Tory Sport Now Dominating the Famous NYC Fifth Avenue

Tory Sport (1)

With all due respect and veneration gathered from all over the planet, Tory Burch is surely eligible to expand their range of products in order to reach a larger market. Hailing from its small venture somewhere in Italy, this fashion-forward brand has transcended the unending demands of the industry and innovated when necessary.

Before, women drooled over their self-imposed logo patched onto a very sophisticated looking slipper. Now, they have stretched into offering all kinds of fashion items that will complete your fantasy wardrobe. Before long, Tory Burch and the people behind it will bask under an empire that was created through intense consideration of their clientele’s needs, all the while proving that they are not out of style yet.

Tory Sport (2)

Branching out to a store in a foreign land had always been a huge step. Like a leap of faith, this would either make or break a fashion name, depending on the reception it would receive abroad. Unless you’ve been an established business for over a century, planning to dominate the world through building off-shore sites is not really suggested.

On the other hand, fashion is a camp of bold thinkers and risk takers, so the notion of expanding overseas has always been part of the long-term agenda. With a reputation for supplying only the most functional and fashionable styles, Tory Burch has finally decided to spawn a pop-up store right in the heart of New York. So far, it’s being regarded as an amazing feat from this illustrious fashion brand.

Tory Sport (3)

Mainly offering their active wear collection, Tory Burch decided to test the waters of American buyers and put up a store located on Fifth Avenue, New York and its accompanying trends. Known to be a setting for nothing but the best brands in the industry, this long strip is frequented by famous celebrities and the most avid fashionistas.

Having this concept in mind, Tory Burch purchased a spot on Fifth Avenue, specifically in the Flatiron District which has been regarded as a cistern of fitness studios and business empires. Tory Burch has shipped their Tory Sport collection, which caters to people who want to look physically pleasing despite the strenuous physical activity during exercise.

Tory Sport (4)

Launched last September, Tory Sport generated favorable reviews and responses from those who have seen it, with high hopes of changing the game concerning the seemingly boring active wear lines. Tory Sport’s spot in New York spans a total of 3,900 square feet, housing the gems of Tory Burch’s latest offering to the masses. Tory Sport offers everything you can think of in active wear such as bags, shoes, accessories and performance clothing.

Prices start at $35 and the most expensive garment on the rack is at $495. Aside from the interesting ensemble that you’ll see on the stands, Tory Sport also boasts the store’s interior design which screams wood accents, athletic inspired stripes and a montage of sports superstars shown on their large screen televisions. Also, revel in the fact that Tory Sport offers well-celebrated Jean Royere pieces for their in-store furniture, adding a lavish touch to shopping until you drop.

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Coach’s 75th Anniversary Will Make You Crave for Leather Bags

Leather Bags (1)

The business of leather bags has always been a fascinating field in fashion that many gawked at over the last couple of decades. The sheer concept of owning a designer leather bag from a huge fashion brand is what most women, and sometimes men, strive for. Premium leather bags are now considered as a status symbol and the reason for this strong patronage is its quality.

Many fashion fans have even treated their leather bag collections as investments, and this idea has been proven so many times for so long. We can remember names like Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Gucci, and alongside this tough competition is a brand that’s as iconic as the product it sells, and it goes by the name of Coach.

Leather Bags (2)

At 75 years, Coach is an illustrious leather bag manufacturer supplying the boldest, high-end bags to men and women all over the world. They are known for their strict use of only the best materials, from the leather to the zippers, even up until the intrinsic stitches. Coach has established an everlasting name in the fashion industry. Like any successful company existing today, they set trends and innovations in fashion through prolific releases of different collections.

Furthermore, the audience and market that they have garnered over the past seven decades stayed true to them, creating a legacy that only they could deliver.

Leather Bags (3)

Managed by the profound fashion sense of Stuart Vevers as the creative director, Coach has taken things backward as they supplied the elegant style of bags from their past collections. What better way to celebrate Coach’s resiliency and reliability than by releasing bags that made them famous in the first place.

Coach has been known to have a firm grip on its roots and treating its foundation as the main force in becoming stronger and more appealing. Coach’s 75th anniversary birthed the Coach Vintage Collection for those who have adored the power of the brand since they started.

Leather Bags (4)

Stuart Vevers and the team behind Coach released three new bags that are vintage, nostalgic and awesome at the same time. The bags on spotlight are named The Stewardess, The Dinky and The Duffle. Originally, these bags were manufactured during Coach’s glorious years in the 1980s, when leather bags were at their peak in becoming as iconic as how they are treated nowadays.

