Chanel’s 2017 Cruise Collection is phenomenal

Chanels 2017 Cruise Collection (1)

If you are looking for something remarkable, haute and out of the box, then Chanel is the brand for you. The fashion house has been consistent in making their runways as real as possible making use of a unique theme of their choosing for every fashion show they come up with. If you think that their airport fashion show says it all, wait until you get to peek at their latest cruise collection. Clearly, Chanel has proven once again that artistry and imagination are limitless.

The brand flew in around 700 people to Cuba just to put their festive Cuban fashion show into action. Karl Lagerfeld isn’t content with a make-believe ambience as he made the show as raw and as real as it can be. Held at the monumental Paseo del Prado, Chanel and the rest of the people behind it pulled of a successful fashion show that crosses the boundaries of Parisian style and the romantic Latin poise.

Chanels 2017 Cruise Collection (2)

Looking at the collection piece by piece will definitely inspire you to travel around the world in a very trendy way. The show gives you everything to love as it exhibits diverse choices from tweed cords, sheer dresses and flamboyant skirts that would effortlessly command attention.

Knits are the summer’s best friend and pairing them with panama hats definitely makes a statement. Aside from the jovial colors that wonderfully marked the collection, those with boyish styles can also identify themselves with muted army pieces like jackets, tops and shorts included in the lineup.

Chanels 2017 Cruise Collection (3)

Probably inspired by the fact that the Caribbean is a famous destination of the rich and famous, Cuba became Lagerfeld’s top choice. Definitely a right decision, the wisp of Cuban air mingling with the brand’s aesthetic made a good combination that was evident in the show’s result.

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Beyonce and the MET gala through the years

Because she’s Beyonce, there is no question. Queen B has always been the emblem of making it to the news in a classy and talk-worthy kind of way. Cite her latest project for example. Lemonade is receiving a big heap of attention not only because of ‘Becky with the good hair’, but due to the shaping and genius idea behind this latest venture.

More than just a celebrity, Queen B rose to become a brand empire herself. A girl with a golden hands as they say, expect success to come following in any project she dips herself into. Regal and classy, Beyonce was able to set the mark not only through her music but in the way she dresses as well.

Aside from the numerous red carpets, MET gala is one of the most anticipated occasions that mostly brings the odd crossing paths with high fashion. Queen B has always been present through the years and this lady never disappoints.

Her 2011 appearance was ethereal. This Emilio Pucci gown really brought out the best in Beyonce’s curves. The queen’s body was very much evident in all the right places. She may have had a hard time dealing with stairs, but who cares? Fashion sometimes calls for some sort of a sacrifice anyway.

Beyonce fashion gala (1)

Blue Ivy’s mom definitely knows which dress will work best for each occasion. Why not? That body alone is to die for. Beyonce has proven that being plump is another version of beauty amid the skinnies that the majority of Hollywood is made of.

Beyonce fashion gala (2)

She has raised the mermaid dress to a whole new level as it is considered as her staple wardrobe especially during formal affairs. She did it differently during the 2014 MET Ball, but was still on point. Arriving like a mysterious madam and with all the sheer glitz, it wasn’t surprising that she landed on the best-dressed list that year.

The recently concluded MET Gala proved that the occasion will not be complete without the queen’s presence. Many were not sure about her arriving, but all lights flashed and all eyes were thrown at her when she was finally seen. Only one word could describe her: Pristine.

<> at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 5, 2014 in New York City.

This latex Givenchy gown is something that showcases the delicate beauty of our queen. Do not be fooled though, she’s still that feisty wife we have seen on Lemonade. Simply put, Beyonce is a woman who knows what she wants and will get it no matter what. Long live the queen!


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Best style moments of Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis (1)

The doe-eyed actress that first charmed her viewers through her alluring charisma is not your sweet girl next door who’s all about butterflies and cotton candy. Her sultry appeal amplified by her olive skin are one some of the reasons why this Ukraine-born celebrity stood out from everybody else.

In Hollywood where every move is examined meticulously, Kunis was able to get away from the brooding and sometimes harsh opinions of the media by becoming a woman who knows her personal style and rocking it with oozing confidence.

Many may have admired her for her off-work fashion sense. Behind the camera, this celebrity’s fashion style is manifested even on her daily wear. Her street-meets-glam fashion sense is one of the primary reasons why the paparazzi loves taking her photos, be it stolen or not.

