The F in Fendi


Fendi is an Italian creator popular for its extravagant products, notably their handbags. Started in 1925 by Edoardo and Adele Fendi as a fur and leather outlet in Rome, currently the association is an international brand possessed by LVMH with Karl Lagerfeld as the artistic director.

A few of the high class goods besides handbags consist of fragrances, eyewear, timepieces and writing instruments. Situated in the finest destinations such as New York, Paris, Milan and Dubai, Fendi gives ready-to-wear products for both women and men. Profit for Fendi is skyward of $800 million.


Fendi is also popular for its leather goods such as “Baguette”, 2jours, Peekaboo or Pequin handbags. It wasn’t long before Lagerfeld was inventing accessories to go with their clothing selections.

Most famed for the brand is the ‘Baguette’ handbag, which is named after the French loaf of bread, passed under the arm.

Fendi was settled in 1925, when husband and wife Edoardo and Adele Fendi opened a leather and fur shop with its own in-house factory on Via del Plebiscito in the center of Rome. Fendi is all about classy Italian charisma.

It is an shameless exhibit of abundance and sexiness, and a aroma for extravagance–what started as a tiny family business has today created a fashion empire with forerunner stores placed all over the world.


Fendi also designed a line of clothing for the younger set, called Fendissime. They also have the home line, named the Fendi Casa, and have started various perfumes like the Fendi for Women, in 1985 and finally Theorema Uomo, Fendi Uomo, Celebration and Fantasia.

More currently, Fendi created fashion history in 2007 by executing the first-ever fashion show on the Great Wall of China. 88 models, including not just fashion models but superstars, as well, walked in this significant show that confirmed Fendi is a fashion house concurrent wealthy in history yet forever forward-thinking.

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The apple on my wrist


Apple is absolutely making huge efforts to engage with the fashion world. Immediately following Monday’s special event in San Francisco, the company revealed to BoF that its forthcoming Apple Watch will be sold at custom-designed shop-in-shops at luxury department stores Selfridges, Galeries Lafayette and Isetan, as well as at speciality retailers Dover Street Market (London and Tokyo), Colette (Paris), The Corner (Berlin), 10 Corso Como (Milan) and Maxfield (Los Angeles).

Expected to be shipped in April, the device will surely generate significant buzz and good upfront sales. But in order to sell at the volumes required to satisfy investors, the Apple Watch will have to work as a fashion accessory as well as a tech device.

In fashion, consumers demand a dizzying range of aesthetic options, which they use to send complex signals about their personal style and the social tribes to which they belong. What’s more, they demand these options at a tempo that far exceeds the pace at which consumer electronics companies release new devices.

But for Watch to succeed as a stylistic product — as well as a tech device — Apple will need to enlist a similar ecosystem of fashion and accessories designers to develop a much wider range of aesthetic options for the product, turning Apple Watch into a legitimate platform for fashion as well as apps.

The Apple Watch, in its own way, really pays great homage to traditional watchmaking and the environment in which horology was developed. We have to remember that the first timekeeping devices,things like sundials, were dictated by the sun and the stars, as is time to this day.

The fact that Apple chose to develop two faces dedicated to the cosmos shows they are, at the very least, aware of the origins and importance of the earliest timekeeping machines, and the governing body of all time and space – the universe.

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Billionaires of fashion


It pays to be in fashion. At least that’s what Forbes shows in its annual world’s billionaire list. This year, stressed authors of ‘Forbes’ billionaires list, ten-figure fortunes surged in China, although the US still dominates the rankings with Bill Gates securing the top position for the 16th year in the past 21 years.

Being second just to technology, retail has much to offer when it comes to spurring the wealth. Thus, names such as Amancio Ortega from Zara (dropping 1 position from third to fourth), Bernard Arnault from LVMH (13th) or the Walton family from Wal-Mart – set as 8th,9th,11th and 12th richest as per Forbes’ ranking), are all well-known names in this billionaires list.

