H&M Sport unveils Caitlyn Jenner as their new endorser

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - FEBRUARY 28:  Caitlyn Jenner attends the 2016 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on February 28, 2016 in Beverly Hills, California.  (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

Caitlyn Jenner’s announcement to the world has become a shock that left most people’s jaws drop for a while. Sure, there were mixed opinions from the crowd especially from those who followed his family’s famous reality show that changed the face of television forever. Now, the 66-year old celebrity has become an icon of his own right that made him a considerable endorser for some of the world’s trusted brands.

After getting a reality show of her own, Caitlyn just recently landed one of the biggest endorsements she had by far. Aside from the announcement of being the newest face of MAC, the famous personality is now H&M’s newest star to represent its sports line.

The brand is no newbie when it comes to the family where Caitlyn came from. Just last year, Cait’s daughters Kylie and Kendall showed some high fashion sibling love alongside other famous sisters, the Hadids. The tradition of the partnership between the family and the brand is well established, which is why H&M’s choice of another clan member is not a surprise at all.

Caitlyn Jenner H&M (2)

As a former Olympian, Caitlyn is a great pick to represent the label’s sports line. It can be remembered that the former Bruce Jenner used to be a decathlon title holder.

As a person of strength and vigor, Caitlyn will definitely make a good advocate that champions intensity and force. There are no specifics yet coming from H&M, but the hint that surfaced from Caitlyn’s social media accounts clearly dictate her recent partnership with the brand.

Caitlyn Jenner H&M (3)

The exciting news from the world’s most talked about transgender nowadays is definitely a pleasant announcement.

With the ongoing search for gender equality, the fusion of one of the third sex’s prominent personalities and one of the most famous fast fashion brands is a declaration that such clamor is gaining ground to a considerable extent.

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Another Hyped-Up Release from the Eponymous Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton (1)

Let’s face it, almost every woman we know would certainly dream of owning a Louis Vuitton bag once in their lives. Having a designer bag tucked away in one’s closet has been regarded as a status symbol over the years. True enough, many women have subscribed to the idea that these bags, no matter how costly, are definitely worth their money, attention and lust.

If you’re one of the lucky few who belong to the uppermost echelons of the society, then the brand Louis Vuitton might never have struck your body’s frenetic chord as you’re somewhat used to it. But if you’re just a fan of everything fancy in fashion, then you might drool so much upon Louis Vuitton’s take in monstrosity: the release of their most expensive bag, ever.

Louis Vuitton (2)

The brand has been known to be notorious on pricing their bags and other collections with the most expensive tags possible. Their established name within the fashion industry has given Louis Vuitton the right to accordingly rate their wares with prices that are sometimes ridiculous, but we all know that they are not even closing to joking.

Just recently, the brand made their most expensive handbag to date public: the all-new Louis Vuitton City Steamer Bag. Despite the fact that the bag’s design line already exists, this doesn’t stop the company from finding ways to upgrade it with the use of only the finest materials, some tweaks here and there, and voila, a new fad that women can lust for forever.

The well-known City Steamer Bag specifically costs $55,500 according to the brand’s official website. The material used to complete this megalomania is mostly crocodile skin, which is quite rare for a Louis Vuitton luxury item. The specified size of this bag is at 12.2×10.2×5.5 inches for its length, width and height respectively.

Louis Vuitton avid clients will be delighted to know that golden-colored metallic pieces have been used to accentuate the beige body, giving it the class and pizzazz it deserves.

Louis Vuitton (3)

Other notable features of the City Steamer Bag include the iconic name tag with the metallic LV signature, padlocks that are faceted and engraved, the eponymous LV Circle hot-stamped at the back part of the bag and a precious cowhide lining.

One cool feature of this specific luxury bag is that, aside from serving its purpose as the brand’s most expensive item, it is also known to take care of the owner’s things as ample room is allocated for papers, files and other knick-knacks.

Louis Vuitton (4)

The City Steamer Bag would also contain a 65-centimeter leather strap which is made removable for optimum use. The owner can choose to carry it using either of the hands, the shoulder or cross-body.

For more important things, there’s a compartment at the back part of the bag which comes with a large zipper. Front flat pockets are also present, complete with turn locks and an inside hook to secure the owner’s belongings.

