Men’s Spring and Summer wardrobe must-haves

As painful as it may be, we now have to kiss goodbye the sweaters and hoodies as we now welcome the new fashion season: the spring/ summer. As we all have seen, last year 2014 was a great breakthrough in Men’s Fashion.

Lots and lots of blooms and prints for spring and summer, rustic and orangey colours of autumn, and neutrals for winter: all of those seasons have been into vintage and classic style. Well obviously, designers seemed to be on re-modelling the trends of the past generations, and surprisingly, we have embraced it.

So as we say goodbye to the last year’s trends that we sure did love, here are the super hip spring and summer collection that might just help you in deciding what statement you will wear throughout the year. So here are your spring/ summer fashion must haves:


For the longest time, denims have been here for us. These pieces have never disappointed us with its durability and the various styles it can create: may it be formal, street, or even casual. For example:

Nicely fitting denim jeans will look extra cool even when you just pair it up with a plain t-shirt and sneakers.

If you do want to look extra suave yet not losing the ruggedness of denims, try pairing a denim shirt with jeans that’s several shades darker than your shirt, nice neutral coloured jacket/suit and a pair of leather shoes.



Since we’re more into earthy elements because of the season, it is just right to have a little bit of nature in your wardrobe. Florals have been spotted for the past few months in magazines, social media and fashion shows and it is now one of the modern gent’s fashion must haves.

Some are still in doubt, but given the right fitting and combination, you will definitely turn heads over you and your unique sense of style (p.s not every guy is daring enough to wear the blooms).

Just keep in mind that the floral piece itself (shirt or bottoms) has a huge dose of patterns which gives it a great emphasis, so pair it up with neutrals.

Mens Floral print

Earth colours

A lot of greens, blues, reds, and neutrals are most likely the warm-weather go to colours this spring\summer season. but remember, being particular of which of these hues to wear can be a little bit too tricky, for some of it may look best if it is worn by someone who has a skin tone fitting to its colour.

For example: the reds will be carried off well by the fair skinned ones, the greens and blues will look nice on those who has darker skin tones, while any skin tone goes with the neutrals.

Earth colours

Archie Fegidero

Little Nude Lipstick Cheat Sheet


It may be that for the longest time, most of us have not been in favour with Nude lipsticks. But seeing those sexy bombshells like Scarlet Johansson and J-Lo and other Hollywood stars wear it will definitely make you want to nail that sexy natural look this instant.

But for those who already are into makeup and are fond of wearing nudes, one could simply agree that finding a perfect nude lipstick is harder than it sounds. You have to find a shade that’s balancing your skin tone, a brand that isn’t sticky and at the same time isn’t that greasy, and one that can hold up for the longest time possible.

You may have used or at least have heard of hundreds of lipstick brands over the past few years, but narrowing it down into several brands that are not only stunningly sexy, but also worth your money.

So we have asked makeup artists to open up their makeup kits and share to us what brands are the best when it comes to Nude lipsticks. Here are some:

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Canotier

A great neutral brown shade which has a smooth brown finish that is not too dark, and not too pale. When you’re into putting up a dramatic eye makeup, balancing the look with this shade: keeping the attention into the glam in your eyes, but at the same time enough not to disregard the existence of your rocking sexy lips.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Canotier

Tom Ford Lip Color in Sable Smoke

This is a beautiful caramel mid-tone beige shade that has a very good pigmentation and has a matte finish you will surely love. The effect of the light shade of beige in this shade is just so perfect that it can almost fit most if not all of skin tones.

Tom Ford Lip Color in Sable Smoke

Wet N’ Wild Lipstick in Bare It All

WNW: known as a high-end quality brand which is not to costly offers this gorgeous shade that looks great on medium skin tones. It has a smooth matte finish that lives up to 4 hours.

Wet N’ Wild Lipstick in Bare It All

These brands are just some of the most-recommended Nude Lipstick brands that you will surely love. Just remember to wisely grab a shade that is not too dark for you or pale enough to make you look like a walking dead. Enjoy your fresh and sexy look!

Archie Fegidero

Lace Shorts


Lace is one of the unexpected trend that happened in the fashion industry. It is used as an accent on fabrics or clothes but nowadays, dresses, tops and shorts that are all made from lace are on trend.

There’s no limit to fashion indeed. One of the best inventions out of lace is the lace shorts which is totally cute. Lace Shorts can be kind of tricky so you better have to check this guide before walking out in it.

1. Lace shorts can be worn with pullovers. The fabric must be not too think because you’re supposed to look elegant in lace shorts. You can also wear it with patterned stockings and a round fedora hat.