Looking globally, France’s Liliane Bettencourt, a principal shareholder in L’Oréal, is the second-richest executive in the sector with an estimated net worth of $40.1 billion. Nipping at Bettencourt’s heels is LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton chairman and ceo Bernard Arnault with $37.2 billion.

Kering’s François Pinault and family ($14.9 billion) and Chanel’s Alain and Gerard Wertheimer with $9.5 billion each follow. In fact, the fashion/ retail sector was the number-one driver of wealth in France as well as in Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the U.K.

China topped the new entries, not just generally but also in terms of apparel and fashion industries representation. Number 10 of newcomers is Chinese apparel tycoon Zhou Jianping with a net worth of 4.8 billion dollars, holding the 330 billionaires rank. Shen Ya, founder of Vipshop, entered the list as number 1,054.

Also from China, although much lower in the new billionaires entries (ranking 1,533th), were Ma Hong & family with a shared wealth worth 1.2 billion dollars; Zhu Chongyun & family – founders and owners of Shenzhen Marisfrolg Fashion, a privately-held women’s apparel retailer – held position 1,415 with 1.3 billion dollars net worth.

Notably missing from this year’s list was US fashion designer Michael Kors.

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Florals, Florals, Florals!


For spring, that style is floral. Turn the extremely timeless spring flow on its head and flaunt fresh ways to wear floral prints this spring. Fashion and style comes and go, but this one is always here to stay.

Floral fashion is making a grand comeback this hot season in floral prints. Although floral patterns echo with summer and spring, the best alternatives can establish your closet in tune with winter and autumn too!

Floral jackets, scarves, pants or sarees, can be some timeless add-on to your wardrobe. There always seems to be that one style that shows up, in one form or another, year after year. There’s no such thing as too much floral. Take creativity from these looks below and have a little more fun with your floral this.

Splash some on the top – Too much of dynamic patterns can destroy your entire look. You should couple a floral blouse or shirt with block or single-colored shorts or pants to let the floral glamour work perfect for you.

Game, Set, Match – Incorporate a pencil skirt with a slight crop top, then glaze off with strappy heels, a sleek bag, and round sunnies for an on-the-go look that will roll heads.

Florals and Stripes – With an exciting floral, a chic stripe is absolutely considered unbiased and neutral.

The floral pants– You can team it up with pumps to highlight your height. Decide for gloomy prints instead, and use long t-shirts if you still feel troublesome.

Mini Wiggle Dress – This dress has a contemporary foursquare shape to it, which admirably opposes with the classic pattern.

Sheer Brilliance – Flash love affair with sheer blouses and flimsy skirts. Couple it with naked doodads and metallic designs, this delicate, ladylike look will unlock up endless prospects.

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Comme All Ye Playful


Fashion has always been very subjective. Sense of style varies from person to person but the most important thing is comfort. When a person feels and looks comfortable and confident on what he wears, style exudes.

One of the most talked about fashion staple nowadays because it offers comfort and style is the quirky Comme des Garcon Play. Under visionary Rei Kawakubo, Comme des Garçons has become a ceaseless creative empire.

Founded in 1969, the label soon introduced Play, a fun and irreverent spin on the mainline’s unmistakably masculine, modern designs. Look out for the signature hearts and eyes that accentuate the playful feel of the label.


Comme des Garcon was founded by Rei Kawakubo.Kawakubo’s warped her garments like the sheet of rubber to illustrate the curvature of space, and she skewed their seams or closures so that the sides no longer matched.

Kawakubo was born in Tokyo in 1942. She was the oldest of her parents’ three children and their only daughter. She is the kind of person who is not afraid to illustrate his thoughts through her designs.

She normally does not follow what is already considered ubiquitous. She knows how to formulate her own and embracing it as it is.

The Japanese designer was noticed in the fashion industry when she took a job at a textiles factory; in 1967 the designer became freelance stylist. Two years later she began making clothes under the label Comme Des Garçons.



The designer incorporated the label in 1973, a direct result of its popularity with Japanese consumers.

