The Jumpsuit Trend

Jumpsuit Trend

This 2014, fashion trends have been hotter and unique. Both Spring and Fall fashion week has been outrageous in terms of the quality of display. And now that the fashion month is officially over, several trends will surely pop out from both Spring and Fall Fashion Week that is featured in London, Milan, New York and Paris. One major trend that is commonly featured in both Fashion runways is the parading of elegant jumpsuits. In fact, designers from the fashion week in Paris have made their personal and variety of jumpsuit versions. Designers like Elie Saab, Roland Mouret and Stella McCartney have shown their style of detailed jumpsuits.

But hey, are jumpsuits new trend? In fact, that is a big NO. Jumpsuit had its moments on the 80s, also a slight return to fashion world in the year 2000. And this 2014, the one-piece garment has taken over several red carpets all around the globe. While female fashion trendsetters got hooked with rompers in 2012, this year it’s the jumpsuits’ era to spend its time on the fashion spotlight. Well, both of them are one-piece garment, but instead, jumpsuits are much longer and more structured and sophisticated. Take jumpsuits as the more mature and responsible sister of the fun and carefree rompers. Like rompers, jumpsuits are highly suitable, but of course with a little bit of taste and enthusiastic combination from its user. It can be paired with jackets, or cardigans.


The Jumpsuit Trend2

A jumpsuit virgin will surely be subtler by layering it up with jackets or cardigans. Wearing it with solid colors can make its users simply elegant, take for example, the over used color black. No wonder why it’s abused, because it makes the user slimmer and at the same time creates a sophisticated feel. One can also go with loose jumpsuits that fit a carefree attitude toward fashion. Accessories may also help, using of belts can be a good idea, and it will emphasize the curves, well if they have one. Necklaces and bracelets look elegant too and don’t forget to pair it up with high heels. It will definitely make the legs longer. During the fashion months, a new and creatively detailed style of jumpsuits has been paraded in the runways. Surely, fashion enthusiasts will be keen on wearing one of those when they go out from their hub.

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Nike Got Durant, Under Armour Got Nike

Under Armour Nike Durant

With the basketball star, Kevin Durant’s contract expiring this off-season, several sportswear-producing companies are ready to attack a bid for the reigning NBA Most Valuable Player. Although, Nike is said to offer a 200 Million dollar bid to re-sign the star, another sportswear giant is ready to compete with Durant’s current sponsor. Under Armour, a Baltimore-based sportswear and apparel producing company offers KD a huge deal of 265 million to 285 million US dollar. Back to history, Under Armour founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank, who was at the age of 23 during those days. He started the business on his grandmother’s basement on Washington. Look at where the hard work and perseverance delivered the optimistic Kevin Plank, from its humble beginnings to a total success story.

“Do I take pleasure in that they paid $150 million more than they planned on paying? Absolutely.” The famous words came out the mouth of Under Armour Inc. Chief Executive Officer in his interview on Bloomberg News. Nike, the unarguably largest sportswear company offered the versatile Durant 300 million US dollars, 150 million more from their first bid. Under Armour is indeed very happy after they created panic to Durant’s current sponsor, and the biggest sportswear and apparel producing company. Yes, the Under Armour’s master plan of snatching Durant from Nike has failed, but they surely made Nike and other sports brand take them as a serious competitor.

uavnikeDurant would have definitely taken Under Armour to hype and fame, but not to forget, they still have their star endorsers. Although not as eye popping as the stars of Nike, UA have the NBA All Star Stephen Curry and also Brandon Jennings. They also ventured the world of soccer; they are sponsoring the English football team Tottenham Hotspur. As of the current date, Under Armour has reportedly surpassed Adidas as the number two top sportswear manufacturing company in United States. They are just behind Nike, which sits comfortably at number one. But, for sure, Nike is fully aware of the capabilities of the fast improving and rising Under Armour.

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Girls’ Boyfriend Jeans

Unlike the previous generation, which is highly patriarchal, today’s era, women are treated equally in the society as far as gender and sexuality is concerned. In the past, men are for men and women are for women. Take for example, in terms of fashion; men should wear shirts and coats for men, while women should wear dresses that are gender appropriate. In comparison, today’s generation achieved equality in terms of gender. Everything can simply just be “unisex”. Form shirts to jeans and any other clothing and accessories, men’s fashion are can be for women too.

