A Thumbs Up for the Comeback of Sizzling Bell Bottoms

Sizzling Bell Bottoms (1)

The concept of a fashion comeback is definitely not surprising anymore as more and more trends have been from the past and made fabulous again. We embraced the 90s vibe last 2014 and the colorful garbs of the 70s reached back once more last 2015. We are being slowly submerged into a field wherein the old clashes with the new, supplying us with even better versions and results.

Fashion embodies innovation in all forms and we, as avid followers, get to enjoy these perks from our trusted trendsetters without even lifting a finger. Just recently, as spring kicked in, bell bottoms have been seen lurking at the outskirts of the fashion plateau, and as much as we want not to entertain it, it’s sure to become popular again like before.

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Bell bottoms are the skinny jeans of the 1970s and the 1980s. The unmistakable structure that screams comfort and the bohemian look are some of the reasons why it was adored in the past. Usually made from white-washed denim and colored suede, bell bottoms served their purpose well during their glory years, paving the way to revolutionize this style in a hundred ways.

Though not body hugging like its cousins, bell bottoms aid women and men to avert focus from their torsos and still look as if they’re not trying to conceal anything. Bell bottoms put forth grandeur and class that are known requirements for a style to be considered as a trend.

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Celebrities and Hollywood A-listers have succumbed to the magic that bell bottoms possess, and quite frankly, they look astonishing when fused with their very own styles.

If you want to mimic Chrissy Teigen’s take on bell bottoms, snatch up a well-structured top paired with an immaculately washed pair of jeans, letting you exude a very sexy aura without exposing too much skin. The way how the jeans will fall actually puts stress on height rather than weight. You’ll definitely look taller than you already are when worn the right way, like how Teigen did it.

Copying Olivia Palermo’s bell bottoms approach will require you to scan your grandmother’s closet for a knitted top which was a trend in the 1970s. Take the throwback a little bit seriously and pair your 70s knits with wide-legged jeans and send everyone drooling after your footsteps.

Sizzling Bell Bottoms (4)

Bell bottoms fused with a nautical touch will raise your level on the fashion food chain. Achieve this look by donning a striped long-sleeved top, your trusted bell bottom jeans in a dark color and top it all off with a minimalistic handbag or feisty-looking aviators.

Channel your inner Karlie Kloss and sport floor-grazing bell bottoms paired with a midriff-baring black top which will accentuate your model-esque stature. For a more laidback finish, mirror Heidi Klum’s ensemble of a ripped pair of bell bottom jeans, an oversized shirt and your best American Eagle sandals, topped off with your most innocent ponytailed bun.

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When Fashion and Instagram Collide: Who to Follow

Fashion and Instagram Collide (1)

Shopping can be very tiring in most cases and people nowadays have would rather do everything online. The advent of technology and its effects in the fashion industry have dug deep as far as the recently concluded New York Fashion Week with it’s ‘see now, buy now’ philosophy is concerned.

It has been apparent that more and more fashion brands have lived up to what’s happening and decided to put up their own websites for retail shopping. While it is really fulfilling to purchase that green scarf after brawling over lots of other shoppers, there’s no denying that the convenience of doing everything wirelessly is truly a blessing.

Also, more and more fashionistas have their own blogsites to help you avoid window shopping as trends and styles are always updated real-time.

Fashion and Instagram Collide (2)

Instagram has been one of the main social media networks that trendsetters and followers subscribe to for their daily dose of fashion medicine. Due to the ease of searching and seeing through Instagram, the market and users who have signed-up on this network are continuously growing through time.

With an incessantly expanding audience, small fashion retail outlets have used this advantage for better reach and below are some of the accounts you might want to check out for fresh, bold and exciting new ways to deal with fashion.

‘Sincerely Tommy’, a Brooklyn-based fashion concept store will immerse you into the depths of what it would be like if fashion became influenced by different cultures. Even if they don’t sell the fashionable items themselves, they’ve been posting online. This is a great way for you to gain some ideas for your next wardrobe extravaganza. This account is known for posting shoe stills, close-up shots of accessories, a plethora of jewelry snaps and make-up photos.

