1 D’s Hair Transformation


Hairstyle is one distinguishing factor in every individual. They are using different hairstyles for expressing themselves, personally or in the society. Hairstyles are changing from time to time because of the curiosity and the creativity of the human mind. Hairstyles are part of glamorous world nowadays, whether in fashion, sports, television and of course music. In music, people are listening because of the voice of the artist, but some also look at their fashion, style and most of all hair. One example is the British boy band One Direction, fans, around the world are following them not only because of their jiving and smooth melody, but also the gorgeous looks of the boys.

Fans around the world love the performances and the music that One Direction is creating but some love them because of their hairstyles. Yes they have such a voice, but their hairstyles also make them appealing to the public. Since 2010, when they were first discovered at X Factor UK, by who else but Simon Cowell, a massive transformation of hairstyles and looks catch everyone’s attention.  First is the adorable Harry Styles, who started with a messy mop top hairstyle when he first appeared in the X Factor UK. He was just sixteen back then. One year later, he still has a curly hair, but it was messier and a bit thicker. In 2012, Harry grew up and also his hair, he still had his famous shaggy mop, but ditched it into a straight one swept in one side. 2103, he had transformed his hair into a rockier one to fit their new album that time. His hair looked edgier, rocking a shaggy, wind-blown hairstyle. Second is Liam Payne, started with a long straight hair which in case anyone forgets. 2011, from a long straight hair, he ditched into a wild and curly hair.

Everyone remembered Liam shaved his hair in 2012. In 2013, he added some serious scruff to his shorter spikes hairdo which he managed pretty well. Third is Louis Tomlinson who in 2010 also has a long straight hair. In 2011, he went to a permanent wind-blown look. His hair became slightly tamed in 2012 to match his slick style and in 2014, along with a bit of scruff and a rolled out of bed look. The Irishman Niall Horan, had a blonde hair and probably the shortest hair in 2010. In 2011, changes his hairstyle into a spiky one from a side swept style. He died his tips white back in 2012 and his frosted tips got more volume in 2013. Lastly, Zayn Malik, had the unique hairstyle because he had the spiky black since he started in 2010 and a year later grew it into a taller spikes. In 2012, changed his spikes into streaks and added massive scruff, to balance it, Zayn cut his hair shorter and slightly messy.

We can’t argue that the boys took their hairstyles into massive transformation over the years. And so far, they managed it pretty well.

Archie Fegidero

Fashion Inspirations


Fashion is not just putting clothes on and living in it for a day. Fashion became a passion and surprisingly, more like a profession nowadays. As fashion evolution become more rampant as time passes by, the trend has been changing faster than you think. In a snap, there would be another trend to be patronized to for a few days or a few weeks. May it be vintage, edgy, sexy, chic, casual or just street style; people are just too thirsty for the Look of the Day trophy. Famous people such as celebrities or musicians are usually the trendsetters. There are popular fashion magazines that look for the best-dressed celebrities of the week, setting a trend for the audience.  The best-dressed celebrity would have his/her outfit expected to go viral in just a few days.

Taylor Swift for one, a 24 year old American singer/songwriter/actress has been setting a fashion trend these past weeks as she strolls down the streets of NYC every single day. The photos of her outfit would always be one of the most anticipated fashion posts and inspiration for young girls and even for young adults worldwide. Last week, Swift has been spotted strutting gorgeous outfits after gym and has made herself a spotlight at the Teen Choice Awards wearing a lime green tweed Novis NYC Spring 2014 bustier at $745 and matching A-line skirt at $695 (which are still up for grabs). The outfit is very detailed that features black strap on the cropped bustier top and a black and white lining on the hem of the skirt. Sheer white checkered panels to make the outfit look more edgy. Now Taylor, don’t you have the spotlight all to yourself?

There are a lot of Fashion Inspiration guides on the internet. InStyle, for example, is one of the largest fashion magazine and Facebook Page online. If you’re having a hard time what to wear, you can always look up for some fashion inspiration websites such as Tumblr, Pinterest, Lookbook or Facebook or you can even google the your most favorite celebrity and see what he/she wore for the week. Have fun!

Archie Fegidero

Trendsetting – Fashion for everyone!


In the vast market for fashion, a lot of trends and designs have come across different styles and varieties that make us consumers hungry for more. At some point, we tend to think ‘out of the box’ and started to break the norms of our fashion lines.