This past years and months, “boyfriend jeans”, has become a trend and has been spotted parading the streets all around the globe. Boyfriend fashion all originated from borrowing and wearing boyfriend’s clothes, well if a woman has one, if not, she could probably steal one from a man’s hung clothes. Going back, boyfriend jeans are a lot looser in appearance and fit, rather than most preferred jeans for women, which of course is fitter. It is also rare to see women wearing loose jeans like men that make it unique and divisive.  Its baggy and slouchy appearance creates a trend amongst many fashion lovers all around the world. In the past, wearing loose jeans is perceived as goofy and untrendy, but take a look on how the fashion world welcomed the shaggy boyfriend jeans.

Fashion is now converted from a what-others-think into a more personal interest or preference. The boyfriend jeans caught the attention of several famous clothing brands. Gap, Forever 21 and also H&M is now producing their own line of boyfriend jeans and other men’s-inspired clothing. Several celebrities have been caught parading the streets wearing their I-don’t-care boyfriend jeans. The likes of Jennifer Aniston, Katie Holmes, Olivia Palermo, Selena Gomez and even the Denim queen Jessica Alba have modeled their own boyfriend jeans with unique individual styles. It’s so amusing to see on how today’s world has been welcoming stuffs which promotes equality among genders. Fashion lovers are surely looking forward for more innovations and transformations that would “wow” the fashion industry.

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Loom Bands, This Year’s Craze

loom bands

In today’s world, where it seems change is the only thing that does not change, people are fund of novelties. People look for something new, something unique that will catch the attention of the crowd. Take for instance, in the world of fashion, to be specific in accessories. This year, a colorful craze invaded the fashion world. When Cheong Choon Ng first invented and presented the “Loom Band” bracelets, people asked, what’s this toy for? Taking a closer look, making loom bands are as easy as one-two-three.  One just loops together tiny, colorful and plastic bands and they can even vary into different patterns to show some creativeness.

It’s really to the whole world’s surprise on how these simple and colorful looms had caught the attention of kids born in this digital era. Indeed, this huge loom band craze just spreads all around the globe in no time. Many kids and even adults nowadays are so addicted to loom bands that they prefer doing it rather than pressing their gadgets. Well, it is a great answer to the negative effects driven by technologies to people. Through making loom bands, they could have their individuality and creativeness exercised. This is also the reason why parents love them. Aside from loving its features, parents also love loom bands because it serves as a creative past time that keeps their naughty kids quiet for some time. Parents also consider its cheap price for its adorable beauty. Considering that loom band craze took the fashion world by storm with its endless color combination possibilities, several famous personalities have been spotted wearing it.

Loom bands, yes, they are cheap, but guess who’s wearing it? No other than the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Charles and Kate Middleton have been caught parading with looms as their accessory. Another famous personality, the famous football legend David Beckham also fashioned himself with crazy looms. Indeed, loom band bracelet just transformed the fashion world, not just with ordinary people, but also celebrities. It’s not just a colorful toy; it’s a fashion craze that everyone can positively get addicted to.

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Kevin Durant Re-signs With Nike

Kevin Durant NikeThe reigning NBA’s Most Valuable Player Kevin Durant is having quite a busy off season. Having been from a breakout season, winning individual and team awards and featuring in commercials, indeed, Durant’s success and development has been outrageous. Another feature to watch out for Kevin is his signature basketball shoes, which is sponsored by Nike. The famous sportswear manufacturer signed Kevin Durant out of college last 2007 until this year’s summer. The contract ends this summer; Durant is a big fish for the various sports brands that wants to sign him. Some other sportswear companies like Under Armour and Adidas is ready to sign the NBA superstar.

Is Durant going to sign a deal with Under Armour? If he does, then it is a big blow for Nike. They will not just lose sales, they will surely have a market competitor as far as basketball is concerned. If Durant was to agree to a 10-year deal worth in between 265 million to 285 million dollars offered by Under Armour, then it would definitely take the company to height and fame. Well, Under Armour is more than capable of signing the reigning MVP, remember 2013 when the company negotiated and agreed with Stephen Curry who also became a breakout star in the NBA.

Having almost no competitors in basketball sponsorship, Nike usually does not do talent bidding. KD, on the other hand, is not just a talent… he is a star. Nike stepped up and played defense on Durant against Under Armour, and they won. On August 31, Nike agreed with Kevin Durant alongside his team, Jay Z’s Roc Nation regarding their price-unknown deal. The largest shoe and apparel company was still keen to sign the four time scoring champion and keep him among its famous endorsers Lebron James and Kobe Bryant. Surely, Nike and Durant will benefit from each other in terms of quality. Nike is never afraid of inventing and innovating in terms of quality and fashion. People can witness see Kevin Durant dazzle the NBA with its neon kicks sponsored by Nike.