Coach also gave the aforementioned bags a revamp that they deserve using techniques that the company has valued from their long and worthwhile service to the fashion industry. The motifs applied to the three vintage bags include Rip and Repair, the so-called Fringe and the incorporation of the Vintage Stripe.

Coach felt like only the most avid patrons should only have The Dinky, The Duffle and The Stewardess, making this a limited-edition collection. These precious leather bags will be in stores with prices starting at $595 up to $1,195, which is a great investment on the buyer’s end. Luckily for those who are residing in the United States of America, they can have avail of the collection by visiting Barney’s in Beverly Hills and New York.

For those who can’t travel to the US but still want the bags badly, they can be viewed and hopefully purchased from

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Beyonce Empowers Everyone through her Latest Merchandise with Jillian Mercado  



The world of fashion gives opportunities for everyone to grow, shine and be famous as long as they have the right mindset and attitude. The next big thing in fashion designing does not require a degree in fashion from Paris, or your next idol gliding through the catwalk who never really thought of modeling a few years back. In fashion, it is everyone’s ball game, and luckily, the people have come to embrace it wholeheartedly.

We have seen a lot of collaborations among fashion companies and those outside the fashion realm such as singers, Hollywood actors and everyone deemed fit for a successful partnership. Not surprisingly, this melding of minds is very appealing to the market, and they are not close to ending even in the next few decades.

Just recently, singing supernova Beyonce entered the fashion scene by putting up her own clothing line, and as expected, it blew out of proportions in a positive manner.


Beyonce is one of the strongest purveyors of feminism and empowering women. With her latest collection circling online, many fashion analysts have applauded the singer’s latest move to promote her recent clothing venture. Enlisted as Beyonce’s latest model and style ambassadress is a fashion blogger named Jillian Mercado, and her story is way out of the ordinary.

Mercado is diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, 28 years old and is a known prolific blogger, opening up the information gateway for her followers to be aware of the latest in fashion. Choosing Jillian Mercado as Beyonce’s model warmed the hearts and uplifted the spirits of people with disability, as they can dream as much as they want without any hesitations.


Instagram welcomed the news directly from Jillian Mercado’s official account, and she mentioned how grateful she was to be a part of Beyonce’s retail collection. Just like how any typical model should be treated, Mercado was given full-blown attention the way it should be.

Rocking it with feisty hair and make-up, the fashion blogger transcended the barriers of her own wheelchair and showed the entire planet how beautiful can she be despite her disability. Furthermore, Jillian Mercado’s involvement as a fashion blogger strengthened this venture for both her and Beyonce’s party as credibility is established significantly.

MilkMade presentations Highland, Pyer Moss and Rochambeau

The merchandise campaign is inspired from Beyonce’s latest hit tracks 7/11 and Formation, with their lyrics used as core prints of the clothing ensemble. Fans can cap different garments such as sweatshirts, hats and T-shirts, plastered with the song’s lyrics, making it stand out from your conventional ready-to-wear ensembles.

Beyonce’s latest fashion venture is now readily available online, and revels in Jillian Mercado’s participation to ensure that this collection will be a huge success.

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Tory Burch is driven by Athletic glam in its fall 2016 collection



Athleisure is here to stay because 2016 will have its own piece of the said trend as narrated by Tory Burch’s fall collection this year. There will be blazers and beautiful jackets of course, a mainstay seen on a majority of fashion shows. There are gorgeous pieces that are versatile enough to go from day to night.

As seen on the stunning outer garments, the show is graced by patterns in geometrical shapes. It’s like going back to the good old days when cowboys and horses were very much into this trend, but this time with a touch of a modern and relative twist. Pants paired with structured tops go well with neat boots and mules: a shoe style that’s currently gaining popularity.


While the collection is coherent with the geometrical theme, diversity of choices come in different hues that are seen on each garment that as exhibited on the runway. The equestrienne feel will not be complete without the touch of clean whites and denim blues. Tory Burch was able to translate these colors not only through cords, but with structured dresses as well.

The choices became even wider with the presence of pink monochrome and plaid suits. Bohemian girls can also identify themselves with some of the printed lazy dresses and maxis that are made in a tasteful finish.


The show was supported by some of the fashion industry’s most stylish women including Kate Bosworth, Karen Elson, Jamie King and Langley Fox Hemingway. The designer’s affluent connections extend to influential figures including the charming faces of Hollywood belles.