While this petite actress is hailed as one of the style divas of streets, let us not forget that she does not disappoint even on the red carpet. It may be a fact that having long legs are an advantage especially in form-fitting clothes, but Kunis’ flawless glide during important celebrity events proves otherwise.

A remarkable look that she had during 2011 SAG Awards, this Alexander MCQueen creation is a combination of sophistication with the hint of fun and youth. The beautiful burst of red made this flowy chiffon dress a hands-down winner that worked well with the equally stunning complexion of the actress. Matched with soft curls and exquisite make-up, the look is described in one word – magnificent.

Mila Kunis (4)

This lilac dress she wore during the 2011 Academy Awards totally brought out the A-lister in her. A certified celebrity favorite, this dress is a creation by none other than Elie Saab.

The textiles and the lace with a subtle hint of peek-a-boo in the skirt area all complement each other creating a look that will be a permanent favorite of fashion critics.

Red carpet arrivals at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards in Hollywood, CA. Pictured: Mila Kunis Ref: SPL252920  270211   Picture by: Jen Lowery / Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles:	310-821-2666 New York:	212-619-2666 London:	870-934-2666

This beautiful Dolce and Gabbana dress she wore back in 2013 reminds us that fairytales do come true – in the form of a majestically designed outfit.

The frills created a feminine vibe fit for the occasion. For those who cannot remember, this was during the ‘Oz: The Great and Powerful’ opening night where she played the role of Theodora for the film.

Mila Kunis (3)

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Kylie and Kendall to launch handbag collect

Kylie and Kendall handbag collection (1)

The Jenner sisters proved that they are starting a fashion empire as they venture little by little into every corner of the industry. Aside from the fact that these young ladies proved their position as sellable endorsers, these two who rose from one of television’s most successful reality shows of all time turned out to be a brand of their own that fans have strong confidence for.

As A-listers, the Jenner siblings are definitely used to being surrounded by luxurious labels and are well versed on distinguishing between what’s high caliber from what’s not. This knowledge has been long established as their collaborations with some of the world’s high-end brands are piling up.

Kylie and Kendall handbag collection (2)

What’s good about their Kendall + Kylie label is the fact that they make fast fashion more accessible and affordable to their consumers. While it is easy to create a luxurious line, the sisters opt for a low cost approach which is a win for both their brand and their shoppers. The label that started from selling only clothing has grown immensely as they also advanced into accessories including eyewear and kicks.

The new collection is made of 18 bags that provide a wide range of selection for the hip, young and stylish girls of today. There will be backpacks, clutch, satchels and bucket bags. The designs stick to embodying the signature aesthetic of Kendall and Kylie as shown in their most innovative fashion sense. As the collection is diverse in design and size, rest assured that consumers will have a long list of options that will definitely tailor to their unique needs.

Kylie and Kendall handbag collection (3)

Price ranges start from $75 and the collection is expected to hit the market this August. Retailers who are confirmed to offer the brand’s bag collection include Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Shopbop.

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From Classroom Board to Magazine Print: Boselli Now on Armani’s EA7 Line

MILAN, ITALY - JANUARY 16:  Pietro Boselli attends GQ's Celebration of GQ Style Editor-In-Chief Will Welch during Milan Men's Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016/2017 on January 16, 2016 at Mandarin Bar in Milan, Italy.  (Photo by Victor Boyko/Getty Images for GQ Magazine) ORG XMIT: 600249633 ORIG FILE ID: 505309472

When something or someone is caught by the keen and always ecstatic social media, there’s a huge chance that it will spread like wildfire. The people of today have been openly exchanging thoughts and information through platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, connecting the world more than ever.

If in the event you’re reading this article, then it can be presumed that you’re an avid social media network user and have come across series of photos that you either envied, or better yet, drooled over. Just recently, the world has come to know a guy named Pietro Boselli, and the hype that ensued after was grand.

Armanis EA7 Line (2)

A plethora of screenshots, memes and photos of 28-year old Pietro Boselli have been passed around through millions of accounts online due to the sheer fact that he’s a hot dude. Known to be Italian by nationality, Boselli is actually a Mathematics teacher at the famous University College London and being part of the academe is something that made girls all over the planet adore him even more.

