3 designer bags you must invest on


We are all well aware of the fact that Fashion evolves through time, some of the trends may come and go, but there are few things that does not fade in the fashion industry. These unfading things play an important role in our daily lives. But we now come to an age where Bags aren’t just merely a necessity; now it is considered as one way of forming an identity and a classification of one’s taste (especially for women).

but one cannot deny that most of us may be having troubles in choosing between quality or quantity, well cheap bags are great, they’re seemingly easy to look for and has a wide range of designs to choose from, but if you come to think of it, everyone deserves at least one nice bag; one that is somewhat a little bit pricier. So it’s probably the right time to not settle for less if you can have more!

However, we cannot deny the fact that spending more does not give you the insurance that you will get a higher quality bag, because sometimes this just means that what you are paying for is it’s “name” or the premium for a designer label. So another dilemma which you will be encountering here is that; if you are to buy an authentic and stylish designer bag that you can use for years to come? Now here are some quality bags that are totally worth the prize:

1. Coach
We all know that these bags have always been well made. After many years of providing men and women with sophisticated quality bags, Coach does not fail to amuse us with their collection of versatile and classic bags.


2. Pour La Victoire
This classic designer bag has always been hitting the market, not only for the celebrities that have been spotted having them but also with their chic designs and quality materials that are undoubtedly well made which will enable you to use them for years without being easily worn out or torn.

Pour La Victoire

3. Louis Vuitton Alma
While some may probably be used to the fabulous patterns Louis Vuitton has with their bags, well those are really good bags but Alma is way too different! You will surely love the classy yet sassy bag.


These are just 3 of the few quality bags that you surely will love. Designer bags are definitely a good buy, not only because you will get to wear and flaunt it a lot, but because they won’t easily loose up their charm and value in a much longer period than that of the usual cheap bags. Come on! It’s about time that you invest on bags that will last.

Archie Fegidero

The Downturn of the Trendy Crocs


As much as the delight of most people, fashion nowadays is becoming simpler and simpler. From the extravagant dresses to dangling jewelries, a person can just parade the streets and runways and manage the complete ‘fashionista’ vibe with simple fashion styles.

The comparison and change goes from dresses and tux to simple shirts, and high heeled sandals to simple flip flops, the dynamic fashion is just playing along with people’s styling tastes. As people would like to go for simple stylish ways to rock their fashion, a minimalist clog is ready to serve them with ease and comfort.

Each and every person, from kids, teenagers and even adults are familiar and love Crocs. From playful children, to a nurse’s night shift, and gardening, Crocs is ever present! After its creation in 2002, the multi-colored clog business is flooding the fashion world with its simplicity.

Sending 300 designs over 90 countries worldwide and hitting the success barometer. With its world renowned comfort and its playful color, it is also proven to have health and safety purposes. Crocs produce its diabetic footwear model which prevents the user from having foot related injuries through its foamy and rubber insoles.


Its sales peaked highest on 2006 to 2007 where its considerable cuteness and simplicity took the world of adult fashion. But this year, rumors have been spreading, is the Crocs trend slowing down? The known successful footwear brand is riding the opposite way of success as it reports show that it has been losing sales.

The company is laying off approximately 180 staffs for it has been rumored on losing 40% of its sale this year. Not only that, they are also planning to close stores worldwide, but as to where is not yet confirmed and plotting out on saving 10 million dollars a year by 2015.

With its tremendous success in the fashion scenes slipping away for some uncertain reasons, fashion enthusiasts are hoping to save the simple and comfortable clogs from extinction.

Archie Fegidero

Sprint with Adidas Springblade

Adidas Springblade

When fashion is the talk of the town, everyone thinks about the aesthetics and the quality. Some may associate it to fashion runways and displaying the beauty of what they are wearing to the mass. Yes, fashion is a form of self-expression, and it is not only found in runways nor walking and modeling through the streets of downtown.

One area where people can also feature their taste in fashion is through gearing up in different athletic activities such as sports. In sports, it is safe to say that what matters most is the performance, but nowadays, the sports enthusiasts are looking for something pleasing to their eyes. Well, gearing up quality and stylish sports apparel can surely lift up the performance.

Running is essential in almost all of the sports because it gives endurance and stamina to athletes. And the best way to hype up miles of running is no other than pairing up with quality running shoes. As of recent months and years, shoe companies have been creating and producing mid-soles which are flexible to help the runners get an extra boost when they push their selves from the ground.

