Yellow bras: Warm up your bra collection this summer in all shades of sunshine

yellow bras

Gone are the days when you come home from bra shopping with usual black or red color bras. It’s time to try some new vibrant hue and yellow is trending this summer. Yellow bras have been spotted everywhere—ranging from fashion shows to red carpet.

Yellow has such a wide variance of shades that it can match with many different skin tones. So give your lingerie wardrobe a burst of sunshine and warm up your summer collection with these yellow bras.

1. A fancy yellow caged bralette for small cup sizes: These are sheer sexy bras made from lace. With a long line underband these bras are triangular in shape. The bra has different sizing from 4 to 14 and it’s something like ‘one cup size fits all’ as it stretches. If you have above B cup size this bra will support.

2. A yellow lace Bandeau: The shade of lemon in this bra is called Sunshine and this sexy lingerie can be worn in different ways for summer time. If you have large breast you can wear this bandeau layered over another bra for an attractive outfit. If you wear any top that has deep cut armholes this bandeau will save you from wardrobe malfunction. Moreover, this bandeau will match perfectly with a deep plunging V-neck dress.

3. Curvy Kate’s bra in Lemon Fizz for larger sizes: The yellow hue of this semi-sheer sexy bra is known as Lemon Fizz. It is available for larger cup sizes starting from D to above. However, the amazing part is, this bra gives you a rare combination. With the larger cup size the bra has small band sizes as well—all the way down to 28.

4. Yellow bra in sheer lace: This butter yellow colored bra has a half cup style with peek-a-boo center. The lace is designed in floral pattern. This is truly a sexy bra as one can see your nipple through the bra because of its lace-based design.

5. Yellow lace plunge bra: This is a pretty bra in Dandelion shade with a padded plunge. This one is specially designed for ladies who have small breasts yet they want to make them look busty. Due to the padded plunge this bra push-up breasts hence cleavage looks enhanced. Size differs from 30-38 with a cup size up to DDD.

6. Bright yellow T-Shirt bra: The shade of yellow in this bra is light and bright popularly called citrus. This one is a seamless T-shirt bra made of stretch microfiber which is appropriate if you wear loose t-shirt yet want to be feeling curvy. Foam-lined cups and side slings will make your bust line feel comfortable.

7. Yellow contour bra with leopard straps: All new contour bras in bright lemon color with a wide range of sizes to accommodate your bust line. This bra has leopard printed strap that has added a new dimension in flaunting your lingerie.

8. Yellow Racerback bralette: This racerback bralette is made of nylon/spandex along with floral stretch lace. The color of this bra is deeper yellow which is perfect for you if you don’t like brighter shades of yellow. Slightly thicker strap will make your beauty-bone and shoulder even sexier.

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Smells like Fashion: Scented Jeans

scented jeans

It’s the best and worst time of year. Hot afternoons in the park and long summer evenings out in a beer garden, are always offset by sweaty commutes and bad body odors. Most of us panic when we run out of the house without perfume on or forgot to bring our favorite cologne or perfume. So, could scented clothes be the answer?

Designers are doing something that could shake up the fashion world. Scented Jeans. YES.

A Portuguese company, Salsa, has created scented denim jeans, so you can stay fresh no matter where you go. These amazing and very creative jeans come in an assortment of washed out neon shades.

The beautiful five colors don’t all share the same scent, but correspond to their colored fruit. The colors in the collection are blue, yellow, pink, green and orange. Blue represents the scent for blueberry, yellow for lemon, pink for strawberry, green for apple and orange for, of course, orange.

The jeans have microcapsules embedded in their fabric which release the scent over time, meaning your skinnies still retain their fresh, fruity smell without needing to be washed. But even if you do wash them once a week, your jeans can actually stay scented for up to 20 washes and who really washes their jeans more than once a week?

These fragrance jeans are a great deal, too: 55 euros.

So is this genius or a tad too much? More to the point, would you wear them?

A pair of these would make a good conversation starter, though we can’t help but wonder just how fragrant these jeans are. Do you still need to wear perfume or would they overpower it? And no-one wants to smell like a car air freshener.

Would you consider buying a pair of scented jeans?

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The Rise of Fashion Brand Giant, Inditex


The unstoppable expansion of fashion brand conglomerates had been of the few reasons why the industry had been surviving to this very day. The risk involved in trying a new market, or releasing an unseen collection or battling an unknown trend is such a gargantuan task that only a few have mastered the art.

And since putting up a business is always a chance of hits and misses, many factors are to be considered before agreeing to a new venture. The biggest names in the fashion planet are the ones who have played with fire and went on to stretch.

They’re the ones who have never faltered in the belief that consumers would always appreciate something new. These brands, and all the people behind it, are confident in the ability of their chosen genre in clothing that somewhere, somehow, it will be patronized. With gambling, they either take something or loss something, but as how things are turning out, it seemed that they have reaped more than they sow.

Whenever that you pass by a shopping center, there are hordes of fashion names to be seen and choose from. Sometimes, people got optional paralysis on the numerous stores scattered left and right. But if you were to cite a huge fashion family, you might not think of this group which is slowly crawling its way up to the fashion food chain — The Inditex Group.