Aside from the prominent names that graced the brand’s front row, more exciting news is linked with the fashion house. It is determined that Tory Burch’s line called Tory Burch Sports will be exclusively available at Barneys. This was indeed confirmed by the company’s chief operating officer, Daniella Vitale.



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Presenting Calvin Klein’s Newest Hunk, Mitchell Slaggert  



There’s no denying that aside from the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, many people always await Calvin Klein’s advertisements and campaigns for their steamy dose of raw and sexy fashion. Admit it; the brand had been notoriously generous in giving news to us about who’s who in the modeling industry, particularly, the smoking and blessed ones that we can gawk over in their skimpiest underwear.

Calvin Klein has been thriving and keeping their success with their incessant releases of artsy, half-nude supermodels who spark envy, but no one’s complaining. This billion-dollar brand encapsulates everything we know about being sexy and adorable at the same time. With a long list of models that have graced their posters, it’s just refreshing to see another steaming hot human being to pose for the brand, and he means serious business.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Mitchell Slaggert.


Following the controversial and intriguing ads portrayed by Hollywood A-listers like Justin Bieber, Jamie Dornan and Travis Fimmel, comes the angel-faced and well-chiseled Mitchell Slaggert. Hailing from the humble town of Fayetteville in Georgia, this 21-year old model will be gracing the latest Calvin Klein Underwear Collection.

Many fashion analysts and fans have commented that the rawness perceived from Slaggert is attractive and downright fitting for the brand’s philosophy of releasing our sexy alter-egos. Furthermore, Mitchell Slaggert possesses an athletic figure which is tailored to what the brand is really looking for in a print model.


Originally planning to get a spot in the Department of Homeland Security, fate gave Mitchell Slaggert a chance with Calvin Klein while walking back to his car. It seemed as if the scouting process was snatched directly from a fairy tale, and this Fayetteville-local is now on his way to stardom that only Calvin Klein can provide him.

Exposures were made to get Slaggert comfortable with modeling such as stints in German GQ Style and Italian Vogue, further enhancing his modeling capabilities for it to be perfect when he starred on his own print campaign with Calvin Klein. It can also be remembered that Mitchell Slaggert is one of those who did well on runway shows and advertisements released by DSquared2.

Mitchell Slaggert and all his godliness will be spearheading Calvin Klein’s latest underwear collection entitled Iron Strength. Regarded as the budding model’s biggest project to date, he will be succeeding the throne from successful models slash Hollywood actors Kellan Lutz and Mark Wahlberg.

This latest campaign would also involve model Kendall Jenner, something that even Slaggert has been dreaming of for a long time. Moreover, rumors have it that despite the sudden twist of fate, the newest Calvin Klein hunk felt more than blessed to have landed this modeling career, and he’s now into taking it a step further from who he was before the stint.


Calvin Klein is also known to have models transitioning to show business and getting into films right after they pose for the brand. In an interview, Mitchell Slaggert admitted that he was casted a lead role for a new film in the works by the same agent who discovered him on that fortunate day, Daniel Peddle.

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Transcending Hollywood onto Fashion Industry with Melissa McCarthy


We all have seen her wit and comedic skills on Hollywood movies such as The Heat, Identity Thief and Bridesmaids. There are a lot of great things to say about actress Melissa McCarthy which include her whacking sense of humor, her angelic and cutesy face, the bold admittance of loving her very own curves and her impeccable talent. Little did anyone know that she dropped hints in 2011 and 2014 regarding her venture on designing and releasing a clothing line of her own.


It can be remembered that the actress dropped some mini-bombs regarding her plans to craft a fashion ensemble for women of all sizes to bring back sheer confidence and feeling good no matter what your body type might be. Melissa McCarthy also shared her vision in ensuring that women deserve to be dressed accordingly, without the need for following the norms of skinny and tall models.

Four years after inception, Melissa McCarthy’s clothing outfit has hit fashion stands since August and September carrying the name Seven7. The fashion industry has been so frenetic about the upcoming debut of the actress’ attempt on being famous in the fashion industry that more and more news is circulating on social media. Seven7 is a brand which exudes the best a woman can get through clean lines, sharp cuts and all-along playful prints with sizes 4 to 28.

Being true to her vision, McCarthy expanded the collection’s sizes as wide as possible to accommodate everyone who will patronize her designs. McCarthy shared that the clothing line will focus on the adjectives charming, adorable and whimsical while sticking to fashion rules on rocking classic looks with a high-end approach on details and better fitting.

The actress slash fashion entrepreneur even jokingly added that people, and all the inhabitants of the fashion industry, shouldn’t stop on size 12, hence the stress of standard to plus-sizes included in the product line.


