Pants? Check. Skirts? Another Check.

Pants Skirts

Indeed, gadgets are not the only thing climbing up the innovation ladder. In this evolutionary time, the fashion industry is, in any aspect, will not be left behind making revolutionary works that would make you crave to have just one piece in your wardrobe. Hybrid skants, a combination of a skirt and pants, has made its appearance in the scene.

Worn by the “Keeping-Up with the Kardashians” cast Kendall Jenner on the Eastern Mass Celebration, she sure turned heads with her white, cross midriff-baring crop top paired with a white, high-waisted skants. And this is already the second time she’s seen wearing the skirt-pants combo.

Emma Watson was also seen wearing the black skants on the on the Time 100 Gala. Does this mean the beginning of yet another new trend?

However, it is not the first time that it was discovered. The skant, which was a skirt worn over a pants, already appeared in numerous small stores across the globe such as in retail stores in Korea.

It was usually worn by dancers to avoid showing things that should be — well –left unseen. And this is a testament that skants, aside from being fashionable, does not end its use there.

It was fashion and comfort combined into one, since it gives easy-mobilization. It could be worn at various functions such as to formal gatherings and business meetings to name a few. You just have to find the right top and accessories and you’re good.

Skants also has its sister, Skorts. It is a part-shorts, part-skirts. A lot of people have already been introduced to Skorts and appears in the fashion scene frequently than its sister. If you’re looking for a more casual look and summer-suited outfit, then Skorts is definitely for you.

So, pants or skirts? Fortunately, you can have both.

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Mary Grace Valdez

The Spring Trends that No One Can Stop Searching

Google knows exactly what we’re searching for, and while some might call that creepy, we call it awesome. Especially when its latest data report revealed the three fashion items people are searching for nonstop.

So what pieces are trending so hard you can’t escape them? Tulle skirts, emoji jogger pants, and midi skirts, in that order.

Read on for a more detailed look at the wares everyone will be slipping on this springs. Know the top three trends of the spring season everyone is googling about.

Tulle Skirts

According to google reports, the search term, “tulle skirts,” has grown 34 percent from January 2014 to January 2015. You’re not just searching for a standard color palette either. You want these statement pieces in all colors of the rainbow.

Our favorite way to wear them? With a chambray button-down, just like the one Michael Kors paired with his gorgeous floral appliqué creations for his Spring 2015 collection.

Spring Trends01

Needle & Thread Maxi Skirt

A sleek grosgrain-ribbon waistband anchored at the high, natural waistline releases the airy, voluminous body of this fit-for-a-formal maxi skirt.

This will make you look stunning, sexy yet classy. Long and sweeping elegant dress.

Spring Trends02

Mary Katrantzou Floral-Embellished Tulle Skirt

Spring is the season to embrace fantasy in fashion, and what better way to do so than with Mary Katrantzou’s fairytale-inspired skirt? It’s crafted from a gauzy layer of lilac-blue tulle over a silk lining, and embellished with glittering floral embellishments.

Spring Trends03

This is a beautiful statement piece with endless styling options, but for maximum impact layer it with matching pieces from the collection.

When you walk into your favorite stores, these items will be all around you. Just like that Taylor Swift song no one can stop singing, you’ll eventually grow to like them, if you’re not already obsessed.

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Maria Alcantara

The Return of the Leather Jackets

Leather Jackets01

Many has associated the leather jacket to the action stars of the 70s through the 90s.

It has also been associated to the Harley-Davidson riders who mostly had the reputation of being rock stars or rebels.

But in this day of age, this very stylish and classic outfit has gone back from the grave of the old movies.

It is not only for action superstars, rock stars and bikers.

An average Joe can buy this kind of clothing.

With today’s technology, synthetic leather can be bought in almost every name in the center of the limelight in the field of fashion’s shops and boutiques.

Of course, these kind innovations make the animal rights activists a little happier.

The leather jacket’s reputation has been revived by today’s icons from all over the world in almost every field, such as LeBron James, some of the band members of the band members of the One Direction Band, K-Pops and David Beckham.