Avant-Garde movement has surpasses a lot of disciplines including fashion. In our generation, the most bizarre fashion you can get up with will definitely give you applauses and recognitions that you have ever dreamt of. Designers could probably ran out of ideas which leads them to make clothes and shoes that consumers have never expected and fashion industry could never anticipate. Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and even Borat have become ambassadors of these so-called unique and distinct fashions. The glitter, furs, uneven shapes of dresses and dramatic range of color combinations has really defined the kind of life and entertainment we have nowadays.

But how does fashion affect our human society? In every culture, nations and groups, there is a fashion that we can associate to and even be part of it. Trendsetters companies can tell who and what their target market should be. Ralph Lauren and Armani know that their customers are businessmen thus, affects their own community and interests. On the other hand, Gap and Cotton On also make their way in providing the needs of their customers by designing their own style in the way they should be. Is being unique and having an out of this world fashion can really set you into your own pedestal against others?

Fashion has given humans a way to be recognized and to become part of a certain group thus, to give us a more meaningful and wonderful place to live. Being unique is not bad as long as you can show the world who you truly are. Besides, Lady Gaga was able to pull it through and made it to her walk of fame. So what about you? What’s your style?

Archie Fegidero

Dolce & Gabbana with the Azzurri

Moda uomo primavera-estate 2010

Dolce&Gabbana, a luxury industry fashion house which originated in Italy. It was started by the Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. The company produces different clothing and accessories such as suits, jackets, bridal collections, jewelries, so as sun glasses. In every angle and detail, Italian blood runs through the D&G designs. They sponsor different celebrities all around the world, the likes of Scarlet Johansson and Beyonce, who are endorsers of the brand. They also produce clothing for athletes, they are sponsors of the Italian football powerhouse A.C Milan since 2004, where they dress them up on and off the pitch.

When someone mentions Italy, what pops out on everyone’s mind is pasta, pizza and nothing else but football. Football is the country’s number one sport and it is their pride and glory. In 2006, the Azzurri held the World Cup title, the most anticipated trophy in football, with its controversial win against bitter rival France that was held in Germany. Meanwhile, Dolce&Gabbana, who sponsored the team on that same year, added elegance to the team’s great victory. This 2014 World Cup, the company remained as the sponsor of the team inside and outside the field and Puma, also remained as technical sponsor and designed the Italian match kit. Dolce&Gabbana has provided different attires for the team such as wardrobe of formal wear, sport wear and other accessories. Evening before the boys flew to Brazil, a book of photographs was taken as a prelude to the football’s biggest stage. It featured the Italian players dressed in elegant navy blue, traditional three-piece Martini suit with an Italian flag motif tie. The suits perfectly fitted the athletic physique of the players like Claudio Marchisio, who is considered to be in the top five stylish football players of the generation according to some critics. Veterans Andrea Pirlo, the Chuck Norris of football and the captain Gianluigi Buffon also was presented with suits which exaggerated the elegance and the class of the team.

Unfortunately, Italy featured only on the group stage and was knocked out with a win against England and two losses against South American powerhouses Costa Rica and Uruguay. Nevertheless, the Italian side showed class in the pitch and also demonstrated the sophisticated lifestyle outside the field with their Dolce&Gabbana suits.

Archie Fegidero

Fashion at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards

Fashion at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards

August 11, the brightest and the hottest artists from all around Hollywood gathered for the 2014 Teen Choice Awards. The event happens once a year to award trending artists and celebrities nominated by teenagers from ages 13 to 19. Performances and awards are not the only things that are anticipated in the said event. The fashion styles of various celebrities were worth watching for. Different styles were displayed during the red carpet, from the singer Taylor Swift, to the Kardashian clan, every outfit speaks for itself.

Extravagant dresses and suits were worn by the celebrities. Crop tops were present on the awards night, artist like Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner was caught wearing it. Taylor Swift, who was nominated for Female Artist, was in green crop top, Novis co-ord with a bustier style on it. Meanwhile, the birthday girl Kylie Jenner wore a black crop top and she kept her abs flashing as she paired it with a bronze wrap skirt with prints on it. Chloe Moretz was also in a crop top bandeau covered with Valentino Resort red jacket and shorts. On the other hand, some unique styles were also paraded the red carpet. Kendall Jenner outfitted which what looked like a white jumpsuit with a high draped neck paired with tuxedo trousers. Her sister, Kim Kardashian was simply herself during the event. she was classic with a light makeup and on a black Balmain leather sleeved crop top and paired with a pencil skirt with an outlined zebra print. Selena Gomez and One Direction were probably the biggest winners of the night. Selene Gomez won the Ultimate Choice Award during the event, she kept it smooth and glossy with her black Saint Laurent tuxedo, metallic Miu Miu courts and neatly pulled back hair. She looked simple but caught the attention of many. Scooped eight awards, the boy band One Direction accepted the surf boards through a video because they were not able to attend the event. Selena and One Direction are also winners of Choice Fashion Female and Male Hottie.

