truly a great leap for the whole fashion industry.

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Amal Clooney is your boss babe with serious fab style

Amal Clooney (1)

The world stopped upon knowing that one of the world’s most desirable bachelors has finally been taken off the market. It made us wonder who snatched the heart of the always-dashing George Clooney.

Many hearts were depressed as they watched one of Hollywood’s hailed actors tie the knot in the romantic setting of Venice. Little did we know that this lucky lady is more than just a woman with Clooney’s last name after the wedding took place.

In fact, Amal Clooney is another interesting personality that’s worth following due to her substance and style.

Amal Clooney (2)

How can someone have it all? Not only is she beautiful, but darn intelligent as well. The 37-year old lawyer, who can also pass to be a model due to her admirable physique, specializes in international law that gives light to issues that affect people in certain parts of the globe.

If her portfolio of achievements isn’t enough, wait until you see her rocking pieces of statement clothing that define her not only as an empowered woman, but also a woman who champions the favorable side of looking good.

Our boss babe right here certainly exhibits the golden rule of confidence and being self-assured. Not only do her red carpet moments look fabulous, but she has also accomplishes this in her everyday style.

Amal Clooney (3)

We always see her wearing crisp tailored pairs that really suit her. The classic look of white top and skirt right here is a clear testimony that she exudes grace and class.

Who would have thought that this fine lady tackles serious issues involving human rights?

Amal Clooney (4)

Just because she is a lady attorney doesn’t mean she’s confined by strict grounds of fashion.

Why, this woman also knows how to have fun by wearing colors and prints that accentuate the most of her beauty and lean physique.

People, this is your Mrs. Clooney, and she’s as versatile as she is sassy because she’s a fashion A-lister herself.

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The guide to denim care

Denim Care

We can comprehend how much denim is a part of our day to day lives, particularly for men. We often see ourselves stocking up on denim clothes, especially jeans. With numerous brands selling different types of jeans and introducing each one of them to us in so many terms quite hard to comprehend, we put research into good use and scribble about what might be the best find.

We always look for the hottest trend and the guidelines to the perfect cut. However, having the best pair of denim does not end with the success on buying the perfect one. This is only the beginning. While denim aficionados are particular with the rules of denim longevity, most of us are not like them. When we see the stains and smell something bad in our brand new denim, what is the key solution? Wash them. And there we go – committing a cardinal sin in denim care commandments that we are unaware of.

So, come on. How do we do this? In order to get the best out of your jeans, let’s make ourselves familiar with what type of denim our pair belongs to.

Raw Denims

Raw denims, also sometimes referred as “dry denim,” refer to the pair of denim that was not washed after it was dyed in production, resulting in stiffer and more durable gear. In cleaning raw denims, you are advised to wait six months before you wash them. The creases, folds, and lines reflecting your everyday life will make a desirable effect on your jeans after you wash them. Those areas will be noticeably lighter compared to the rest of the fabric.

However, even the most liberal washer has to wash them sometimes, especially if an unpleasant smell is already coming from the jeans. You can wash them using a washing machine with the setting on minimal, and using only an eighth of your usual detergent. You can also hand wash them, or just wipe the surface if it is a stain. Do not use machine drying, only air-drying and keep it away from the sun when you hang them.

Selvedge Denim

Selvedge or selvage denim can either be raw or washed. Selvedge denims are usually expensive and have high quality compared to other types, due to old-fashioned manufacturing. Selvedge denims have self-sustaining edges. While selvedge has now become mainstream, not all brands offer high quality products.

For pre-washed selvedge denim, keeping them away from the laundry will give a desirable effect. Waiting for some months, or until you can still wear them without people covering their noses or staying away from you, before you put them in the laundry will do. Just like the raw denim, keep the machine on minimal setting and the detergent lesser than your usual use.

Sanforized and Unsanforized denim

Your denim can either come as sanforized or unsanforized. Sanforized denims are treated with chemicals to prevent them from shrinking while unsanforized are not.

You have to be careful in buying unsanforized denims because what size would they be after they shrink can be quite tricky. Also, remember to keep them away from water once you buy one. They can easily shrink from 5-10 percent after they get soaked.

Stretched denims

Stretched denims have come to the market only less than two decades ago. As what you can predict from its name, stretch denims contain stretchable materials such as lycra or spandex. Stretch denims gave way to skinny jeans.