2. You can also wear it with a white button down shirt. Tuck the shirt in and accessorize with a plain thin leather belt across your lace shorts. Finish it with a pair of black pumps.

3. You can also wear it with a printed chiffon top, a pair of chelsea boots and layer your top with a black leather jacket for that edgy look.

4. Knee high socks and boots will look good with lace shorts. You can wear it with a polka-dotted pullover and a satchel. So vintage!

5. Or you can wear it with your muscle tee. Casual classy? Yes definitely! Stock up your vintage bangles and put on your converse shoes with your lace shorts. No harm done with that.

6. Wondering if your loose striped shirt would look good with your lace shorts? It definitely would. Wear your combat boots with it to achieve that perfect outfit of the day!

Stop worrying about how to wear your lace shorts. You can nail it if you follow the guidelines listed above. The only limit to fashion is your imagination (and color combinations). Have fun and look fab!

Archie Fegidero

What To Wear On New Year’s Eve


Getting prepped for New Year’s Eve? Before you go the party, read this checklist of what should be worn on New Year’s Eve. Welcoming the New Year is a refresher and it is another year for a journey you are headed to. Don’t waste your New Year’s Eve on crappy clothes because you should look glamorous, fab and ready for the coming year.

1. Think of sparkly things. It’s all about the sparkle and the glamour. New Year’s Eve party doesn’t have any room for boring clothes. This is where the sequined dresses come in. The more sparkly you look, the better but make sure you don’t overdo it or people only see you as a walking disco ball.

2. If you want to wear a dress (preferably dress). You can always find a sequined gold dress to pair with an envelope clutch. Look sassy and classy.

3. You can also find a black plain peplum top and pair it with a sequined skirt for that touch of New Year on you.

4. Clutches are important. You don’t want to go to that party carrying your bag. You can find an envelope clutch where you can keep your necessities inside.

5. Accesorize but do not overdo it. You can pick gold chain necklaces or gold bangles to wear with your outfit.

6. If you don’t want to wear a dress to the party, you can totally throw on your shorts. Pick a tank top, sequined shorts, sandals and your plain clutch. Make your shorts stand out.

7. If your not comfortable with sequins, you can wear a button down shirt with a touch of gold on its collar. It doesn’t have to be sequined to sparkle.

8. If you want to wear jeans, go ahead. Pick a sequined top or any top that will bring you sparkle, put on a blazer, wear your heels and carry your clutch.

Now you’re ready for that New Year’s Eve Party. Have fun!

Archie Fegidero

Shorts, shorts, shorts!

Shorts are not just a pair of cropped jeans. If you do not know, there’s a wide variety of shorts you can choose from. Forget your favourite denim shorts for a while because these flow embellished shorts are what you need to pair with your tee and sandals!

You don’t even have to worry about wearing tight jeans or a dress because these shorts are everything. Here are the different kinds of shorts you need to have in your closet, NOW!

1. Pom-Pom Shorts

These fringy floral printed shorts bordered by adorable tassels that looks like mini pom-poms is just what you need for that perfect OOTD. Pair these shorts with a simple plain tee or a tank top, birkenstocks, your favorite sunglasses (preferrably heart shaped).


2. Embroidered Shorts

These pair of gauze shorts in cotton fabric is great to wear on beaches. It keeps you cool and helps you get rid that thigh sweat on a summer day. These shorts will look pretty with gold accessories to have that elegant summer look.


3. Lace Shorts

These shorts are very popular on Instagram because they’re also a great layering piece. The hemline that is made of lace gives a very feminine look and feel. It looks great when paired with your favorite sneakers and a chic pullover.


4. Scalloped Shorts

These are actually just your ordinary shorts with scalloped edge makes it extra beautiful! Wear a classy blouse for your top and a chic pair of wedges. This shorts are so easy to wear but you just have to be careful combining the right accessories and hairstyle. Braids would look fab on you!


5. Skort

The biggest turn around in the fashion industry, the asymmetrical skorts and they are everywhere! This is actually a vintage piece that is totally transformed. This gives an illusion of elongated legs like a micro-mini skirt would and don’t worry about shoe pairings, you can wear anything you’d like to wear with these.


Does your closet lack of any of these shorts? What are you waiting for then? Shop, shop, shop!

Archie Fegidero

What To Wear On Christmas?

Christmas-fashionChristmas is all about the shimmer and the sparkle! I know we are all giddy to embrace the holidays and what better way to welcome it than to wear your perfect OOTD? Christmas is the time for you to shine (literally). There’s no limit with the sparkle and shimmer that you can wear on this time of the year. Find something to wear that will stand out and crawl out from your comfort zone!