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The Waistcoat: adding charm to a man’s formal wear

Waistcoat (1)

Not all men will have the guts to wear a waistcoat to a formal gathering. While this tends to be classic and a required garment for a three piece ensemble, some are reluctant to don this because wearing it wrong can mean fashion suicide.

What many people don’t realize is that this piece of clothing is versatile and can be used for both casual and formal occasions. By choosing the right fit with a smart design, the ensemble can turn into a crisp and classy look that will gain a lot of positive attention.

How the waistcoat falls on the right places is always important. This clever looking garment will definitely look exceptional when the right fit is followed. Make sure that the vest is long enough to cover the waist, not allowing the undershirt to peek through.

Remember, we want to achieve a clean look and showing off any fabric underneath will just create a messy impression of a disorganized look. Also, observe that the vest should hug the body well; not too tight and not too loose. Button everything up except the last one at the bottom to allow the wearer to move freely.

Waistcoat (2)

Waistcoats can be paired with denims too. Yes, they do not exclusively belong to slacks, darling. Lay it over with long sleeves that have an opposite color palette and pair it with denims and brogues to create a fresh and young look.

Waistcoat (3)

While this is perceived to be something that can be worn to formal gatherings, choosing a style or color that’s away from the usual black can also be mixed with other wardrobes to create a more laid-back look. Cool dudes, a waistcoat can also be your friend. Mixing a colored vest with a polo shirt and pairing it with chinos can create a casual look. Pairing it with sleek loafers with peeking socks in interesting designs can also shoo away the illusion of being too formal.

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Timeless and Still Rocking It – Fashion Icons Over 50

Fashion Icons Over 50 (1)

Fashion is an open book. Unlike other parts of society, fashion embraces all forms of creativity from all walks of life. It has never turned down a great designer just because he or she came from a common family. Fashion welcomes everyone and everything that keeps it alive. As we progress through time, we have seen trends come and go, some being resurrected while others are buried into oblivion.

Amid all the changes and challenges in the fashion industry, there are a handful of people who have withstood every huge ripple that it produced. It requires a lot of skill to still look fabulous despite the increasing number of years in a fashionista’s life, and the people below prove that when you love fashion, it will love you back even after you’ve aged.

At the age of 54, Tilda Swinton has proven her worth as an actress and a trendsetter through numerous exposures in both the limelight and the red carpet. Leaning on styles such as androgynous, alien and minimalist, Swinton has captured the lenses of so many fashion photographers and received a plethora of approvals from a wide array of fashion critics.

Due to her deep association with art, it is not surprising that Swinton translated it into something she would wear. Some of the brands that Swinton wears are Lanvin, Jil Sander and Haider Ackermann.

Fashion Icons Over 50 (2)

Twenty years more tenured than Tilda Swinton is the legendary fashion pillar Vivienne Westwood and by the looks of it, she’s not even close to stopping her in grandeur. Known to be the former costume designer of rock band Sex Pistols, Westwood’s exposure to the fashion industry is what puts her on the pedestal that she’s in now.

Westwood’s style focus is on rebellious, surreal and Victorian-punk that can be validated through her bold orange hair, use of silhouette and blatant pieces of metallic jewelry adorning her impressive wardrobe.

Fashion Icons Over 50 (3)

Aside from being an Oscar-winning femme fatale, Diane Keaton, now aged 69, is also a woman of substance when it comes to being fashion forward. It can be remembered that in the glorious year of 1977, Keaton initiated the risky move of showing the world that some masculine garments such as bowler hats, neckties and trousers can also be worn by women.

Still clinging onto this concept, Keaton is now known to follow trends such as menswear, tastefully playful and dapper. This fashion icon also breaks barriers with the philosophy that for as long as you like what you wear, you should be confident about it.

Fashion Icons Over 50 (5)

Thanks to Peter Beard’s discovery, the world has come to know of a legendary supermodel embodied by Iman. Hailed as one of the most successful black supermodels of all time, Iman has graced hundreds of magazine covers, walked plenty of runways and has been clothed by the world’s greatest designers ever to exist. As she aged, Iman clung to styles such as glamorous, sumptuous and structured, cementing herself further as an eponymous name in the business.