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Innovation, Polarized Sunglasses


The rapidly changing weather affects the environment, and everything within it, including us, human beings. As the changing world undergoes transformation from time to time, humans must adjust and adapt to changes that is happening. As the sun strikes us with its powerful heat, everything gets hotter, lighter and painful for body. One part that is mostly affected by the heat is our eyes. We use our eyes the moment we wake up until we close it when it is time to sleep. It is highly prone to stressful activities that may trouble the vision in the future.

With the increasing tension and heat, what is the best way to protect our eyes? The best way to protect our eyes from damage is using sunglasses. People use sunglasses for eye protection, and also a fashion trend. Several sunglasses fit the eyes and create a wonderful look among its users. But do they protect the eyes from further damages? One way to protect the eyes and also can complement several fashion styles is wearing polarized sunglasses. Polarized glasses commonly worn by boaters and fisherman. They are protecting their eyes from the rays of the sun which bounces through the horizontal water and creates glare. Glare may result to visual discomfort and also potential blindness. People on land can’t also escape the agitating glare. It also reflects on the road and even in the hood of a car that may cause dangerous accidents. Polarized lenses will surely help because it has laminated filter which blocks horizontal lights that eliminates glare and allow only minimum amount of vertically oriented lights. It also allows true color perception and reduces stress for the eyes. Mostly, polarized sunglasses create fashion trends because it comes with colored lenses like gray and brown, however it may depend on the manufacturers.

Many famous brands have been producing polarized sunglasses. Brands like Oakley, Ray-Ban, Police and Gucci have already displayed and produced their own polarized sunglasses. Indeed, polarized sunglasses have made its mark in the world of innovation in fashion. It doesn’t only provide users with a great taste of fashion style but it protects their vision too.

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Weatherproof Dressing

The Perfect Storm vogue

In most cases, we normally see fashion designs being flashed on the Runaway for dresses, swimwear, gowns and casual wear however, as the trend of fashion evolved through time, designers do not only create outfit for dresses and elegant styles but even for practical functions and purposes.

July 17, 2014 was the fashion week for “The Perfect Storm” fashion trends according to Vogue magazine for their Autumn-Winter 2014 edition. Consumers may have gone from purchasing designer clothes to a more functional one. Studies shows that people sometimes prefer so have an outfit that match their style and function or needs. And with the growing demands for usability in fashion designs, clothing lines have tried to innovate and produce not only quality designs but it also meet the demands of their daily need. As we come into the last quarter of this year 2014 and autumn and winter is coming, consumers may have opted not to buy anything new anymore because there is nothing to be fashionable about however, designers play with weatherproof materials and up-to-date fashion designs that will help customers acquire new and innovative fashion.

Fashion industry is a vast field of competition and opportunities. All over the world, fashion companies have tried to produce a massive amount of clothing products that at some point are all the same. The ball game nowadays has become different because the idea does not rely on the amount of products a company manufactures but the innovation and usability of each product. The quality and standard of each brand plus how a customer can use it in many different ways can all contribute to the industry of fashion. Top brands have reached its way to fame and high-priced products that can only accommodate a handful of customers but with the great amount of shares in this industry. Middle-class and low-lever markets has also their fair share in the growth and success of fashion industry all over the world. They may have affect the way people perceive quality in products but it is a good indication that every producer is making sure that they can meet the demands of the market.

So the next time you will go to your favorite mall or boutique to purchase your new outfit, will you be choosing your style or your need? It’s time to think about where your money should go.

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Stefan Janoski in Nike SB

Stefan Janoski Nike SB
Nike is probably one of the most famous brand not just in the United States but also all around the world. Nike is a multinational corporation engaging in creating, designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling of footwear, clothing, equipment, accessories and services. It is also one of the largest suppliers of athletic shoes, apparel and equipment. It is also sponsoring famous athletes like the basketball superstars Lebron James and Kevin Durant. Football god Cristiano Ronaldo and the rising star Neymar, are also Nike enthusiast. Nike is also sponsoring other teams and athletes in different sports like American football, tennis, athletics, and also skateboarding.