For the remainder of the decade Kawakubo would refine her aesthetic and build her company, opening a Tokyo boutique in 1975 and adding a menswear line, Homme Comme des Garçons, in 1978.

Overall, Kawakubo still plays an important role in the world of fashion. She is worthy of emulation simply because she chooses to be unique and playful.

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The hottest stud on valentine’s

Rock stud pumps

If there is one item that girls can forever be obsessed, shoes are definitely one of them. Women can’t just get enough of pretty shoes that help them achieve their OOTD or outfit of the day.

Italian fashion house Valentino has once again put their name in the fashion map by creating the iconic Rock stud pumps. These shoes are loved among celebrities, fashion bloggers and fashionistas, of course if one can shell out over $1000 worth of money just for vanity.

These shoes are considered ubiquitous nowadays thanks to its trademark studs which can add a little pizzazz to any girly outfit on any day.

Women are known to be easily seduced by footwear and thus lead to emptying their wallets as well. Heels carry historical significance as well, adding to their appeal.

In previous centuries, only the wealthy wore high heels — everyone else had practical footwear to do manual labor. Psychologically speaking, socially speaking, culturally speaking — there is this symbolism in shoes.

Research across various cultures has shown at length how important physical features, such as body size and the style and color of a woman’s clothing, influence a man’s behaviour towards and judgment of a woman.

Even though a link between high-heeled shoes and sexiness is implied by the many models wearing such shoes in magazines and adult films, only one previous study has tested the effect of women’s shoe heels on men’s judgment.

Women can also be viewed as damsels in distress when they are on heels because it helps a man to want to help her.

Overall, the best way to get through a man’s is still a woman’s amazing personality and what better way to show how amazing you can be by wearing a good and sexy pair of shoes.

As they say, give a woman good shoes and she can conquer the world.

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Sole Sisters


Christian Louboutin was born on January 7, 1963 is a French footwear creator whose footwear has integrated gleaming, red-lacquered bottom that have turned into his signature.

Slouchy western-style suede pairs are a refreshing way to use the fad, but we’re also coveting dizzying point-toe form.

They say that you are what you wear. Appearances are everything and fashion fades, style is eternal. All of these are true, which is why each year most girls vie for each season’s fashion must-haves.

One iconic name in fashion that has sure made its impact is Christian Louboutin. Louboutin sells more than five hundred thousand pairs of shoes a year, at prices ranging from three hundred and ninety-five dollars, for an espadrille, to six thousand, for a “super-platform” pump covered in thousands of crystals.

His shoe creations are widely recognized because of his trademark vivid, glossy red soles.

When it comes to shoes, certain girls always opt for high heels because it accentuates their legs and makes them appear elongated. Fashion-forward ladies know that the higher the heels, the closer to heaven.

As an icon, Christian always makes sure that his customer’s satisfaction is of utmost importance. He believes that word of mouth is better than billboards. He always comes up with fresh ideas to pique his clients interest.

It is not an easy feat, but still he manages to delight the people who trust in his magic. He is quoted to have said, ‘Wearing high heels is like having an orgasm.” He said: ‘There is an element of seduction in shoes that doesn’t exist for men.

Christian Louboutin is indeed one of the most celebrated fashion brands and with his talent and gift, he will continue to be patronized and will forever remain as one of the best shoe creators fashion has ever known.

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Best outfit to flaunt this season of love

Valentines Day clothes

Every year on February 14th, a lot of citizens swap cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their exceptional “valentine.” The day of romance we call Valentine’s Day is titled for a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5th century, but has influence in the Roman holiday Lupercalia.

Valentine’s Day is a season when people demonstrate their sense of love, affection and companionship. It is noted in a lot of ways worldwide and falls on the month of February and it is named as the “love month”.

Tallying down the days just before Valentine’s Day and many called it as the “V” day, it is approximately here and love is certainly in the air. It’s also made its way into my outfits. Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, and we couldn’t think of a better time to start practicing your flawless date with, of course, the superb clothing.