Leather Jackets02

Obviously, this ever so iconic and one of a kind outfit has marked its name to the fashion industry and anyone now can wear it, whether you’re a white collared pencil pusher, a casual individual taking a walk on a gloomy cold afternoon or a rock icon.

In a nutshell, perfect clothing still needs a perfect condition and circumstances, such as the weather, occasion and the pair of shoes, jeans or chinos and inner shirt that an individual would wear. Because of course… You don’t want to be soaking up in sweat on a hot sunny day, if you decide to wear your leather jacket.

It also doesn’t hurt to mix and match. Or as a wiser move, if you’re inside the store of Zara, let’s say… You can always try out the fit and check out the color of what you’ll be purchasing. Imagine the clothes that you already have and project an image in your head, to see if it would make a good, or a perfect match.

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King Erickson Sengco

Get Reacquainted To Those Dreads


Have you seen Zendaya Coleman’s hairstyle at the 2015 Oscars? She totally rocked those dreads! The 19-year old Disney star is only one of the many celebrities to use those dreads in making a fashion statement — and in owning the red carpet, too.

Dreadlocks has been around for ages and through those times, a lot of misconceptions has surrounded this revolutionary hairstyle. Some of these are nothing but obvious myths; however, a lot of people still believe in them leading to various wrong impressions to the said hairstyle for those who first just learned it. So ladies and gentlemen, let me help you into some quick reintroduction to dreadlocks.

There is no definite time that the hairstyle first enters the scene. It was believed, however, that it came from the Rastamen and therefore, only Rastamen people wear it. That one is an obvious myth. People from different races have been seen wearing those locks.

Contrary to popular belief, dreadlocks are neither high-maintenance nor dirty. On the other hand, it is a high-probability if you don’t start washing it. Washing dreadlocks can be done at least once a week, but washing it every three days is more advisable.

Also, Use non-residue shampoo in washing those dreads — and wax, too, as it is a natural dread locking product. Washing with the right products will give your dreadlocks a nice smell.

Dread Perm, Twisting, Backcombing, and Loomed Dreads are some of the ways in making dreadlocks. However, if you feel like you’re over the dread fashion anymore, there are ways in undoing those locks that don’t include shearing. Just soak them in a moisturizing conditioner and comb them for awhile. Patience is also a key factor here.

There are a lot of advices floating in the Internet if you ever decide trying this hairstyle. It is also a good idea checking your products and making sure they are approved before using them. Remember, every hairstyle is a beautiful hairstyle to those who knows how to do and take care of them.

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Mary Grace Valdez

Fashion Passion at Coachella 2015


The recent grandeur and success of Coachella 2015 had been abuzz on the Internet community. People and fashion critics all over the planet had been gaping on the types of fashion that had been displayed on the said musical event. From singers to famous Hollywood actors and huge TV personalities, a mish mash of various styles and looks paraded the musical festival which will then be pegs of fans, patrons and even committed haters of loud fashion.

Indio, California is a galaxy of stars as hundreds of visitors from all over the planet sashayed with their best summer slash rave outfits during Coachella’s two week schedule.’

Some of the stars seen were Kanye West donning a black shirt on black pants ensemble with a loud brown-nude boots to break the monotony of the outfit. West had been a staple on Coachella fests and have been one iconic dude in pulling-off simple yet approving fashion.


Superstar Beyonce had been seen just wearing a tropical hoodie to match Coachella’s summer-inspired theme. Rihanna picked, on the other hand, a purply-colored fur and a striking pink boots which surely turned heads because of the quirky combination.

Never one to shy away from risky fashion, Katy Perry went all out for the Coach-hosted Coachella brunch in a super sheer and sleek black floral-embroidered dress. Kendall Jenner on the other hand, channeled her inner flower child in a white off-the shoulder peasant inspired crop top and a black breezy high-slit pant and completed with a body chain, layered necklaces and a fringe-cross purse. The whole ensemble had been capped off with a striking pair of booties.

Just married Hollywood star Nikki Reid garbed a very alluring outfit and as the current face of retail Revolve Clothing, she showed up at the People Style Watch x Revolve party in a white off-the-shoulder peasant top tucked into bold cut-offs. A wide-brim black hat is also in place for added drama. Nikki Reed’s Twilight co-star Ashley Green showed up at the same party with a pleasing to the eye Boho-inspired maxi that she capped off too with a wide-brim hat and trendy espadrilles.