With all the considerable upgrades, Adidas has stepped up the evolution of running shoes to the wildest of its imagination. This year, Adidas releases high level running shoes called Adidas Springblade. Upon hearing the name, it sounds bouncy and edgy at the same time right? Yes indeed, the Springblade uses elastic angled blades on its soles which will definitely spring the wearer forward quickly and easily as if they have a spring on their shoes.

This spring inspired shoes are energy efficient and made up of 16 blades on the sole which supports the user’s body weight. The blades are catching everyone’s attention but its other components such as the foot hugging flexible materials used for its top are something to consider too. It may look peculiar, but admit it this Springblade is quite an innovation. It looks edgy and at the same time classy, it’s unfamiliar and new which is definitely perfect for runner’s fashion sense.

Archie Fegidero

Casio, technology with a touch of class

Watches have been our trusted friend since about 500 years ago. It has endured wars and technical evolution. Classic and timeless, that’s why no matter how many times we have advanced; we still do depend on wrist watches. And when we talk about dependable watches; one brand that comes into our mind is Casio.

Now let’s drive down to memory lane, Casio is a large Japanese company which offers enduring reliable watches that was founded in 1946, by an engineer Tadao Kashio. Years later, Kashio’s invention leads the way when it comes to the watch making industry; and made a name for itself as one of the most iconic watch manufacturer offering quality watches.

As time passed by, Casio watches never failed to satisfy people’s taste; despite the fact that we live in an era that’s fast growing when it comes to demands and usefulness, Casio have developed multi-functional watches. These are some:

– If you’re a person of adventure, here are the watches for you;


casio G-shock

– These are tough digital analogue watches that are resistant to water, shocks and vibrations.

Pro trek

casio Pro trek

– It has a triple sensor engine that will give you accurate measurements of the weather, other atmospheric tendencies, and displays directions.

If you want to look stunningly elegant, SHEEN is the must have for you;


– These are classic metal watches with Swarovski elements designed for women who want to look classy and smart at the same time.

For sporty people out there, here’s the Bluetooth sports gear STB 1000.


– It has a fitness application which shows measurement data where you can confirm your travel distance, elapsed time and heart rate. It also has a Bluetooth application which allows you to use this to control music on your phone.

Those are just some of the tremendous innovations Casio have made possible.

As the world goes techie and everything needs to work double time and multi-task, we can’t help but depend on something that cater the demands of time.

Sometimes, fashion isn’t about aesthetics, it is about the durability, and usability. So if you’re looking for fashion watches that you can depend on, grab a Casio watch. It’s worth it.

Archie Fegidero

Hot yet Practical Skorts


Ever fashion style or trend is highly dynamic and distinct as well. A trend may be connected to other trends, and some may offer the same use or benefit with others. Taking a closer look, probably the most used and the busiest trends in fashion, the shorts and skirts, these trends are giving the most comfort and relaxing feeling in the fashion scenes.

They have similarities but they also differ in a way. Skirts may vary in length, it may come in mini and down to the ankles, but one thing is for sure, it gives the carefree feel to everyone using it. On the other hand, shorts of course come in short sizes and it also gives the sexy and the playful attitude amongst its users. But which is better, skirts or shorts?


If this mind boggling question bothers each and everyone’s minds, including yours, try using both of them at the same time. But is it possible? Of course it is, thanks to the skorts. Skorts is a combination of short and skirt. As a matter of fact, it is usually a short with a fabric panel in front from resembling a skirt-type style.

Or to all skirt lovers, it may also be considered as a skirt, just with a short to protect everything that needs to be hidden. Tracing back history, people use skorts in sports such as golf and tennis, but this year, this fashion hybrid has taken a step in the world of fashion.


This 2014, skort ditches its famous and ordinary straight hemline into a geometrically shaped hems. In today’s fashion generation where everything is in details and measures, these skorts are definitely in the flow. This asymmetrical style indeed fits the practical trend.

Taking a closer, triangle designs are most preferable for a minimalist look, plus pairing it up with high heeled sandals will definitely give a complete chic combination. If safety and comfort is what you’re looking for, skorts are the most practical and trendiest fashion you must have in your collections.