While stretch denims are easily taken care of, with not much fuss compared to other denims, they are not recommended for everyday use as they can easily wear out.

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Ageless style: Grandma Shoes

Grandma shoes (1)

Oldies fashion is yet again making a statement that the classics will remain golden through time. Just when our eyebrows arch whenever we see seemingly ugly, unfashionable shoes of the past would come before our eyes, declaring that they will always have a place in the compressed scene of the stylish.

We may have seen them in their glory days of the 70’s and 80’s when our grandmothers rocked them while dressing and grooving to the craze of disco fever. Times might have changed and the backdrop of leisure might be completely different compared to how our elders did it decades ago, but the same core remains – and that is the style that is associated with it.

The start of 2016 is about reliving some of the best trends of the past, including the trusted and comfy grandmother shoes. Worn by stars like Emma Roberts, Taylor Swift and Olivia Palermo thereby making them one of the must-have shoes of the season, they are slowly getting attention due to the relief they provide to our dainty feet.

Grandma shoes (2)

Spearheaded by the craze for birks and mandals, the saga of appreciating ugly footwear has continued as they succeeded in gaining the attention that wide-striped sandals have collectively gathered.

Spotting grandma shoes is easy: they do not come with killer high heels. Nope, this kind is your sweet, more charming version as the heel height usually stays at two inches. They are also rounded, pointed or peep-toed. Imagine those nice old ladies you see during Sunday mass and you’ll get the general idea of this trend.

Grandma shoes (3)

Wearing grandma heels will not coincide with your fancy dresses. While they work best with dainty and detailed clothes, those rebels-at-heart may also pair them with jeans and interesting tops. Going all out classic is also an option as it will also look well with button downs paired with sleek tights.

Another bonus of the rebirth of this trend is accessibility. Since it’s a classic, every stall in every shoe section will most likely have a pair or two of this kind.

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Men get trendier with eyewear in bolder designs

men eyeglasses (1)

Fashion may have been divided and we have this common notion that women hold more room when it comes to owning a place in the world of vogue and trends. This may be the current picture of the field, but the emergence of more attention when it comes to male styling has been gaining ground that the division between genders is becoming less evident.

Guys, if you feel like being adventurous in the fashion department, do not hesitate and give it a go. Liberate yourselves and do not be confined to the conventional machismo that men should only be jailed in monotones and manly colors shooing away the idea of the bright and the bold.

Man up and be a little braver by starting with donning eyeglasses with interesting frames and details. Give your eyes a dash of style without ignoring functionality and eye protection. Hit two birds with one stone by choosing vibrant colors and add a dash of life to your wardrobe aside from blacks and greys.

Eyeglasses are like having a sea of shoes. Owning one won’t cut it. This means having pairs with diverse designs and shapes will not feel wrong. After all, this is a type of accessory that both men and women should have.

men eyeglasses (2)

The preppies will most likely opt for eyeglasses with trendier details. Those with interesting designs and tips will work best for them.

Color will not be an issue because the preppy department is all about that. Be sleek with a dash of educational vibe by pairing your plaid button downs and collared shirts with frames in interesting shape like wayfarers.

Frames in tortoise animal prints will also work, exposing the fashionable side in you.

men eyeglasses (3)

Pairing bright colored frames and rims can spice up a monotone wardrobe. Allow the colors to burst by matching your eyeglasses with a grey, black or white ensemble.

Newer designs also promote the use of organic products like bamboo frames. This works well for jetsetters and beach bums, emphasizing the tropical life and your love for the seas by including a piece of nature in your eye wear.

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Enjoy the Weird Vibe of the Big Mac Shop

Big Mac Shop (5)

Fashion can be absurd and weird sometimes, or shall we say, most of the time? With all the revamps and trends that circulate within the industry every now and then, the obscure and the different seem to be classified as the new type of normal.

We witnessed shoes that are made of fur, tops that are made completely of sequins, Lady Gaga and her raw meat ensemble, the flower headbands used in festivals and other trends being brought to life.

Truthfully, fashion attracted us into a black hole of uncertainty and yet, we have all managed to look fabulous and stylish despite the risks involved.

Only the few who are bold enough to jump off a cliff would end up succeeding and in the world of the fashion, those who transcend norms and limits are considered geniuses.