The Modern Family star Sarah Hyland had paraded the H&M Loves Coachella Party in a burnt suede embellished vest and skirt ensemble that she then improved with a black BB Dakota crop top, a layered topper, an iconic felt fedora and hard to miss black boots. Zoe Kravitz had also been noticed on the coolness of her outfit by pulling off successfully a plaid romper, a cutesy pair of sunglasses, a studded bucket bag, a choker and platform boots.

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Paul Intalan

The Feared Fashion Police


There might be so many fashion slip-ups that both common people and celebrities alike, seem to commit to the extent that we have to check ourselves three or more times in the mirror before we leave or go out.

Fortunately, our fashion inaccuracies are not photo’d, publicized in fashion journals and remarked, criticized, and mentioned by the so-called “fashion police”.

If you are curious who comprises this fashion police ensemble, let me try to shed some light over the matter.

It is quite vague how the term essentially came into custom but many people blame it to an event in the 1980’s which is the Crimes of fashion charity affair.

These days however, the fashion police denote those people who negatively comment, most of the time, to the fashion blunder that personalities make.

On the other hand, there are some actualities that the fashion police may essentially be altered into reality.

For example, in a small settlement near Naples, the town mayor passed a bill ordering the police force to fine women who will be caught wearing miniskirts or who have a way too eye-catching cleavage.

It is quite unclear if any man has informed anyone to the police just yet or maybe not anymore.

This Fashion police saga started in 1799 when Parisian women were forbidden from wearing pants or trousers.

If they planned in going out dressed like a man, they had to call the police and obtain a special consent.

Among some other peculiar fashion police occurrences, there is one cited that you cannot go near a ruler, a royal blood or a monarch if you are not wearing any socks.

Another example is that you are not permitted to enter the house of Parliament in an armor suit.

Now who, in this day and age will still wear an armor suit, except of course in movies and if there are costume parties?

In this generation though, the fashion police exists only on TV, during awards nights and celebrity fashion galas.

One of the most famed, talked-about and dreaded critics is Joan Rivers. She is known for being viciously honest and it actually gotten her, her own fashion TV show and talks about all the big names and their fashion mishaps that come into her sensor.

Fashion is somewhat comparative and so are the fashion drifts. If you carefully or even cautiously choose outfits that perfectly fit your character and that make you feel fashionably good, then assuredly you will not run into the Fashion police and get awfully criticized.

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Raphy Salvador

Bare your midriff with style

Cropped tops are again on trend. It is easy and comfortable to wear specially during summer.

Also, ladies nowadays love to flaunt the result of their hard work on their midriff. Here are some celebrity styles that will show you how you to bare your midriff with sophistication.

Jessica Alba shows a classy chic style, carrying a Christian Louboutin handbag wearing a striped cropped top that does not show much of her flesh.

She paired it with a high-waisted demure voluminous midi skirt and a chic pair of sandals.

Rihanna looked smoking hot in her Stella McCartney open-back crop top accessorized with large hoop earrings, a necklace, bracelet and rings.

Her bright white ensemble perfectly shows her toned abs and back. She completed her angelic look with a large black purse and paired it with a gladiator style black high heels.

Nicole Scherzinger in a white hot ensemble that shows off her toned midriff at the 2015 NBC Universal Summer Press Day.

bare midriff

Her cropped top paired with a tube mini skirt shows classy and casual accessorized with bracelet and a pair of silver sandals that are great to go anywhere.

Jessica Lowndes shows a balance in style. Wearing a fitted bottom pair of skinny jeans best paired with a boxy cropped top shows a modern silhouette style.

Very simple, no accessory yet very classy for a great mono chromatic color palette.

Beyoncé’s feminine and flirty look baring her midriff in a $16 crop top paired with a soft pink pastel pencil cut skirt, carrying a mint green oversized clutch really rocks.

bare midriff2

Accessories of necklace and bracelet just give the right amount of casual sophistication.