Fashion Icons Over 50 (4)

Another name that we can never ever forget is that of Carine Roitfeld. Now ten years past her golden age, Roitfeld still amazes the crowd in every event she goes to because of her innate fab and pizzazz. Dubbed as the ultimate queen of a style called ‘erotic-chic’, Roitfeld can be seen at crowded functions wearing seductive frocks and sheer lace.

She’s also known to sport risky ensembles and since she’s been a former Vogue Paris Editor-in-Chief, anything that Roitfeld wears seems to be the most fashionable piece that everyone should have.

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The Givenchy Nightingale – More Structured and Sharper

Givenchy (1)

After all these years, Givenchy has certainly stayed rooted at the top of the fashion food chain as one of the glorious brands that have supplied us with high-fashion accessories that we now use to empower our daily ensemble. Givenchy introduced us to effectively mix of style and function, along with various designs and versions of fashion items. Givenchy has been a worldwide phenomenon in clothing, perfume, shoes and bags.

This eponymous fashion brand has targeted the A-list portion of society but never let go of satisfying the majority with their prolific releases of ready-to-wear collections. Truly a respected brand, Givenchy can stay at the forefront of fashion for as long as it wants.

Givenchy (2)

Innovation is also one of the motivating factors why Givenchy is regarded as incessantly creative with the products they produce. Many avid followers of Givenchy would certainly remember the legendary Nightingale bag: an item dreamed of and drooled over by leather bag lovers from all over the world.

Before the craze that Givenchy caused by putting color and liveliness on the materials that they use with almost everything, the Givenchy Nightingale is regarded as the perfect epitome of admirable simplicity and attention to detail. The Givenchy Nightingale is all about channeling the brand’s philosophy of keeping women at tabs with the latest trends in bag fashion while strictly upholding the sense of comfort and function.

Givenchy (3)

Despite the fact that it has somewhat been overpowered by colors and patterns, the Givenchy Nightingale has been adored by a lot of A-listers and Hollywood celebrities due to its simplistic approach in style. This iconic bag is loved by many fashion enthusiasts and so freneticism ensued when Givenchy announced a revamp.

Givenchy gives a fresh new take on this beloved bag design by putting forth a modern twist to it without sacrificing the minimalism that it has been known for over the decades. Definitely, leather bag addicts will be delighted to know that the same material will be used, ensuring that quality will never be compromised despite the changes.

Givenchy (4)

Owners of the old Givenchy Nightingale will notice three major adjustments done to improve the original design of the bag. First, the visible cross-seams that held the four panels together have been replaced by a well-fitting strip of leather, smooth on all sides. The Givenchy Nightingale looks sharp and neat after the seams have been removed, giving it an more modern facade than its predecessors.

The Givenchy logo has also been crossed-out from the bag’s handle, even giving it a cleaner and relaxed finish. Lastly, the Nightingale straps are now thinner and adjustable depending on the length that the owner wants.

The new Givenchy Nightingale bag targets the overall aesthetic look, which ends up to be more controlled and well-thought-out. Prices for the revamped Nightingales will range around $2,190, a hundred dollars more expensive that the older versions.

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Prep Yourselves for a Must See Collaboration between Lauder and Bazaar

Bazaar (1)

Estee Lauder might be one of the hardest to pronounce beauty brands to exist in our lifetime, but we have to admit that their reputation has gone through massive changes and beyond the incessant demands for innovation. This eponymous brand always gives its patrons something to be excited about, may it be a new shade of their trusted lipstick or a fresh revival of their nail polish colors.

Estee Lauder has established quite an impressive reach all throughout the globe, and with how things are rolling, they are definitely far from stopping. Caring for the things that meet the eye, Estee Lauder is widely known to supply beauty lines that make use of only the best ingredients, without going overboard in pricing. A majority of women around the world have come to adore and trust Estee Lauder, and their recent venture will definitely make it big in sales.

Bazaar (2)

Probably one of Estee Lauder’s loudest campaigns to date, the brand teamed up with an equally respected firm in the world of beauty and fashion which is Harper’s Bazaar. Women will be introduced to select versions of gift-with-purchase kits which are just irresistibly good.