Big Mac Shop (1)

One of the most popular fashion shops now dominating social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest is a store named Big Mac Shop.

Given how they are named, some might deduce that this fashion store sells plus-size clothing or elegant dresses with the most feminine colors, but you’d be surprised to know that they pegged their designs on the famous fast-food chain, McDonald’s.

Big Mac Shop (3)

Though the shop is not run by the famous fast-food chain, the Big Mac Shop is slowly making noise in selling items and garments under one fabric design: that of the printed and beloved Big Mac, hence the online shop’s name.

Reminiscent of the style created by Jeremy Scott, those who want to be noticed would definitely adore the shop due to its minimalistic approach of using a single design on all of their items.

The very thought of having Big Macs printed all over your ensemble is not only downright bold, it channels uniqueness that only you and a chosen few would understand.

Also, have we mentioned that renowned prints are a sure hit in the fashion world? Do you remember the vintage tote bag with a mirrored print of Campbell’s Mushroom Soup on it? Well, the products of the Big Mac Shop pretty much deliver the same nostalgic and fashion-forward vibe.

Big Mac Shop (4)

Currently, the online store is open to countries such as United States, Canada, Australia and Europe.

The store is interconnected with other social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with a handful of fashion followers.

What you’ll see on their website is an arsenal that speaks loudly of Big Mac, including Big Mac Raincoats, Big Mac Board Shorts, Big Mac Thermals and Big Mac Wellington Boots.

Big Mac Shop (2)

Some brilliant minds from Sweden gave life to this awesome shop and their products, even extend to the Big Mac Dog Coat, Big Mac Bed Linen, Big Mac Sleeping Bag, Big Mac Wallpaper and the Big Mac Tent.

You would definitely want to patronize this venture as some of the profits that the store makes are donated directly to Ronald McDonald’s House of Charities to aid sick children and their families live a better life.

The Big Mac Shop is the kind of a fashion outfit, which knows what social responsibility is. You can scan for products that might tickle your fancy via their website,

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Facial Hair Slash Men Slash 2016 Equals Awesome

Facial Hair (1)

After the emergence of men all tied-up with the craziest and the most innovative hairstyles and trends, many are expectant that 2016 would go about releasing a fresh list of what men need to follow.

Man buns and faded sides were the craze that was afloat last year, and we can agree that up to now, there is quite a huge number of men still sporting these cuts. It is quite refreshing to see that as time goes by, members of the alpha gender are actively following or starting a trend by themselves, which should have been done decades ago more intensely.

Now that we’ve entered a new epoch, men (and the women in their lives) await how 2016 would go around the increasing interest of men in fashion and styling, with strong stresses on grooming and hygiene. Many style experts have leaked several concepts that men should realize as the year stretches until it closes, and one resounding idea is the importance of facial hair in looking awesome.

Facial Hair (2)

Men are expected to sport the long beard which is directly inspired by Russian political icon Rasputin’s stone-cold facial hairstyle. Experts say that the long beard is the best paradox for men this 2016, and they must have a very strong foothold on how it originally looks like.

For guys to sport this look, they should know the shape of their face as this is the direction that should be followed in growing your beard. Patience and the genes of being ‘hairy’ would be two of the main components to give this style a try.

One must have extensive facial hair growth to put the long beard into shape, which in turn would help you in concealing small and double chins or giving an illusion that you have a more chiseled, elongated face.

Facial Hair (3)

Contrary to the long beard, the short beard is meant for those who want to look rugged, yet sleek at the same time. The short beard would be in the middle of having a full berth of facial hair and being bald.

One edge that this look has is its ability to slip into different hairstyles, giving you more options on what look you want to achieve. Facial angles are at best here as these will be highlighted, and experts say that a guy should grow at the very least 1 centimeter of facial hair to achieve this quintessential look.

Facial Hair (4)

The old and long-withstanding trend of growing a full-blown mustache would be brought back to life and men should follow some rules to successfully don it. Taking inspiration from the men of the 1970s, people of today can now feel the manliness of growing a mustache.

It’s plainly black and white in having it or not, there is no middle ground, and definitely no other way of styling it aside from just letting it grow. The least you need to do with it is to trim it every now and then so as not to look drippy or too rugged once it reaches maturity.

Stylists and experts suggest that a guy must have this look for only a short period of time, preferably 6-8 months, or else the trend will look old and unflattering.

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