The chiseled look, well-sculpted body and the air of charisma emanating from Pietro Boselli are the characteristics that are just tough to miss. Not surprisingly, his fame on social media garnered him a whopping total of 850,000 followers and certainly called the attention of modeling agencies and managers from different parts of the world.

Armanis EA7 Line (4)

Unknown to his growing fan base, Boselli actually posed for the American brand Abercrombie and Fitch during his younger years, exposing him to the field of modeling even before becoming huge in social media. As a matter of fact, Boselli knew how far his looks can bring him and even participated in a handful of go-sees to establish his modeling career.

At an early age of seven, Boselli’s then innocent face also graced Armani’s Junior campaign. Pietro Boselli’s teaching career is still full-blown, while juggling hundreds of requests for him to be part of a specific brand advertisement and numerous catwalks to appear on.

Armanis EA7 Line (3)

In 2008, Boselli stretched his capabilities and walked on Emporio Armani’s fashion show, together with full-blooded models, challenging him to do better despite the fact that this is not his primary occupation. A few years later, Pietro Boselli climbed his way to the top of the food chain and is currently the current face of Armani’s EA7 Fitness Line.

Now, this blessed academician is signed up with the illustrious modeling firm Models 1 and is currently being introduced to bigger and wider paths for his modeling journey. On the newest EA7 Fitness Line print advertisements, Boselli can be seen donning the brand’s functional and comfortable garments such as sweat pants, shirts and shorts, sweatshirts and other accessories coupled with his well-maintained physique.

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Frolicking in Style and Comfort with the Athleisure Trend

Athleisure Trend (1)

There are moments when we think that fashion is quite absurd due to the trends it spins out of nowhere. Fashion followers just succumb to every idea thrown at us, sometimes not even wondering if a specific ensemble would fit us or not. The innovative minds and creative geniuses behind the fashion industry always introduce us to ideas that are alien to the majority, and yet we oblige in making sure that we’re always up to date.

Just recently, more and more fashionistas are donning some unconventional pieces that seem inappropriate to where they are or what they are doing. With raised eyebrows, we look into endless online blogs and websites to know what they’re up to and yes, for the first time we stumble upon a style called ‘athleisure’.

Athleisure Trend (2)

Maybe you’ve seen Gigi Hadid or Rita Ora strut their stuff on the street wearing nothing but a wardrobe that screams work-outs and gyms. Yes, the word athleisure is coined from athletics and leisure, which embodies the trend of wearing your trusted gym clothing and merchandise as a full-blown day-to-day outfit without a single care.

We can all nod in agreement that sports brands such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok and others are working double-time as demands for more fashion-forward sports gear shot up dramatically especially at the start 2016. The countless collaborations from these brands with famous designers such as Kanye West and Jeremy Scott proves that athleisure is here to stay, and it will gather strength as it moves along.

Athleisure Trend (3)

Some fashion experts have suggested that if ever you’d go into wearing athleisure, you’d better be updated on the latest trends in the mainstream market. It follows that athleisure pieces will still lean on what is hot and sizzling, so if you want to pull this look off, you should stay connected at all times. Also, donning athleisure will require a keen knowledge of what’s fashionable and functional at the same time.

Since they will never let go of their core purpose serving as your gym clothes, you must be sensitive enough to pick items that are quick-drying, odor-free and moisture resistant. It’s not pleasing to see you sweat and smell while walking down the street, looking all the more desperate to create an athleisure aura that you did not think of deeply.

Athleisure Trend (4)

The transcendence of style from the gym to the street will not require you to fill up the gaps and go with an all-sporty garb. Actually, all it takes for you to follow the athleisure trend is to pick a core garment and stick with it. Accessorizing with wristbands, head gear and chunky sports watches isn’t necessary at all. Thus, the fewer accessories you have, the better. Look sleek and sporty by limiting the number of sports items you wear.

Also, be mindful of the occasion and environment you’ll be in after your session at the gym as this would be a strong determining factor to go for an all-athleisure ensemble or not. Lastly, if you’re in doubt if you’d look like a huge walking joke with your athleisure outfit, just stick with neutral colors to tone down the scene and you’ll definitely come-off as fashionable as ever.

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The First Glimpse into the H&M x Balmain Fall Collection


After a few weeks of anxiously waiting, one of the most historical collaborations of all time finally released their first design as affiliate brands.

While we know both H&M and Balmain are competing with the most wearable creations, the flagship garment which comes in the form of a minidress would truly astound all women who crave for something regal to wear.