Archie Fegidero

Havaianas and 2014 Perks


Brazil is a country in South America. Upon hearing the country’s name, concepts such as Christ the Redeemer Monument, the samba dancing people, football or soccer and the recently concluded FIFA World Cup 2014, the lively beaches and party life and of course the colorful Havaianas flip flops arrives people’s minds.

These concepts indeed reflect the life of the samba people in Brazil, but probably the most colorful title belongs to the playful flip flops.

The rubber flip flops have already taken the fashion scenes by storm over the recent years. With its wide spread fame both domestically and internationally, it is a sure must have for every fashion enthusiast. The sandal’s plain simplicity is its trademark, with its rubber sole and strap and all people should consider is choosing the right color combination among its parts.


Originally, Havaianas became famous because of its quality and less expensive price, which captured the hearts and feet of every Brazilian, whether rich or poor. And now, the flip flops are worn all over the streets of Brazil and even across the globe.

This 2014, Brazil hosted the FIFA World Cup, considered as the biggest football tournament every four years. Brazilian fans were keen to see their national team take on other teams from other continents and Havaianas was keen to increase its sales and popularity with the massive arrival of tourists. Unfortunately, the host nation lost to the eventual champions Germany in the semi-finals with a huge margin.

With all this football talks, Havaianas was the sure winner. Having no involvement as a World Cup sponsor, Havaianas benefited from the said tournament by touching the hearts and interests of football lovers. The Brazilian brand produced World Cup related designs such as name and flags which surely raised their sales and made them the real winner.


After the said tournament, Havaianas produced innovations during the summer and spring season. Their summer collections featured neon colored designs, which made the sandals happier, funkier and more vibrant. During spring, the company paired up with fashion designer Mara Hoffman, and produced an abstract print designs. Explosion of colors and patterns was the theme of the flip flops in spring season.

Havaianas never lacks ideas and innovation, which made them as the most sought after sandals over the recent years.

Archie Fegidero

Birkenstock – its back, and its big


When we think of fashion, it’s not only about how glamorous and sophisticated it looks, it must also considers comfort, so you don’t just get to be stylish and fab, but also laid-back and feeling good at the same time.

Birkenstock was a simple invention that made feet undeniably comfy for over 200 years ago. It was first made in Germany with very little designs. Indeed, it has a very long history in the shoe making trade; considering the fact that up until now, it is still much considered by people from any gender and of any age because of it being an almost homey looking sandals designed to bring comfort and happiness to your feet.

It had made its huge boom in fashion now when famous celebrities are spotted wearing these classy yet comfy sandals. From Ashton Kutcher in his movie “Jobs” where he is seen wearing these to the appearance of Miley Cyrus in Good morning America wearing the newly revolutionized Birkenstock sandals with fur linings which were immediately nicknamed as “Furkenstock”.

Sure enough, they have been mounting on sales and have been everywhere especially during summer when everyone tries to look classically laid-back. The secret, is that when you walk, it’s like the sandals itself bends for you, because every Birkenstock is a roomy toe case that has a deep heel cup to ensure proper weight distribution and alignment which really adapts to your foot’s shape.

But Vogue warned us that “the trick of riding the current comeback is NOT to dredge out old Birkenstock at the back of your closets” it is practical to re-use you old ones, but it would be nice if you buy crisp-new ones that can be found in the department stores near you.

It’s time for you to forget all the ugly insights you might have heard past few years ago about Birkenstock. They are back, they are big and they will be staying with us, as long as we seek not only for aesthetics, but also for practicality and comfort.

Archie Fegidero

Fashionable MESH-ups


Fashion is eternal. And it indeed is when people keeps on revolutionizing the usual get ups to be a unique new ones, the create something unusual yet undeniably hip.

Recently we have seen the rise of the skirt trends, now we are stuck in awe by this latest innovation in fashion. The mesh dresses and skirt. Indeed we have been Meshed-up.

As we have seen, these past few days, fashion seemed to be on its mellow- laidback mood. Everything was just simplified and played at most of the time. Years ago mesh alone is more oftenly seen as one seen on athletic wears or even just a strip club thing, now the mesh fashion spreads like wildfire.


As a matter of fact, it made its dramatic entrance at Fashion Week 2014 when all designers gave a show all packed up with athletic inspired clothes and mesh unsurprisingly stood out amongst them.