Aside from the fact that this is a merge between two established pillars, these kits are made more special with the treatment applied to each set to be released. Hold on to your seats as Estee Lauder plans to warp us back in time by crafting cosmetic bags that are reminiscent of past icons, and these will definitely be collectors’ items as soon as they hit the stands.

Estee Lauder will showcase Harper’s Bazaar’s most celebrated magazine covers from the years 1929 until 1932, featuring icons and personas who dominated the era. It can also be remembered that it was during these years that the advent of high-fashion designers and brands was on the rise.

Brands like Chanel, Schiarparelli and Lanvin have been deemed the most famous, and Estee Lauder got everything clumped together in these gift-with-purchase kits to make us realize how fashion evolved from what it was before to how it is now. Aside from the artsy tote bags, Estee Lauder products are also contained within, making you remember the reasons why this beauty brand is revered.

Bazaar (3)

Also, Harper’s Bazaar’s current Beauty Director Alexandra Parnass put forth some beauty tips and strategies which will be included in every set purchased from Estee Lauder. Some of the products that you can find within each designed tote bag include the legendary Re-Nutriv line, your pick of lipstick, some nail polish shades and the iconic Aerin Mediterranean Honeysuckle scent.

If you want to be the first ones to have these coveted packs from Estee Lauder, mark your calendars as this will be released publicly on Saks Fifth Avenue and online on April 28. Take note that these gift-with-purchase kits can only be bought if you have a $35 purchase first from Saks Fifth Avenue itself.

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H&M came up with an affordable bridal line

H&M (1)

One of the frontrunners when it comes to fast fashion has something new to offer, but this time, it does not include streetwear. This is something new and refreshing as the ready-to-wear chains of stores will not only cater to those who are into casual attire. Get this; H&M has released their most unexpected venture by far: a bridal collection.

We know how weddings can turn out to be expensive, let alone the gown that the bride will wear for her special day. While all brides want to have something spectacular, let us face the truth that not all have deep pockets to pay for a labeled, designer gown. The struggle is definitely real especially for women who want to look pretty, but are limited by budget constraints.

H&M (2)

Those who want to be fabulous on their special day no longer have to worry because H&M came up with bridal pieces that are not only wedding appropriate but cost effective as well.

Trendy as they are, the pieces in the latest H&M collection are all fashionable and elegantly styled. This venture from the brand will surely create a sigh of relief especially for wise spenders.

H&M (3)

The gowns may be cheaper compared to conventional options, but they are still of great quality. A-line dresses will definitely go well for any bride no matter what size she has. The classic silhouette is a safe way to go because it is not only timeless but conventionally flattering as well.

There will be a wide variety of choices to choose from, all relative and can attractive to any modern bride. What’s even more interesting is the fact that H&M played with color and is not only restricted to the color white. There are lace, prints and subdued see-through fabrics that are feminine with flare and class.

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Get that rocking style with slit tops

slit tops (1)

Ladies, this is the time to show off our sides by wearing tops with high slits. We know how fashion can creatively combine or break facets and turn them into a different version. Certainly, this industry’s creative core makes the world go round.

Trends may come and go, but the entrance and exit of vogue will never go out of style. As mentioned by Yves Saint Laurent, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” (Cited: This is truly evident in the industry today.

The modern take for the side slit tank top is bohemian-meets-urban style. Fashion bloggers and off the street fashion savvies have been rocking this trend. Glimpse at the compilation of street vogue during fashion weeks from all over the globe and see one or two wearing this style.

slit tops (2)

Side slit tank tops are bold while keeping subdued aesthetics. Notice the cut and it’s nothing but a simple trim. However the boxy form has been given character through a slash on both sides that makes the look sexy without overdoing it.

This is a tailored approach in a comfortable manner and believe it or not, this style is this fall’s breakthrough trend.

slit tops (3)

Walk in the streets with attitude and pizazz by wearing a piece of this current trend. Feel extra sexy by wearing sleeveless side slit tops and tease people with a peek of your sides. Tone down the sexiness by pairing it with skinny pants. Add a dash of character by donning ankle boots to finish the look.

Get formal by wearing this trend in sleeves. Match it with a midi skirt and sleek strappy sandals for a sophisticated look. You may even go monotone to stress elegance in a stylish way, or opt for a boyish look by resorting to oxfords or loafers and transform the look something laid-back and smart-casual.