The $16 crop top from Topshop can simply go with anything. You can have a trendy style pairing with fitted pencil skirt like what Beyoncé did or with shorts or jeans.

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Richfield Mancera

Your Kind of Shade: An eyeglass retake



Noted as one of the most used accessory, sunglasses is a testament that fashion’s at its finest when you can look good and put function and comfort as a glowing priority.

Aside from upping your dull wardrobe when going out on a sizzling summer day, sunglasses are basically worn by men and women to as a shield from the sun’s harmful rays.

Wearing sunglasses make one stroller a superstar especially when it is well-fitted to the face by where it’s tagged.

Summer won’t be considered summer without the presence of this eye-shields and why shall we not take a short course on the types of sunglasses that you can wear and invest on.

Although with the core aim of protecting your eyes from the glare of the sun, sunglasses comes in different styles and kinds as results of the constant innovation that fashion beholds.

Big brands and names in the fashion industry always make it a point to come up with their very own versions of sunglasses or shades on every collection that they will release.

Some even had a line just for sunglasses alone. The frenzy that sunglasses had brought about is so palpable that it had become a must if you want to make a fashion statement.


There are various types of lenses one can choose from depending on the need they might have.

Most common type of lens is what they call as photochromatic lenses which automatically darken or lighten depending on the sun’s rays or the light present in a room.

Polycarbonate lenses are resilient, impact-resistant and a favorite among active individuals. Savvy parents choose polycarbonate lenses for children who may not take good care of their glasses.

The durability of polycarbonate lenses makes them a good choice for rimless eyeglasses. Plus, polycarbonate lenses have built-in UV filters to help prevent eye problems such as macular degeneration (breakdown of macula) and cataracts (clouding of the eye lens).

Polarized lenses aid the wearer to dramatically reduce flare reflected off on surfaces. This type of lens is best to be worn by those who wanted full protection from UV light and for those who want to maintain healthy eyesight.

Progressive lenses have a smooth progression of power, enabling the wearer to see at intermediate distances as well as near and far.

Unlike typical bifocals and trifocals, progressive lenses don’t have lines separating the lens sections-a big win for the style-conscious


Butterfly – for those who aim to look high-fashion, butterfly frames are the go-to choice. Spell glamour and pizzazz.

Clubmaster – for those who have old souls and loves to love vintage stuff. You opt to look retro and stylish at the same time? This is the best pick.

Oval – fits all types of face shapes. When you’re the always undecided one, having oval shaped frames must be a staple.

Round – if you adore John Lennon and the quirky eyeglasses that he always don, this type suit you. This shape, like the oval, flatters most of face shapes known to man.

Wayfarer – Ray-Bans are best known for this type and this shape had been around since the 1950’s. If it’s still hip up to this point in time, then there must be something about wayfarers that are pleasing to the eye, right?

Square – simply classified as a very hip and trendy frame. Pick this when you’re a crowd-magnet kind of chic or dude, this will fit you and your favorable aura.

Semi-Rimless – the look promised nothing but edge and activity. If you and the outdoors got a strong affinity, then semi-rimless must be your priority.

Rimless – brings out the minimalist in you. With a style so simple yet stylish, one could never go wrong with this class.

Pilot – being patterned to be used by where it got its name, pilot frames are being famous nowadays for giving-off an aura of retro slash modern slash function.

Cat-Eye – if you’re a confirmed movie fanatic and loves Jackie O., cat-eye frames is your cup of tea. Bring back an old school style and modernizing it to a sharp and upswept shape, this will definitely look stunning.


You might want to take a visit to these brands if you want to invest on sunglasses that are heavy duty, stylish and strongly in at the same time: Tory Burch, Ralph Lauren, Ray-Ban, Maui Jim, Oakley, The Rudy Project, Gucci, Burberry, Dolce and Gabbana and so much more.

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Paul Intalan

Ellis: A Mogul that’s incapable of dying


Men are hard to dress. Unlike women, men resort to wearing garments that are boring, straightforward and plain.

Maybe because of men’s masculine nature and affinity to anything that is not loud, they resorted to pieces of clothing that can easily be unnoticed, stiff-looking and incapable of vibrancy.