On the other hand, ‘Creatures of Comfort’ uses satire to promote what they have to offer at their boutique by using different types of animals as their main models. Aside from these cutesy furry friends, this account is also famous for their real-time updates on fashion shows, a wide array of celebrity photos donning what they are selling and street style shots for some brainstorming.

Fashion and Instagram Collide (3)

If you’re not into mainstream and branded fashion, then take a peak of what independent fashion is like with ‘Opening Ceremony’. This Instagram account is an avenue for budding fashion designers to post what they craft, and the moderators of Opening Ceremony have a knack for photo shoots of the latest trends and avant-garde concepts.

As for jewelry, pay ‘Catbird’ a visit the next time you crave for ideas on what accessory to wear. Catbird specializes in posting intricate photos of their slender diamond rings that would either make you buy them, or daydream of them as long as you want.

Fashion and Instagram Collide (4)

‘Assembly New York’ has started to make a scene on Instagram for their assortment of fashion related posts featuring Hollywood celebrities in their most candid moments. Here, followers will be introduced to a plethora of photos that they pull inspiration from, such as photos snapped inside a museum, make-up shoots and high-fashion images.

If you thrive in a fashion sense where only you can understand how great you look, then feed your individuality by following ‘Anthom’. Here, women will be given hand-picked options for quirky and eccentric streetwear and styles.

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Wearing Sheer Tops like a Pro, Some Tips and Tricks

Sheer Tops (1)

Despite the fact that sheer has been featured on numerous runways and catwalks since time immemorial, that this is one material that is indispensable in a woman’s closet. The intrinsic details put forth on this fabric have attracted a lot of fashionistas to use this as a staple especially in spring or summer.

Simply, sheer clothing offers breathability and comfort. Many creative fashion followers have also treated sheer clothing as a very bold item, pairing it up with almost anything that they can think of. The possibilities of pumping up one’s look just by playing with sheer and other garments are endless and it continues to improve as we progress through time.

Sheer Tops (2)

Initially, people have been skeptical about how sheer garments would work because it seemed like a very difficult platform to play with. The possibility of showing too much skin or the weird texture of the fabric took a back seat when more and more famous people from the fashion industry embraced it with flying colors. After quite some time, many have come to realize how stylish it is to wear sheer, and multiple inventions arose to make sheer even more fun.

If you want to play contrast and keep it clean, wearing a sheer top with black innerwear will make you achieve it. The mystery brought about by the black tank top inside would not only make heads turn as you pass by, it will also give your impressive sheer top a boost due to color play.

For minimalism, one great way to don a black sheer top is to wear nothing inside it, just your skin peaking through the holes with your undergarment. To make it even more intriguing, get your bra in black and top it off with a simple black cardigan to reduce skin exposure.

Sheer Tops (4)

Sometimes, sheer can be a challenging item to wear and you’ll definitely have a phase when you just want to get over it. Wearing a bandeau inside and a colorful sheer skirt will do the trick, putting you in the spotlight as a creative trendsetter.

Layering in fashion is also something we should not forget, so in paying homage to this fashion concept, grab a sheer white top and put on a light nude colored sweater. This would not add bulk to your look as the two garments combined are very thin, and sophisticated layering becomes evident if you try this.

Sheer Tops (3)

For colored or pattern-printed sheer tops, the best way to maximize their beauty is to wear it as it is, with a nude bra or bandeau on the inside. This will promote cleanliness in your overall look, leaving a hint of sexiness for everyone to drool over.

However, if you’re more conservative, just match the color of your sheer top with the hue of your bra. In keeping things casual, pairing up your intricately-made sheer top with denim skinny jeans and peep-toe stilettos is the best way to go.

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Vintage loving for Gucci’s 2016 Spring Summer collection

Gucci 2016 Spring Summer collection (1)

Gucci is taking dressing up into whole new level for this year’s Spring/Summer collection. The touch of opulence is there, noticeable and presented generously. The nerdy aesthetic that the brand is known for can still be felt as the clothes for the said collection are unveiled on the runway piece by piece.