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Furry finds for your dainty trotters

A model wears shoes by British fashion designer Phoebe Philo for Celine's  Spring-Summer 2013 ready to wear collection, presented in Paris, Sunday, Sept.30, 2012. (AP Photo/Jacques Brinon)

Fall may be miles away from us and we might just be starting to feel the summer heat, but forecasts have been outlined dictating what should be in and what shouldn’t be for the said season.

Fall is a wonderful season to get dressed with pristine elegance without the need for showing too much skin. It’s like an all-out party of rebel children in the fashion world. Talk about the carwash pleats, dust floor jackets and velvets; weird looking as they may be, but they are celebrated during this very season.

Have those feet go furry with the emergence of furry shoes. They may look like floor dusters at first, but their major appearance in big fashion houses influenced style enthusiasts to consider this seemingly odd trend. There’s Christian Louboutin, Fendi, Salvatorre Ferragamo, Dolce and Gabbana and Gucci. Name it and see that almost all big fashion houses had furry shoes appear on their shows once or twice.

dainty trotters (2)

Just when you think is it not wearable, in comes Rihanna. The fearless and fashionable singer was spotted wearing her furry shoes in Paris. The photos show nothing but double tap casual wear from head to toe.

We never imagined that this shoe style can work well with the casual t-shirt and boyfriend jeans ensemble. The mere look of the shoes will make us think that it will only work with ball gowns and tutus, but Rihanna proved us wrong. Well played Rihanna!

dainty trotters (3)

They are eccentric, yes, fearless and brave. They might have been part of runways before but their participation this season is so huge that the viewing masses are swept off their feet.

It’s like remembering Big Bird in haute couture with different colors. Not only it is this fashionable, but imagine the comfort they will provide to your soles. This defines walking made in heaven, darling.

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Never Fret and Adore Your Intrinsic Kinky Hairdo

Kinky Hairdo (1)

The ultimate hair care will always come from identifying what type of hair you have. There are several known kinds of hair and it is imperative for a person to know how to appropriately take care of it at any given circumstance. While hair is made up of keratin, you must be aware of the things you need to do and avoid so that you can optimize your chances in keeping your hair healthy.

We all have seen straight hair, the big locks, naturally-colored kinds and the interestingly kinky hair class. Kinky hair borders between nice and nasty if not taken care of properly. The very fine mesh of hair and its ability to make you look fabulous makes kinky hair quite a hairstyle to maintain. Below are some of the considerations you must take note of to put your kinky hair in its most alluring stat ever.

Kinky hair tends to lack moisture due to its brittle composition, which can be a dilemma in the long run if not given proper attention. Your mane deserves to be moisturized between washes and it is you who would know which type of conditioner is best to use. Washing your hair isn’t always associated with using commercial shampoos. Kinky hair must be retained in its natural form and the overuse of high-chemical products might reduce your hair’s natural moisture.

Kinky Hairdo (2)

At least once a week, refrain from using shampoo for your own benefit and rely on the power of water to keep your kinky hair tidy. You might also want to take note of chemicals known as sulphates like sodium laurel/laureth sulphate (SLS), or ammonium laurel sulphate (ALS) since these are known to strip your hair the moisture it naturally holds. Also, when using shampoo, you might want to dilute it in water first before applying it directly onto your beloved mane.

Avoid products with high oil content as this shatters your hair’s natural way of maintaining the needed amount of moisture. Always bear in mind that the best way to moisturize your hair is through the simple use of water. Conditioning your hair is also a good way to make sure that your hair receives the treatment it deserves.

Make sure to follow a strict schedule of conditioning and rely on products that are silicone or mineral oil free for optimum results. As to how you should usually condition your hair, apply a generous amount on your brittle, kinky hair and it is suggested for you to use a shower cap to cover it for 20 minutes straight.

Kinky Hairdo (3)

Also, refrain from battering your hair with combing as this might greatly affect your hair’s way of styling itself. Remember that your kinky hair is more of a statement already so be gentle with it and brush your hands through it whenever you feel like giving it a quick style.

When sleeping, you can also lean on using satin pillowcases so that no cotton materials can zap out the moisture your kinky hair badly needs when sleeping.

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