Even before, men also dominated the fashion industry and left a small space for women’s line which promises color, life and is the exact opposite of the traditional men’s wear.

Well one well-known designer made a humongous flip of the coin and introduced to the world the wonders of proportions, pattern and hues.

It was in the mid-1970 when Perry Edwin Ellis, an American fashion designer, became known for his bold attempt in introducing a trendy yet sophisticated wardrobe for women that is slowly being warped by the dominance of men’s line.

A Portsmouth, Virginia spawn, Ellis originally had his roots tied-up with business administration and retailing before submerging into the fashion industry.

With enough skills on the technical aspect of selling, he tested the waters of mass-retail focusing on developments under the women’s wear category.

Starting off as a buyer and seller at Miller and Rhoads, Ellis started his humble beginning as a huge name in fashion.

Perry Ellis

It was in the year 1970 when a former employer approached Ellis to design a collection for women, which was then dubbed as Portfolio, released in 1976.

After the success of Portfolio in 1976, the American women lunged at this opportunity of devouring a new sense of style through Ellis’ work and the designer’s success kicked-off to a continuous roll.

Perry Ellis International had been launched in 1978 which was blazed on fire when Ellis developed a non-traditional, modernly classic Men’s Collection.

Soon enough, the brilliant businessman in Ellis added other fashion pieces such as shoes, furs, accessories and perfume carrying his own name.

Two years after, the enterprise that Ellis started had revenues amounting to a whopping $60 million dollars.

Highly praised professionally and personally, Ellis believed that “fashion dies when you take it too seriously.” Of Perry Ellis’ fashion design, Michael Bastian remarked that “no one did it better…He was able to be modern and yet not come off antiseptic,” while Steven Kolb, CEO of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, described Ellis’ fashion as “my way to step forward in fashion, but to still have a comfort level. It helped define my personality.”

Even after his death in 1986, Perry Ellis is still widely-known as an important figure in fashion.

With an ever-expanding brand even after the emergence of modern names during the 21st century, Perry Ellis is still as alive as it how started by collaborations done by rising designers.

Furthermore, Perry Ellis is still on the process of innovating their current products which revolves on formal wear for men, undergarments, bags and accessories and perfumes for both men and women.

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Paul Intalan

Get Shocked with a G Shock


Time is gold. You must value time and spend it astutely. To tell time anywhere you are, it is compulsory for you to have a watch.

These days, there are a lot of companies of high quality wristwatches worldwide. One of the most prevalent brands is the Casio G-Shock watch. G Shock means Gravitational Shock.

They are chiefly designed for military, sports, and outdoor oriented activities. Now what makes it different from other brand names, aside from being water and shock proof, is the precision of the time it tells, because it is communicated with time signals from radio waves.

Aside from this accuracy, this watch also boasts an extensive diversity of styles. Its superb designs are eye-catching enough to display your fashion perceptiveness.

gshock casio

G Shock is a high-end brand of watch that brags its high quality features which include calculator and data storage used to save phone numbers, addresses, and other vital info.

It also has compass, stop watch, thermometer, altimeter, and barometer. This watch is widely held among a large number of men, however, they also came up with women’s watches like the Casio Baby-G watch which is a bit smaller than the original G-Shock but has similar attributes.

G-Shock is considered of high quality due to the materials used to manufacture the said watch, such as rubber, titanium, stainless steel, and resin.

These resources are integrated in the design to guarantee durability and effective shock resistance.

Above all, one of its prime attributes is its affordability and you can avail of it from a vast assortment of styles and features at very practical prices.


G-Shock watch is truly a sensation in the Casio Company. It can either come in analogue or digital, or even a combination of both.

You should contemplate on reading many different reviews on this product to corroborate its high quality.

There are quite a few negative feedbacks about it though, but it’s still commended and patronized by many for all the above-mentioned quality features you can consider to invest in these watches.

You can visit online shops to aid you in finding a vast range of G-Shock watches. These products are valuable and worth paying for as far as performance and durability are concerned.

Superiority and superb styles are two of the many motivations why millions are hooked up on this timepiece breakthrough.

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Raphy Salvador