Seven7 is sold on equally huge shops and stores like Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, Macy’s and her very own website. The first line that has been launched features garments and ensembles with a total of 80 individual pieces and ranges on affordable amounts from $59 to $159 depending on the type of purchase. Melissa McCarthy even hinted on this fashion debut by sporting a top and marbled print tunic on her latest movie ‘Spy’.


For those who don’t know, Melissa McCarthy has a strong educational background in fashion and design before entering Hollywood. The actress has a solid knowledge on clothing and textiles and moved to New York City to study in the Fashion Institute of Technology during her younger years. True enough, the entrepreneur have saved up first by getting into show business before bravely embracing what she first adored which is fashion.

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Juicy Couture is having some girly mash up on the latest campaign

Juicy Couture - Black Label

Hip and young as always, Juicy Couture exhibited some serious girl power as they got the beautiful faces of Behati Prisloo and Candice Swanepoel to represent their latest advertisement. Opening 2016 with a bang, the brand’s 2016 Spring campaign features street wear and dresses that the contemporary culture of the young will definitely pick up.
There is no denying that your career skyrocket once you make it to the Victoria’s Secret runway. True to this testimony, these two models have gone far as they were tapped to be the current faces of Juicy Couture’s latest campaign. See them in high-five photos that prove why they are successful in their chosen field.

Juicy Couture 2

The two modeled each piece like the downright pros that they are. Gracing the line for the brand’s Black Label Spring line up, see them don sporty ensembles of sexy short shorts, basic tees and varsity jackets in ultra girly hues. Showing nothing but all-out fun and youthful energy, the two models were able to convey the trademark that the brand has been known for.

Juicy Couture 3

The current collection is dedicated to on-the-go ladies who do not want to exert much effort and time in dressing up, but still wants to look fabulous. The collection is for women who like their street wear cool and noticeable to the people they bump into. Dresses will always be every girl’s scapegoat for wearing something fashionable without trying too hard.
Observe Juicy Couture’s collection as they have dresses in interesting designs and patterns that are not only feminine but comfortable as well. The collection expresses fun and happiness, which is the very core of the Juicy Couture philosophy.

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Fashion Brands for Men that should be on Your Must-See List

Sometimes, we tend to neglect fashion brands that are not as grand as say, Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Prada, because we subconsciously think that they’re just not trendy. We have forgotten the concept that all things come from small beginnings and certainly, everyone is guilty of discarding startup fashion brands.

We have grown accustomed to liking what we see on the latest runway shows, or those plastered on fashion magazines and blogs, without knowing that aside from what we are familiar with, there lies a plethora of genius, creative minds waiting for our valuable attention.

Brands For Men (1)

The year 2016 is all about paying attention to the unsung talents of independent brands worthy of being noticed.

Men in particular must read on and behold this short list of what store and what name to look for when you want to look stylishly different.

Brands For Men (2)

If you’re into sports even with the way you dress-up, then Gosha Rubchinskiy would be your go-to brand. Combining the interesting fields of smart sportswear and the nostalgic vibe of Russia in the 1990s, men would certainly adore the uniquely crafted pieces that Rubchinskiy has.

What makes this fashion outfit different from its competitors is its originality without compromising comfort and style. If you would wish to cop a style that’s Gosha Rubchinskiy-inspired, be prepared to don Cyrillic logo tees and overalls that have your favorite sports names printed on them beautifully.

Brands For Men (3)

Music and fashion is a combination that has been appealing to everyone since time immemorial and Todd Lynn might just have everything that you’ve dreamed of within this realm. Inspired to fuse the music industry with its garments, Todd Lynn brings his customers a craze through singer-inspired outfits that have been altered or revamped in an amazing way.

Todd Lynn clothed some of the biggest music icons like Marilyn Manson and Mick Jagger, so you know where this is going. Expect a lot of blacks and whites as the main palette, with strong presses on deconstruction and shambled aesthetics when you want to sport a Todd Lynn creation.

Brands For Men (4)

Colorful and vibrant would be the best words to describe how James Long wants his collection to look like. Known to be the best in prints, Long and his team of great fashion designers lunged into a printed craze and offered nothing but the best sets of clothes to make you look trendy.

Be enamored by how sharp their skills are as they try to use unconventional patterns in their short sleeves and tees, turning you into a walking acrylic canvass. If you’re not too scared to be the center of attention, then delve into their collection which will put you into color frenzy.