This is like seeing the 70’s get the lead post running the show with a classical glam vibe. Spring and summer are about being free and marching under the sun’s glimmering rays, but Gucci’s take this year is unlike the common conception as the brand decided to define the season as frumpy instead.

Gucci 2016 Spring Summer collection (2)

Set aside skin bearing clothes because the Italian fashion house has a different point of view. Something that’s not as usual as midi dresses were armed with sleeves trailing down to the wrist.

This is a no-monochrome collection as the majority of pieces are backed with rich and affluent prints derived from blithe nature during summer. This is probably the brand’s adaptation to the season that the collection caters to.

Gucci 2016 Spring Summer collection (3)

Women are redefined as prim and proper as there are huge designs that include the returning bow ties and collared close necks. Anti-fit as they may seem, ladies who are into lazy dressing while looking ultimately polished can identify themselves with this collection.

This batch does not flirt with the imagination in an alluring and teasing way. Cross out showing skin as these designs will demand esteem and reverence; a given for a lady boss without having to ask for these upfront.

Let us not forget the shoes. No frump styling will be complete without finishing it with a pair of grandma-inspired shoes. Mullets are taking over as sighted on some fashionistas, but the winners that took all the attention were the patented platforms and clogs that completed the persona of the 70’s glam.

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Tory Sport Now Dominating the Famous NYC Fifth Avenue

Tory Sport (1)

With all due respect and veneration gathered from all over the planet, Tory Burch is surely eligible to expand their range of products in order to reach a larger market. Hailing from its small venture somewhere in Italy, this fashion-forward brand has transcended the unending demands of the industry and innovated when necessary.

Before, women drooled over their self-imposed logo patched onto a very sophisticated looking slipper. Now, they have stretched into offering all kinds of fashion items that will complete your fantasy wardrobe. Before long, Tory Burch and the people behind it will bask under an empire that was created through intense consideration of their clientele’s needs, all the while proving that they are not out of style yet.

Tory Sport (2)

Branching out to a store in a foreign land had always been a huge step. Like a leap of faith, this would either make or break a fashion name, depending on the reception it would receive abroad. Unless you’ve been an established business for over a century, planning to dominate the world through building off-shore sites is not really suggested.

On the other hand, fashion is a camp of bold thinkers and risk takers, so the notion of expanding overseas has always been part of the long-term agenda. With a reputation for supplying only the most functional and fashionable styles, Tory Burch has finally decided to spawn a pop-up store right in the heart of New York. So far, it’s being regarded as an amazing feat from this illustrious fashion brand.

Tory Sport (3)

Mainly offering their active wear collection, Tory Burch decided to test the waters of American buyers and put up a store located on Fifth Avenue, New York and its accompanying trends. Known to be a setting for nothing but the best brands in the industry, this long strip is frequented by famous celebrities and the most avid fashionistas.

Having this concept in mind, Tory Burch purchased a spot on Fifth Avenue, specifically in the Flatiron District which has been regarded as a cistern of fitness studios and business empires. Tory Burch has shipped their Tory Sport collection, which caters to people who want to look physically pleasing despite the strenuous physical activity during exercise.

Tory Sport (4)

Launched last September, Tory Sport generated favorable reviews and responses from those who have seen it, with high hopes of changing the game concerning the seemingly boring active wear lines. Tory Sport’s spot in New York spans a total of 3,900 square feet, housing the gems of Tory Burch’s latest offering to the masses. Tory Sport offers everything you can think of in active wear such as bags, shoes, accessories and performance clothing.

Prices start at $35 and the most expensive garment on the rack is at $495. Aside from the interesting ensemble that you’ll see on the stands, Tory Sport also boasts the store’s interior design which screams wood accents, athletic inspired stripes and a montage of sports superstars shown on their large screen televisions. Also, revel in the fact that Tory Sport offers well-celebrated Jean Royere pieces for their in-store furniture, adding a lavish touch to shopping until you drop.