Top models Kendall Jenner and Jourdan Dunn gave everyone a hint about how the said collaboration would fare during the recently concluded Billboard Music Awards, and girls salivated more to get a glimpse of the exact look.

H&M and Balmain might seem a little bit weird and awkward to be doing a combination of styles and design, but the fashion industry should not think twice about patronizing the upcoming line. Furthermore, millions of women and fashion critics are gawking at how the always eccentric Balmain would jive with H&M’s laidback yet fashion forward path.


Due to be released in the first week of November this year, the H&M x Balmain collection leaned towards pieces that exude a sleek yet dazzling aura. The two fashion moguls spent years to conceptualize how to go about this inevitable collaboration, and rumor has it that they also invested into incorporating different materials that are total opposites.

Some posts on social media sites like Instagram teased the general fashion crowd with clear details on what the first piece of the collection will be comprised of. Posted close-up shots and montages resulted in gaping mouths and frenzied fashion followers. The blatant approach used for this line would focus on gold ropes that are said to be seen on most of the pieces included on the list. The intrinsic attention to detail is also a must for the designers of the collection, hence, the long-sleeved mini dress.


Head designer Olivier Rousteing had dropped some bombs on his posts online as he was seen most of the time with the Jenner-Kardashian clan, and so the hush-hush began. Shortly, Balmain Paris confirmed that the said collaboration is real with a short video of the two fashion outfits joining forces to release a striking clothing line. From the first piece that was released, it is quite obvious that the main gimmick of using gold ropes was materialized, and so is the use of mesh clothing because it is expected to be on the stands by fall.

The use of black as the main backdrop regally highlighted the shimmering gold details and the pearl accessories are to die for. The combination of the two brands also meant that the garments to be released would definitely be more affordable, as it will be H&M who would mainly carry sales.

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The Art of Hand Modeling and the Magic of Adele Uddo

Adele Uddo (1)

The business of modeling has been introduced to the majority as a field fit for slender bodies, well-sculpted and chiseled muscles, facial contours and the ability to glide through the catwalk as comfortably as possible. We have been all exposed to the notion that only those with blessed with the perfect physiques should do modeling because otherwise, it will appear as if we’re in a huge satirical show.

Through time, most of us have agreed to this preconceived notion of models, and luckily for some, they managed to penetrate this very complex realm just with their physiques combined with a fueled passion to stay on top. Little do we know that beyond all those billboards and printed advertisements on our fashion magazines are a couple of models who are unconventional in what they do.

Adele Uddo (2)

Their photos aren’t taken for their Greek-like bodies and angelic faces. Rather, the main stars of their photoshoots are their hands.

Hand modeling has existed since the same time that conventional models took center stage. We have no idea how they look like in person, but we’re acquainted with their hands as tools to stardom.

Usually, they are called for when a specific brand or product doesn’t need a face to establish how they want to be perceived. Just the magic of their seemingly perfect hands would do. They could have been holding lingerie, a dishwasher or a raw pineapple, but nonetheless, they are as fierce as the supermodels that we know today.

Adele Uddo (3)

One of the most famous hand models today is definitely a prim lady named Adele Uddo. With the stroke of her hands, she managed to star on high-profile brands such as a photoshoot for Town and Country, the eponymous Chanel No. 5 advertisement, one Christian Louboutin printed ad and a very successful Dior Rouge lipstick campaign.

Aside from being successful as a hand model, Uddo is also known for her contributions to a plethora of shoots using her abs, chest, lips and feet as the tools for branding. Uddo, and all her glorious body parts, have graced the pages of countless fashion magazines such as Vogue and quite a handful of billboards plastered around the globe.

Adele Uddo (4)

Jennifer Adjali, Essie nail polish’s global director for education which used Uddo a couple of times for their product, commented that Adele’s perfect hand structure works well with any type of merchandise. Without the magic of Uddo’s hands, their products would never make it big in the beauty industry. Adele Uddo’s secrets in keeping her hands at their most beautiful state can be found and made within the comforts of one’s house, if they would intently work for it.

The godly hands that hoisted Uddo to the top of the hand modeling food chain are well taken care of by using healthy ingredients such as Vitamin E, jojoba oil and shea butters that she personally concocts in her kitchen. Currently, Adele Uddo is paid at a minimum salary of $6,000 for every shoot that she commits to, and she’s set to take on a long list of products to endorse single-handedly.