Here is some Valentine’s Day inspiration

1. A Swingy Black Dress
Not only is this super flattering shape, directional, exciting and diverse, the voluminous A-line contour is flawless for rocking that chic laid back vibe. Work a spontaneous look with easy jersey styles, while lace, sequins and a killer block heel take the swing dress from daytime to playtime.

2. Paper Crown Quartz Dress
This lace dress encompasses sex appeal and elegance. Wear yours with jewels that glow to make a statement.

3. Pleated Ponte-Knit Dress
Crinkle stitching delicately silhouettes a colorful fit-and-flare dress from the sleeveless blouse to the pleated A-line skirt for a classically chic outline.

4. Marchesa Voyage Embroidered Swing Dress
Frail metallic threads feature the tonal quilting on this gentle knot Marchesa Voyage dress. A swingy skirt makes a flirty movement, and a wide neckline achieves the romantic silhouette.

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Make Neon Color Wearable


Neon first besieged popular style in the 1980s. Neon colors are named for the flashing, approachable shades emitted by neon signs. Eye-catching, fierce and chancy, glowing neon colors really look terrific and gleaming.

These signs are shaped from slim, dyed glass pipe that keep luminous vapor. Once stimulated, the gas illuminates the tinted glass in superbly sparkling tones.

Younger generation admired it not only for its glitzy, bizarre display but also as a statement of harmony with the hard core rock movement of the days.

Most sought after stylists of today also work with neon colors, giving them the stamp of approval from present-day gurus.

Trending neon color includes:



Where to display or wear Neon Colors

Considering neon colors are brilliant ones, they can be without a doubt worn on the beach or just any ordinary day. You don’t need to confine yourself with one shade of neon only.

When picking neon colored garments, you need to be sincere to yourself. Don’t choose for this or that color except it is matching you well enough.

Feel emancipated to grab all the neon colors with you since there is no other perfect site than the bright coastal to fly your own kite to these radiant and sparkling tinges.

Be confident that you can wear anything you desire without hesitating about an over-colored appearance.

How to wear neon Colors

It is significant to collaborate your fashion in taste. Dress as you should usually do and wear one section of fabric in neon color. Mix colors as you commonly do and place this to neon colors.

If you’re daring and brave, bright or neon colors are a great way to hail up your sunny season styling.

Putting color to your attire with neon accessories is a fun, creative pursuit. There are multiple ways of wearing luminous colored fashion that you merely cling to all of them.

See some match on Pinterest:

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Top Branded bags for 2015

Welcoming this year with a brand-new bag is a bang. How much more with those branded bags on hand.

To make things even more rip-roaring this 2015 is we will make it more fictitious and glitzy all at the same time.

Top 3 branded bags to look forward to this year:

1. Diorissimo by Christian Dior – it’s a contemporary and nonchalant kind of bag. The bag can be worn anytime of the day and in any juncture. This bag can be hauled on the shoulder or through the body for more exquisite and natural look. A must have for every career women.

Diorissimo by Christian Dior

2. Prada, Crocodile skin bag – Prada is next on the list. One of the highest quality product and with the price tag of $40,000. It is obviously made of crocodile skin and has napa leather core. It has a lot of colors to choose from: black, dark blue, tobacco, brown and red. It has only 22 pieces to choose from. This bag is only available in some areas in the United States.

Prada Crocodile skin bag

3. Chanel Coco De Lait Milk Carton Runway Silver Clutch Shoulder Bag – definitely a collector’s item and sad to say that it this bag is only for VIPs only. It’s an impressive piece in colorful silver with gemstone. You can pair it with anything and can also accessorize with your outfit. Absolute bag for all kinds of parties.

Chanel Coco De Lait Milk Carton Runway Silver Clutch Shoulder Bag chanel-coco-lait-milk-carton-grocery-shoulder-bag-silver-1435586


These are just the 3 top designer bags for 2015 that you will definitely look forward to have in your own closet. This is just a few of the best buys for this year and as well as a good investment.

Bags changes every season and it evolves with style and glamour. So you make a choice to grab yours now.

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