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Style Those Nails with Cutesy Spray-On Nail Polish

Spray-On Nail Polish (1)

Fashion would always have ways to ensure that progress and development are continuous and unstoppable. Every now and then, we hear of a lot of upgrades in styling, products and services that we never knew could even be significantly improved. Fashion and the beauty industry have thrived on geniuses, keeping everything on track and as lively as possible.

Innovation and improvisation have carried fashion to how it is viewed today, and as avid followers of this field, we are attracted to it without a speck of doubt. Luckily for us, the path that fashion takes would always make us feel better about ourselves as everyone within this realm thrives for greatness, attracting only the best for everyone’s benefit.

Spray-On Nail Polish (2)

Speaking of progress, women have been immersed into doing their nails with some extra loving care through nail polish. As early as the 1990s, there has been a wide craze that shook the planet where women paint their nails in a plethora of shades and hues, leading to fun and surprise for everyone who sees them. After years of staying within the bounds of basic colors, the advent of mixing up hues was introduced.

As expected, women patronized it and colored their nails with the quirkiest shade combinations possible. As we move to the 2000s, manicurists and nail polish enthusiasts have ventured out even further by treating their nails as canvasses, thereby leading to nail art.

Pieces of trinkets are now adorned within the constrained space of each nail, following a pattern that seemed impossible at first. Rhinestones, gems, stickers and decals are some of the many additions to the growing art of beautifying the nails.

Spray-On Nail Polish (3)

Just recently, another venture has opened up, focusing on giving women the ease and convenience of putting on their nail polish in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the effort. Many fashion enthusiasts have been surprised to know that spray-on nail polish is doing some rounds in your favorite beauty bars, just waiting for you to notice them.

Yes, you heard it right, nail polish that can be applied through simple spraying. Easily, spray-on nail polish is stored in small and cutesy cans, all looking sleek and mess-free from the outside.

Spray-On Nail Polish (4)

Spray-on nail polish is yet another trend that has been included to the incessant growth in beautifying the nails. One of the leading stores that supplies these products is Nails Inc. Based in Europe, Nails Inc. offers a wide array of hues, all named appropriately such as Elizabeth Bridge, Duchess Walk, York Mews, Mayfair Market, Royal Crescent, Cornwall Gardens and so much more.

Also, spray-on nail polish follows the fun process of simply coating your nails in a jiffy as if you’re painting some graffiti with a normal spray paint can. Many of those who have tried also noted that this kind of polish dries out faster than conventional ones.

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Style Star: Kerry Washington

Style Star Kerry Washington (1)

Should you be a fan of the riveting American series ‘Scandal’, then you must know its leading lady Olivia Pope. Her character defines what a modern woman should be – strong and in control. Thanks to the actress that plays this fictitious role, women are more empowered to run their own worlds.

But wait, Kerry Washington is not only a fine actress but a style star, too. Drop her name on a red carpet event and expect fashion critiques to give their positive opinions as the 39 year old actress embodies a fashion sense that channels her personality.

Mind you, being stiff and boring is out of her vocabulary because there will always be a hint of fun in everything she wears, red carpet or casual. Being fashion forward, the actress will always deliver something surprising in a relatable way.

This black Ralph Lauren dress that she wore in 2011 sends out a message that she knows her style in a polished and rocking way. Look at the neck detail and see how the dress flows flawlessly on her – Splendid!

Style Star Kerry Washington (2)

She can also wear beaming colors. Look at how classy she is in this wrap gown she wore during the 2012 BAFTA Los Angeles Awards.

This fuchsia gown fits her in all the right places. There might be a V-Neckline but it rests on her body so perfectly that she can even pass for a Greek goddess in pink.

Style Star Kerry Washington (3)

This beauty must really know how to pick the right hue that will work for her best. This two-toned gown really brought her skin tone forward.