If you want to look chic, you can throw on a beautiful red dress and wear a white trench coat on top of it then you wear red pumps to match the dress. For the accessories, you can wear pearl dangling earrings and a white envelope clutch. Oh you look so much like the winter queen!

You can never go wrong with white knitted cardigans too! You can also check those lovely faux sweater that looks like royalty. I love this sweater weather where you can look chic yet still be comfortably warm. Don’t forget to put a beanie on it. Or if you want to just sparkle, sparkle, sparkle, why don’t you wear that sequin dress, skirt or top? Gold sequins are the best for this season! Stay golden! If you’re a person of dark colors, dark sequin sweater or dresses will also look perfect as long as you shine!

For accessories, you can look for Christmas themed necklaces and bracelets. For example, this Glitter perspex disco collar, £22 that is a snowflake themed necklace is just so cute!

christmas fashion

You can check this website to order for this same exact necklace,,acc_2.3/4822150800.

Turtlenecks are also in of season for this time of year! You should check out those loose turtleneck knitted sweater because they look really good when worn with scarves and booties! There’s so much we can do in this yuletide season! Go ahead and have fun shopping your Christmas must haves!

Archie Fegidero

The Best Earrings Yet!

Mise En Dior

Have you heard of the newest accessory trend? Dior launched the iconic earring piece every woman goes gaga for! Dior’s “Mise En Dior”, the double tribal earrings is the new sizzle of the fashion industry!

Mise En Dior has big pearls that peeps out subtly from behind the lobe and small pearls that rests on the ear and a gold plated holder that connects the two pearls. These are Cream Resin Pearls that has 0,15 cm diameter and 0,8 cm diameter pearls that sums up to $410 per pair!

These earrings we love is worn by the hottest celebrities, from Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lawrence, to street style stars Miroslava Duma and Hanneli Mustaparta. Camille Miceli, Christian Dior’s new accessories designer that replaced the previous designer in 2010, revisited the signature accessories of Dior that led to Mise En Dior.

She released the ‘Mise en Dior’ Collection containing the Tribal Earrings, bringing the pearl back because “sometimes the simplest ideas can be the most striking,” Miceli said. The earrings come in various colors such as bright jade, matte black, sapphire blue, pale pink and dark ruby.

What we love about this giant throwback of the Pearl earrings is that, it doesn’t have to look so overdone, it looks so simple yet so chic and elegant! It is really true that the simplest ideas, especially in fashion are the most striking.

These Mise En Dior earrings are best worn with formal wear. The simplicity of the earrings itself brings elegance to anyone who wears it. Check out the celebrities who stride Award Events or their normal day to day life wearing Mise En Dior. Emma Watson, for one wore it to the 2014 Emmy Awards.


If you are now thinking of a good fashion investment? I’d say go for the best and the one that will never go out of trend. Mise En Dior, the pearl earrings that will surely supply your elegant OOTD needs!

Archie Fegidero

Ciate’s caviar nail trend you will surely love

caviar nails

For some with colourful imaginations, we would like “fashion” get not only to our clothes, shoes, bags and hair, but also on our fingertips.

We think nothing of sporting different nail colours on our nails every other week or get them done at salons.

caviar nails2

Now there’s just something so right about the new Nail trends that are popping out lately; may it be on fashion shows and magazines.

The Caviar Nail trend! This first appeared last fall during Cushnie et Ochs’ runway show, and have captured the attention of nail art and colour lovers.

caviar nails3

The ways to achieve this look is fairly simple; you could just grab your favourite nail polish, and use micro-beads from the nearest craft store, and have enjoy having a DIY project with this cute little trend.

However, there’s this exquisite brand that offers a complete, high quality and nontoxic caviar set for all of you nail polish lovers! The UK nail polish brand called Ciate has elevated simple nail polish into a higher level.

caviar nails4

The Ciate Caviar set is an all in one pack consisting nail lacquer and beads for your desired Caviar experience. There sure is a surprise in each and every set which offers different kinds of colour combinations which you can choose from.

Now for some who are having trouble achieving the perfect caviar nail look, here are the steps in your DIY caviar project:

1. Work on each one of your nails, make sure it is smooth and clean.
2. Apply 2 coats of the Ciate nail paint shade.
3. Place your finger on a tray and carefully sprinkle the Caviar pearls/beads while the coat you applied on your nails is still wet.
4. Once he beads are fully covering the nail, carefully press the caviar pearls/beads into your nail bed; this is to ensure that the beads will not fall off easily.
5. Once you are done with all of your nails, leave it for approximately 15 to 20 minutes.
6. Lastly, to avoid wastage, the beads that are scattered on the plate should be placed back into the bottle for future use; use a funnel with this step.

caviar nails5

And you are all set! You can now enjoy your fabulous Caviar manicured nails!