Brands For Men (5)

For the more stylish brood, enrolling into fashion brand Public School is the best way to satisfy your craving. Leaning on layering, crystal-cut silhouettes and subtle features onto a monochromatic setting, Public School gives you heaps of attention as you’d definitely look sleek and sharp when you purchase a piece from them.

Exude more of your serious self when you wear their gray-black color selection and draw nothing but nods of approval when considered to be considered a very fashionable guy.

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Defying Fashion Taboos by Donning Pitch-Black Lipstick

Pitch-Black Lipsticks (1)

Girls would never run out of ideas in putting on make-up. As part of their daily wardrobe, women have come to realize that for a specific look to be achieved, a complete set of make-up is necessary. There have been a lot of variations releases in terms of facial beautification, from lipstick to mascara, cheek tints and BB creams, some of these can always be found inside a woman’s handy purse.

Also, we have been introduced to so many feats and developments that have gone beyond our wildest expectations. There are diamond-crusted false eyelashes, upgraded concealers, facial milks and now, black lipstick.

Pitch-Black Lipsticks (2)

A-listers such as Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Kylie Jenner have established that weird-looking lipstick colors are still fashionable. Yes, we’ve dealt with the plumpest reds, the most blinding lavenders and the intimidating pitch black. Many find the concept of wearing black lipstick unacceptable, remarking that this shade shouldn’t be worn unless you’re a weirded out goth-inspired woman. Furthermore, the fear of looking like you’ve swallowed squid ink is not pleasing to the eye, or is it?

The trend of wearing black lipstick can be deduced from musicians who have a quirky alter-ego leaning on horror and the esoteric. But nowadays, many fashion moguls have come to embrace the stark sophistication that can be found when wearing this color.

The boldness that it brings is something that will give you a second look from everyone you’d come across the street, and they might even applaud you for being so fashion forward in donning this color. Black lipstick, if you think of it is the most versatile shade that you can get, giving you an invincible aura.

Being sassy does not hurt once in a while, and experimenting with black lipstick is what fashion is all about; being comfortable with what you wear. If you can confidently sport a bright red or dull matte violet, how is pitch black different? Fashion requires you to be daring, and adding a stick of black lipstick to your essentials is acceptable and thrilling at the same time.

Pitch-Black Lipsticks (3)

If ever you’d wear black lipstick on a sunny April day, put balance on your already striking look by applying a bright line of tint and color on your cheeks. The stunning contrast of black and whatever color you pick for your cheeks will send you to make-up trendiness in no time, which will be envied by a lot of women.

Picking matte instead of glossy would be the best option for you when wearing black lipstick. Aside from the fact that it would provide you with longer coverage, this would also ensure that you won’t look like you kissed a smoldering bark.

Pitch-Black Lipsticks (4)

Some of the brands that carry this special color include Make Up For Ever (Intense Lipstick in Satin Black), NYX Cosmetics (Retractable Black Lip Liner), Anastacia Beverly Hills (Liquid Lipstick in Midnight), Lime Crime (Unicorn Lipstick in Styletto) and Rimmel London (Glossy Lip Gloss in Black).

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It’s a mother-daughter tandem in the recent Calvin Klein advert

recent Calvin Klein advert (1)

Looking at the latest Calvin Klein watch and jewelry advertisement will make us believe that somewhere, there is a real Fountain of Youth.

Maintaining your younger look is not impossible as the captivating picture of the brand’s new campaign was able to convey a message that appeals to the senses.

recent Calvin Klein advert (2)

The powerful duo of mother and daughter Lisa Bonet and Zoe Kravitz shows us a meaningful photo that says lots of meanings about an intimate connection between mother and child.

We know how deep and extensive this relationship can be and while there will be words out there to describe the level affinity between this specific kinship, no diction can best define how great it is. Everything else is just unjustifiable depiction.

In this recent campaign, Lisa and Zoe are captured holding hands with a beach backdrop on black and white. The reality is these two stunning women have a twenty-year gap in terms of age, but what’s surprising is how these two looked as if they were sisters.

Many are in awe as to how Zoe’s mom was able to maintain the youth in her appearance. Why, those who would take a quick glance at the photo would think these two are just sisters posing before the cameraman’s lenses.

recent Calvin Klein advert (3)

Shot by photographer Cass Bird, the brand’s latest campaign is entitled “Life in the now.” Highlighting the idea of a rich and timeless bond, the photo was able to encapsulate the endearing message of how personal a relationship is between bloodlines.

There is no better way of expressing it than catching a candidly good shot between family members. Zoe is Lisa’s first born with the singer Lenny Kravitz whom she separated with in 1993 after some years of being together.

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