It is sexy, fun and fashion forward. She may have shown some skin, but everything was delivered adequately making this look classy and alluring.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - MARCH 21: Actress Kerry Washington attends the 26th annual GLAAD Media Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on March 21, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

This American actress is a combination of a rebel and a fine woman. This is quite evident in the style she exhibits at every media appearance.

She will, and always could bring something new to the table. A simple polished look can turn into an energetic ensemble once worn by the American actress who’s been recognized ever since 2012.

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Be the Master of Your Own Hair Tool – Combs versus Brushes

Combs versus Brushes (1)

Combs and brushes might be the most overlooked tools for beautifying people in a jiffy. Every household must have a comb or a brush lying around and is used on a daily basis. Despite the fact that we use them every single day to untangle our messy buns, there is little information about combs and brushes. These trusty tools don’t get as much attention because they all perform the same task despite their look and construction.

Combs and brushes all have the same function of a toothed device used to arrange and style our messy hair, but you’d be shocked to know that there are certain types meant to perform specific tasks. In this article, we’ll know more about the comb/brush topic so that the next time you’ll pick up that tool from your bedside dresser, you can handle them with care.

COMBS – There are five known types of combs that are used for professional and casual styling: rat-tail, wide-tooth, teasing, picks and the regular type. Combs are as slender tools that are toothed mainly crafted for styling, managing and cleaning your hair.

Combs versus Brushes (2)

For hair sectioning, the rat-tail is the best type of comb to use due to its very fine set of teeth and a pointed end that’s comparable to a rat’s tail. Usually, this type of comb is used for hair extensions, pulling hair sections and sometimes for hair coloring.

On the contrary, the wide-tooth comb is made for the single reason of untangling. This type of comb is made in such a way that it would also alleviate hair breakage, compatible with all types of hair and is easy to use no matter what the condition.

Teasing combs are made to style big volumes of hair and make it as lively as possible by adding height. Used since the ‘50s, the teasing combs have teeth that are close to each other with pointy tips. Next, picks are the best comb to use for styling if you are in a hurry. This type of comb is used to immediately pluck your hair away from your face and is also known to add volume to it.
The regular comb is best used for wavy, straight or frizzy hair as the spaces between the teeth are ideal for easy combing.

BRUSHES – In the brush league, there are also five known types: vent, roller, paddle, military and wire. If you have very thick or curly hair, then go for wire brushes.

Combs versus Brushes (3)

The strength and sturdiness that this type possesses will make hair brushing easier sparing you from arduous pulling due to hair locks. Paddle brushes are those wide wooden ones you commonly see on salons to flatten, groom and straighten long volumes of hair.

Military, from the word itself, is commonly used by men and is ideal for all hair types. If you want to style your children’s hair carefully, then using vent brushes would be your best bet. Rollers are the ones used for blow drying and are usually made of nylon.

Combs versus Brushes (4)

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Coach’s 75th Anniversary Will Make You Crave for Leather Bags

Leather Bags (1)

The business of leather bags has always been a fascinating field in fashion that many gawked at over the last couple of decades. The sheer concept of owning a designer leather bag from a huge fashion brand is what most women, and sometimes men, strive for. Premium leather bags are now considered as a status symbol and the reason for this strong patronage is its quality.

Many fashion fans have even treated their leather bag collections as investments, and this idea has been proven so many times for so long. We can remember names like Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Gucci, and alongside this tough competition is a brand that’s as iconic as the product it sells, and it goes by the name of Coach.

Leather Bags (2)

At 75 years, Coach is an illustrious leather bag manufacturer supplying the boldest, high-end bags to men and women all over the world. They are known for their strict use of only the best materials, from the leather to the zippers, even up until the intrinsic stitches. Coach has established an everlasting name in the fashion industry. Like any successful company existing today, they set trends and innovations in fashion through prolific releases of different collections.

Furthermore, the audience and market that they have garnered over the past seven decades stayed true to them, creating a legacy that only they could deliver.