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H&M Sport unveils Caitlyn Jenner as their new endorser

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - FEBRUARY 28:  Caitlyn Jenner attends the 2016 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on February 28, 2016 in Beverly Hills, California.  (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

Caitlyn Jenner’s announcement to the world has become a shock that left most people’s jaws drop for a while. Sure, there were mixed opinions from the crowd especially from those who followed his family’s famous reality show that changed the face of television forever. Now, the 66-year old celebrity has become an icon of his own right that made him a considerable endorser for some of the world’s trusted brands.

After getting a reality show of her own, Caitlyn just recently landed one of the biggest endorsements she had by far. Aside from the announcement of being the newest face of MAC, the famous personality is now H&M’s newest star to represent its sports line.

The brand is no newbie when it comes to the family where Caitlyn came from. Just last year, Cait’s daughters Kylie and Kendall showed some high fashion sibling love alongside other famous sisters, the Hadids. The tradition of the partnership between the family and the brand is well established, which is why H&M’s choice of another clan member is not a surprise at all.

Caitlyn Jenner H&M (2)

As a former Olympian, Caitlyn is a great pick to represent the label’s sports line. It can be remembered that the former Bruce Jenner used to be a decathlon title holder.

As a person of strength and vigor, Caitlyn will definitely make a good advocate that champions intensity and force. There are no specifics yet coming from H&M, but the hint that surfaced from Caitlyn’s social media accounts clearly dictate her recent partnership with the brand.

Caitlyn Jenner H&M (3)

The exciting news from the world’s most talked about transgender nowadays is definitely a pleasant announcement.

With the ongoing search for gender equality, the fusion of one of the third sex’s prominent personalities and one of the most famous fast fashion brands is a declaration that such clamor is gaining ground to a considerable extent.

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Prep Yourselves for a Must See Collaboration between Lauder and Bazaar

Bazaar (1)

Estee Lauder might be one of the hardest to pronounce beauty brands to exist in our lifetime, but we have to admit that their reputation has gone through massive changes and beyond the incessant demands for innovation. This eponymous brand always gives its patrons something to be excited about, may it be a new shade of their trusted lipstick or a fresh revival of their nail polish colors.

Estee Lauder has established quite an impressive reach all throughout the globe, and with how things are rolling, they are definitely far from stopping. Caring for the things that meet the eye, Estee Lauder is widely known to supply beauty lines that make use of only the best ingredients, without going overboard in pricing. A majority of women around the world have come to adore and trust Estee Lauder, and their recent venture will definitely make it big in sales.

Bazaar (2)

Probably one of Estee Lauder’s loudest campaigns to date, the brand teamed up with an equally respected firm in the world of beauty and fashion which is Harper’s Bazaar. Women will be introduced to select versions of gift-with-purchase kits which are just irresistibly good.

Aside from the fact that this is a merge between two established pillars, these kits are made more special with the treatment applied to each set to be released. Hold on to your seats as Estee Lauder plans to warp us back in time by crafting cosmetic bags that are reminiscent of past icons, and these will definitely be collectors’ items as soon as they hit the stands.

Estee Lauder will showcase Harper’s Bazaar’s most celebrated magazine covers from the years 1929 until 1932, featuring icons and personas who dominated the era. It can also be remembered that it was during these years that the advent of high-fashion designers and brands was on the rise.

Brands like Chanel, Schiarparelli and Lanvin have been deemed the most famous, and Estee Lauder got everything clumped together in these gift-with-purchase kits to make us realize how fashion evolved from what it was before to how it is now. Aside from the artsy tote bags, Estee Lauder products are also contained within, making you remember the reasons why this beauty brand is revered.

Bazaar (3)

Also, Harper’s Bazaar’s current Beauty Director Alexandra Parnass put forth some beauty tips and strategies which will be included in every set purchased from Estee Lauder. Some of the products that you can find within each designed tote bag include the legendary Re-Nutriv line, your pick of lipstick, some nail polish shades and the iconic Aerin Mediterranean Honeysuckle scent.

If you want to be the first ones to have these coveted packs from Estee Lauder, mark your calendars as this will be released publicly on Saks Fifth Avenue and online on April 28. Take note that these gift-with-purchase kits can only be bought if you have a $35 purchase first from Saks Fifth Avenue itself.

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