Archie Fegidero

Smile to the Fashion Scenes with Trendy Tooth Braces

Tooth Braces5

Fashion is related to designing one’s body through wearing clothes and accessories that may suit one’s preferences. More than just the wearable styling, some people would love expressing their selves through styling their body, literally.

Examples of this are styling up the confidence booster hair, drawing up the body with tattoos, and probably the trendiest of all, wearing tooth braces.

Tooth Braces3

Scientifically speaking, it serves as remedy to align or straighten the crooked teeth, which is absolutely confidence lessening. And speaking in behalf of the school kids wearing tooth braces, it’s just so embarrassing wearing such!

But don’t worry, tooth braces are ready to ditch the shy smile because it’s ready to rampage the fashion scenes. Yes! Goodbye shyness, brace yourselves for this eye popping colorful braces.

Tooth Braces4

Seen in the past as only plain and metallic, the tooth braces fashion statement nowadays are more colorful, in fact, one can change from one color to another. Wearing tooth braces show class, prosperity and wealth, wonder why?

It is sold in an expensively high price. One could definitely show off their personality through wearing braces with unique colors.

Tooth Braces

Also, having fun with the shapes is highly personal and distinct, it can be in footballs, flowers or stars, this are just a few from the wide range of designs. It’s a sign of sophistication, so try to opt for unique and colorful designs.

But take note, don’t just choose colors, choose color schemes, uniformity and class, hitting two bird with one stone right?

Tooth Braces2

It may also go timely, what’s the season right now? The colorful and gift giving Christmas season is fast approaching, red and green colors will extremely fit. After the season is over, change it to different color after few weeks.

See how this medically related tooth brace transforms into a fashion statement today. Look classy and sophisticated, show prosperity in every smile with the trendy tooth braces.

Archie Fegidero

Fall and winter Hair Trends

Hair Trends

Cold, gloomy and sometimes wet days are coming ahead. But hey, does that stop us from being gorgeous? The answer is No. But when you think that having your closets full of layer-friendly clothes is enough, you’re probably has something missing out of your fall and winter look.

Fashion isn’t just about getting the right clothes, shoes or make-up; one important factor of looking good starts off by styling your hair right.

From cute messy buns, and effortless waves, it is just about time to tie-up these new cool hair trends to inspire your fall and winter look.

No let us start with the nicest hair colours to choose from.

The pumpkin spice Hair colour
Subtle pieces of light-gold in soft coppery strands, this seems to be the season’s favorite colour! But as much as you want this on, there’s a specific skin tone that would look best with Pumpkin spice Hair, namely; one’s with light, peachy, or goldy skin tones.

The Chestnut Brown Hair colour
For all the brunettes out there, this colour will surely look great on you. These are for fairly coloured ones. This Hair Colour actually gives emphasis and glow to the skin; it can effortlessly be done to create a gorgeous sun-kissed look on a cold day.

The chocolate Hair colour
The classic and effortlessly pretty look that this Hair colour gives you an extra burst of hotness in a cold season. This particular colour may lighten up your look if you do have a fair complexion; it also is suitable for almost all sorts of skin tones.

The platinum blonde
For those who just can’t go out of the “frozen” fever, this colour might be just perfect for you. So bring out your inner ice princess! This colour best suites people with light complexion.

Now here are some hair styles you may want to try on during the chilly season:

Ballerina Buns
The methods of doing such is quite simple but it varies upon your choice of doing it, but weather it may seem shockingly neat or artfully messy; the choice is yours!

Glossy ponytails
The undying hairstyle fit for all season. But this fall/winter; try this without sticking into the usual ponytail method. Weather you wear it on downwards of a little bit elevated, this classic look will always be one of the best choice!

Mermaid waves
What could be better than having that gorgeous hair flaunted out? This seems to be the sexiest, most feminine of all the winter hairstyles. It is best if you see to it to wear it with much volume with a one sided parting, but the choice of how you style is yours still to .

Create a seemingly fresh from the sea look.

These are just a bit of the various possibilities you can do with your hair; so don’t let the cold hold you from having a good hair day, experiment with your look through these tips and be confident enough to flaunt that fashionista in you regardless of the weather!

Archie Fegidero