Leather Bags (3)

Managed by the profound fashion sense of Stuart Vevers as the creative director, Coach has taken things backward as they supplied the elegant style of bags from their past collections. What better way to celebrate Coach’s resiliency and reliability than by releasing bags that made them famous in the first place.

Coach has been known to have a firm grip on its roots and treating its foundation as the main force in becoming stronger and more appealing. Coach’s 75th anniversary birthed the Coach Vintage Collection for those who have adored the power of the brand since they started.

Leather Bags (4)

Stuart Vevers and the team behind Coach released three new bags that are vintage, nostalgic and awesome at the same time. The bags on spotlight are named The Stewardess, The Dinky and The Duffle. Originally, these bags were manufactured during Coach’s glorious years in the 1980s, when leather bags were at their peak in becoming as iconic as how they are treated nowadays.

Coach also gave the aforementioned bags a revamp that they deserve using techniques that the company has valued from their long and worthwhile service to the fashion industry. The motifs applied to the three vintage bags include Rip and Repair, the so-called Fringe and the incorporation of the Vintage Stripe.

Coach felt like only the most avid patrons should only have The Dinky, The Duffle and The Stewardess, making this a limited-edition collection. These precious leather bags will be in stores with prices starting at $595 up to $1,195, which is a great investment on the buyer’s end. Luckily for those who are residing in the United States of America, they can have avail of the collection by visiting Barney’s in Beverly Hills and New York.

For those who can’t travel to the US but still want the bags badly, they can be viewed and hopefully purchased from

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Feeding Your Inner Fashionista with History and Class via Khaki Jackets

Khaki Jackets (1)

After the success of leather bomber jackets and its printed version, having this specific wardrobe stashed in your closet is now deemed essential. We can all agree that jackets change a boring ensemble into something that screams high-fashion and pizzazz. Many women nowadays have succumbed to using jackets as an integral part of their overall look, which is why purchasing different kinds is not surprising anymore.

Gone were the days when a fashionable woman would settle for that stiff-looking parka for all seasons. Now, women are more enticed to expand their pieces as wide as possible. The usually overlooked khaki or military jackets are now trendy and women have lots of ways to reinvent the serious notion it is known for.

Khaki Jackets (2)

Originally, khaki or military jackets were used during the World War I and II for the sole purpose of shielding soldiers from too much cold or heat. Since fashion is always innovative, this was brought from wars into the rooms of famous fashion names and overhauled to become the most stylish garment.

At first, men were the market for khaki or military jackets, but women would always want to have a hand at things. So, they mixed it with their feminine and prim styling. Khaki jackets are now a trend in cities such as Paris and New York, making our femme fatales look more dashing and captivating while sporting one.

Khaki Jackets (3)

The materials used for this specific item of clothing are either the functional khaki, which is sturdy, or the normal ‘fatigue’ print, which is dull and manly. The reason why it took women so long to have this added to their wardrobe is due to the materials used, but they have gotten around it and revolutionized how it should be worn.

Khaki or military jackets will work best as your wardrobe topper when attending a formal activity such as lunch with the boss or an afternoon meeting with a client. The aura that it exudes when coupled with your simple inner dress will certainly grab everyone’s attention due to its strong and powerful presence.

If you’re on the adventurous side, try pairing khaki or military jackets with black combat boots, and play with whatever it is that you want to wear inside, like a dress or a shirt-short ensemble. The ‘complete’ look is something that will put you ahead of the khaki jacket game, and more girls would admire you for being bold enough to pick this item.

Sporting khaki jackets will show confidence that you never thought possible, and khaki or military prints would look dashing on their own.

Khaki Jackets (4)

Other matches with your trusty khaki or military jacket can be a cream-white sweater plus a shockingly colored scarf, all finished with a pair of dark skinny jeans and a nutsy Wayfarer.

You can also play with colors and bring out your loudest yellow turtleneck and dark brown, curve-hugging denim pants topped with your most daring Dr. Marten’s boots.

If you’re feeling feminine, go for a floral dress, matching it with your most ‘rustic-looking’ accessories to give you that beautifully worn look.

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