Stefan Janoski Nike SB-

In 2002, Nike equaled the brands such as DC, Vans and Emerica, as it presented and created a new line of skateboarding brand. It was named Nike Skateboarding and also known as Nike SB. In relation, Nike signed famous skateboarders Paul Rodriguez and Lewis Marnell as the figure heads of the brand. In 2006, Stefan Janoski joined the Nike SB team and succeeded the skateboard legends. In Vacaville California, Janoski began to innovate his lanky & lazy skating fashion to become a worldwide fashion phenomenon that captures all skaters around the round making him rise to his fame in the world of skateboarding. Janoski paired up with footwear designer James Arizumi to create a shoe with minimal and skateboarding fit and design. Fits like a glove and tight locked grip, Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski’s lean upper is built on Nike SB Blazer’s outsole. As with all famous Nike footwear, its aesthetics and designs is in the core details, the upper is lined with leather, giving it a durable and easy feel. For cushioning and protection, Zoom Air bag is also present, so as the other Nike SB shoes. In addition, Stefan requests that the shoe’s initial release will come with a limited edition cork sock liner rather than a normal one. This is for his father who is a wine producer in their home town in California.


Stefan Janoski Nike SB-b

Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski had incredibly made its mark in the skateboarding world as of today. Many are enjoying its fit and features and some aspires to have one of those kicks. It is one of the many successful creations of Nike which makes them an extraordinary brand of clothing and apparel.

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Vintage Fashion for 2014


Whether you’re a teen-ager or young at heart, Vintage Fashion is really fascinating and you get to wear the classic, leather style and elegant fashion that defy time and trend. Have you been on a crossroad watching your closet and you just don’t know what to wear or what to choose for your #ootd or “Outfit of the Day”? The term OOTD or “Outfit of the Day” was invented by fashion enthusiast netizens adding it up in the fashion vocabulary. Well, every person in this planet can relate with you! The interesting fact about Vintage Fashion is that in the midst of neon colors, flashy designs and electric concepts for fashion, Vintage Fashion remains to be a pinnacle for celebrity and fashion enthusiasts around the globe!

Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe are the best inspiration for vintage fashion. The 1960s celebrity icons showed the best examples for vintage fashion. It’s not only their outfit that is trending nowadays, even their faces are printed on tees to accomplish that vintage touch. Highwaisted skirts, pants and shorts are back on the spotlight! You can have a crop top to match with any of the highwaisted bottoms and voila! You’re good to go! Oxfords shoes were originally made in the 1800s and gained much attention in the 1940s-1950s and now back to the fashion industry in 2012 up to this date. The combat boots also made it’s way to the 21st century and they were originally made for the soldiers! It’s just amazing how the fashion industry works. Grab your cropped tee, highwaisted shorts, slip on the combat boots and make your OOTD a travel back to the 20th century. Where to find the perfect vintage get up? Forever21, Zara, H&M, Bershka, Cotton On and a lot more can cater your Vintage OOTD needs. What other way can we express the best of ourselves? There’s no better than a gorgeous outfit of the day. Like what most of the fashion enthusiasts believe, “Dress up like you’re going to meet your worst enemy today.”

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Taylor Swift’s Fashion Styles


One thing is constant in this world, it is change. Everything changes, person, attitude and even the environment does. If we can’t adapt to it, me may be left behind. Take for example, in Hollywood, celebrities change from time to time. They need change, for themselves, and also for marketing purposes. In the music world, artists may change their style of music, they may change their band members, if they are a band, and some would change their fashion. If they don’t apply changes, probably, they will be left behind and it will not surely help their career.

One music icon that really open mindedly apply changes in her illustrious life is no other than Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift, do change her fashion style in line to her albums. Let us look back in 2006 where her journey began. She was the ultimate country star on her debut album when she paired it up with her angelic face and Goldilocks curls as its cover. As she was spotted in different red carpets during that time, she elegantly fashioned adorable baby dresses which of course fits her age. She also paired it with shimmering cowboy boots, a total country star! When the album Fearless came to t6he music world, Taylor’s ringlets of hair took the center stage as the album cover. She was in for red carpet queen-like styles with girly floor-length dresses. In 2010, she released her album Speak Now and embraced the sequin. She fashioned shiny spangled short dresses which were glamorous and complements her album cover. By the end of that year, she ditched to a Blonde straight hair. In 2012, Red was released as the fourth album and inspired Swifty’s wardrobe style. She paraded with long red dresses paired with slick of red lippy. She also wore nude heels that fitted her dresses perfectly.

This 2014, another style and music overhaul will be unleashed by the country singer. She is set to take the world of pop by storm. She will release her fifth album 1989 and with it, is another change in her fashion style. Taylor is now fund of wearing well-constructed wardrobes. Her style consists of flashy crop tops, paired with flared skirt sets. Well, if someone has abs and hot legs like Taylor does, then go for it! Welcome everyone the grown up Taylor Swift era.

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