Indeed, fashion is one of the most anticipated in the 2014 Teen Choice Awards. Artists and celebrities lined up wearing different outfits and expressing themselves made the night sophisticated yet exciting.

 Archie Fegidero

How to Wear the Birkenstock Arizona Sandal


Birkenstocks have been around since the 1960s, but they haven’t always been so popular. Yes, they’re incredibly comfortable but these sandals used to be associated to eccentric aunts, or old grandparents, or even that odd co-worker who spends all of his holidays trekking or hiking. And yes, I say used to because today, Birkenstocks are seen in a totally different setting: high fashion runways.

With imitations of the classic Birkenstock sandal springing up by brands such as Céline, Steve Madden, and Givenchy, the these shoes have come right off the back shelf of stores to their window displays just in time to become this summer’s big shoe trend.

While Birkenstocks offer much in comfort, many women still feel a little wary about indulging in this trend. After all, these sandals do have a bulky shape and, when worn incorrectly, can absolutely destroy a chic look. So we’ve  put together a few tips about three types of outfits that you can wear with Birkenstock sandals.

For these tips, we’ve decided to focus on the Birkenstock Arizona sandal since it is definitely one of the main stylish sandals this season and one of the toughest to pair up. The three types of outfits we picked out also feature different coloured Arizona sandals as we wanted to show you how much fun you can have with the diversity of these shoes.

1.    Chic in Black

The black Birkenstock Arizona sandal is probably the easiest to pair up with an outfit. You can go for a casual chic look by pairing them up with a black loose dress shirt or with a flowing black dress with a minor pattern. A black leather jacket will also offer a cute detail to the whole outfit. Since the shoe is quite bland and plain, it’s important to use statement pieces for your accessories. But don’t overdo it! A layered necklace or golden chain should be paired with a sleek bracelet or dainty rings.


2.    The Everyday Taupe Suede

This Birkenstock Arizona sandal in the taupe suede colour is perfect for your everyday street style. Their neutral colour allows you to combine these sandals with different patterns and colours in your outfit choices. You can pair them with skinny jeans, coloured shorts, and even fresh summer dresses! Again, as they are very plain shoes make sure to include some kind of statement piece in your outfit – a pop of colour, an interesting pattern, or an attention-grabbing piece of jewellery will go a long way in creating the perfect Birk style.


3.    Fresh in White

The white Birkenstock Arizona is probably one of our favourites from the collection for this summer season. They are just as easy to pair with as the black sandals due to their neutral colour but they create a different effect: whereas the black Arizona sandals can create a more chic and formal look (well, as formal as you can get with Birkenstocks anyway), the white sandals polish your outfit with a fresh summer breeze. You can go all-white on them from head to toe or pair them with patterned shirts and dresses – it really will be hard to go wrong with these clean looking sandals, especially in the summer!


The Birkenstock sandal is set up to be a woman’s best friend because it’s just so rare that a trendy shoe provides this much comfort. And it’s a truly exceptional shoe too that provides endless possibilities to our inner fashionistas. Whereas with other footwear it’s the shoe that works to “upscale” the outfit, Birkenstocks work in a uniquely different way. They actually tone down your look allowing you to still appear chic but in a more casual and cool way. They are the “sexy bed hair” style of shoes – and you bet they’ll be in your closet by the end of the season!

Maria Inês Pestana

Birkenstocks have been around since the 1960s, but they haven’t always been so popular. Yes, they’re incredibly comfortable but these sandals used to be associated to eccentric aunts, or old grandparents, or even that odd co-worker who spends all of his holidays trekking or hiking. And yes, I say used to because today, Birkenstocks are seen in a totally different setting: high fashion runways.
Brand: Birkenstock

Fashion trends to watch out for in 2014


The end of every year brings a fresh new start for the upcoming one. Fashion is no different, and 2014 is here with latest trends and styles one must embrace and enjoy this year. While some trends of 2013 continue to linger this year too, while for some, one will need to make room for in their wardrobe.

Baring the mid-riff and showing the perfectly trimmed abs with the obsession of crop tops is incessant this spring season. And for those who do not dare to show-off, meshes and laces can help conceal and reveal some. Colored mesh inserts and overlays will be seen in tops, dresses, and skirts in 2014. Fuller and long skirts will remain in vogue for the spring/summer of 2014. Feminine silhouettes in tea-lengths were seen on the runway showcased by designer labels like Christian Dior, Tracy Reese, and Roksanda Ilincic.