So let’s talk about MESH. It’s that once-awful material made of a network of wire. It began to be associated with the 80s, strippers. Now, it deviates from its once known title and rose as one of the classiest, sporty and laidback attires of 2014.


Well probably because we all seem to get tired of our attires; well sticking to the usual can be so boring. So here comes the mesh trend that not only gives the usual get ups an extra skin to reveal, but also gives your attire a touch of adventure.

Mesh skirts are amazingly cool, unique in its way, trendy and very edgy, especially when you pair it up with your crop top or midriff. Plus, you can probably include your boring plain skirts into your DIY mesh skirt project; because it’s just incredibly easy.


The most adventurous ones might as well try mesh tops paired with retro lingerie to heat up you casual look.

If you just switch-on your “inner fashionista” mode and unleash the hot chick within by daring to wear this, then you might probably end up being in the “best-dressed” list.

Archie Fegidero

Gearing Up Nike Roshe Run

Nike Roshe Run-

People do have a busy life in today’s generation. Most of them, because of their hectic schedule and activities are looking forward on slashing some sweat over their bodies. Yes, people nowadays are keen on exercising to have a healthy and fit life. During exercises, trainings and workouts, gearing up or fashion comes along. It is important to train with the right set of accessories to help one’s fitness. Take for example, the most sought over training is no other than jogging or running. It is the simplest way to burn some calories and people don’t need to spend cash on fitness hubs or gym. Running is for free; anyone can do it anytime they want, but of course with the proper gears to help them out.

When talking about running, its counterpart is of course running shoes. Running shoes do look good when watching them in shoe stores. But the real test is proving it outdoors in the hard asphalt. Ideally, running shoes are lightweights that promote to give less weight, flexibility, speed and comfort to its user. But running shoes are also versatile. Although its main purpose is for training, it can also be paraded in the fashion scenes. One can pair it up with different clothes and accessories and boom! They are ready to go. One of the trends which is enjoying its stay on the fashion spotlight when talking about footwear is the Nike Roshe Run. Nike’s most recent running shoes model is most likely to be seen on training grounds. But wait, it also took the fashion world by storm.


Nike Roshe Run



Commonly, Nike Roshe Run comes in minimal designs and its aesthetics highly relies on its colors and simplicity. Commonly, it comes in neon colors and even one color can monopolize the said running shoe. It looks good paring them up with shorts that are also seen in trainings. It can also be paired with jeans but the best way would be pairing it with cuffed ones. Various designs have been released and various concepts are also to be released. It may come in neon colors or just simply look dark with black; it also comes in camo design and also comes in leather, which is in preparation for the fall season. Yes there are plenty designs to choose from, but one thing arrives when looking at Nike Roshe Run. It is peaceful. Its simplicity and minimal design is what makes it usable during trainings or just simply parading the streets.

Archie Fegidero

Bright Neon Trends


The world is full of colors. Wherever people may go, whatever they do, whenever they want to, they can see colors. Colors put life to each and every thing in this world; it adds creativeness, fun and soul to anything that crosses its path. What if the world is black and white? What if there are no colors at all? Everything seems to be lifeless without colors. One of the things that people commonly associate or pair colors with is through fashion. Color is creative, so as fashion.

When people say colors, they commonly associate it with clothes to wear. Clothes are the best way to express their stylish innovations, and color is surely one. Some people loves wearing simple color shades such as white and black, and some would like to go out of the box and wear fashion with unique color combinations. Some would go in contrasting colors, but others think it’s untrendy and prefer dressing complementing colors. Speaking about colors, a flashy trend has definitely caught the eyes of the fashion world these past few years.


This brightly colored or famously known as neon colored clothes and accessories have definitely took the fashion world by storm. This year, the neon show began, from clothes down to nails, from bags down to lips; everything has been a success for this bright trend. Neon colors became a trend because it gives an extra boost and swag to various ensembles. Neon is perfect for highlighting different fashion but too much of it may cause quite a headache. One can match this brightly colored trend to simple colored ensembles, they can also use it with non-contrasting neon apparels.


This fall season, neon styles have paraded different red carpets and fashion shows all around the globe. It gives a classy and outstanding look for fall season outfits. It also adds attention and emphasis to several accessories rather than wearing neutral colors. Indeed, neon colors have been dominating the fashion scenes, with this trend; everything becomes classy, flashy and fun.

Archie Fegidero