Industria de Diseño Textil, S.A. (Inditex) is a Spanish multinational clothing company headquartered in Arteixo, Galicia. It is made up of almost a hundred companies dealing in activities related to textile design, production and distribution. Amancio Ortega, Spain’s richest man, and the world’s fourth richest man, is the founder and current largest shareholder. The current chairman of Inditex is Pablo Isla.

Inditex, the biggest fashion group in the world, operates over 6,600 stores worldwide and owns brands like Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Oysho, Pull and Bear, Stradivarius, Zara, Tempe, and Uterque, and also a low-cost brand Lefties. The majority of its stores are corporate-owned; Franchises are only conceded in countries where corporate properties cannot be foreign.

The group designs and manufactures almost everything by itself, and new designs are dispatched twice a week to Zara stores.

Most manufacturing is now in low labor cost countries, mainly in Morocco, China, and Turkey, although much production continues in Spain and Portugal, particularly for its Zara brand. In addition, Inditex has a factory for shoe design, production and distribution in the town of Elche, on the Spanish Mediterranean coast.

The company started by introducing a new concept of fashion design: instead of long-lasting pieces of clothing, they offered a great variety at affordable prices. In the beginning, Zara became famous by offering clothing at low prices and then slowly worked its way up to match the quality of today’s best brands.

The Inditex conglomerate started in 1963 as a dressmaking company, which focuses on style, fabric and function. In 1975, they have ventured out commercially by opening the first Zara store in Galicia, Spain. The consumer leverage in this city had paid-off as they have made Zara a staple in clothing during its first few years.

International expansion had been evident in 1988 with Inditex opening their first international office in Oporto, Portugal. Today, Inditex’s stores can be seen in places like New York’s Fifth Avenue, Milan’s Piazza Duomo, London’s Regent Street and Oxford Street, Frankfurt’s Zeil, Shanghai’s Nanjing West Road, Tokyo’s Shibuya and Seoul’s Myeong-dong to name a few.

In the 1990s, Inditex began creating or acquiring subsidiaries to manage different collections: Bershka, Pull and Bear, Massimo Dutti, and Stradivarius.

In May 2001, Inditex turned into a publicly traded company, being valued at US$8 billion.

In 2008, Inditex launched Uterque, the new accessories brand of the company. Three inaugural flagship stores were opened in Madrid (Calle Serrano), Barcelona and A Coruna.

On 22 September 2008, Inditex opened its 4,000th store in the Ginza in Tokyo, considered one of the most important shopping areas in the world.

Inditex’s subsidiaries include their flagship brand Zara which carried different forms of fashion and styles like daily clothing, from informal to serious types of garments, dress and suits and technically fashion for men, women and children. Pull and Bear, on the other hand, focuses on laid-back clothing and accessories to urbanized young people on affordable ranges.

A more mellow youth-focused Pull and Bear is what Bershka is all about. Massimo Dutti, offers clothing that are more elegant, classic, and studied designs, for daily and formal clothes. It is more expensive than the rest of stores of the group.

It offers fashion for women, men and, recently, for children. Stradivarius’ focus is innovation for women fashion, Oysho targets women’s home wear and undergarments, Zara Home is the branch for domestic merchandise and Tempe is for footwear.

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The Revival of Denim Skirts

Denim skirt is another enduring classic that is making reappearance in the fashion scene. It was first introduced to mainstream in the ‘70s and has proliferated since then. It was actually the hippies in the sixties that invented the denim skirt by recycling old denim jeans into different styles.

Due to its versatility, denim skirts, after flagging out of the season for some time, is now littering the streets.

However, if wearing those denims reminds you of your frumpy high school outfits, fear not. Compared to the classic, front fly, fitted waist with belt loops and pockets denim skirt, what we have now ranges from A-line to flared pieces that will erase your awkward memories of your high school experience with these denims.

A-line denim skirts are comfy enough to be you’re every day wear that can be paired with a tucked jersey top to crisp shirt. Pencil denim skirts are better styled with front buttons instead of fly and are paired with crop tops.

Skater denim skirts give an impression of a laidback style. It’s good for some late summer outings especially paired with your wedges. Maxi denim skirts can make your legs look longer. Maxis are better with slits and paired with simple midriff-baring tops to avoid a frumpy get-up. This will, instead, give you an edgier look.

Taking advantage of denim skirts are not only limited in choosing the right cuts. Choosing the right hue is another factor in achieving a stylish get-up.

Denim on denim is never the wrong choice in wearing denim skirts. You just have to contrast the denim skirt with a slightly off hue wash for the top. White denims are also one of the hottest trends this summer.

Usually in minis, these white denims look good in metallic sandals and loose tees. You can also flirt around with multi-wash panel denim skirts. Paired with white, tucked, loose tees this casual outfit will push you another level above the others.

Denim skirts are not limited for the spring season. Wearing it in fall with biker boots has never look so sexier.

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When Oversizing Becomes a Power Tool in Fashion


When it comes to looking simply perfect, size is always of consideration. For time immemorial, tailor fits and skin tight clothes have taken the seat of power in the fashion scene in general. Soon as we noticed, we can now all surmise that the latest trend nowadays is to go loose.

This is the era in fashion where baggy t-shirts, slouchy coats, and slightly big dresses that have been pulled out in one’s closet and be paraded in public. Oversize garments are on the loose this season, especially for seasons like winter and fall, and fashion lovers of all age and genders are welcomed to join the fad.

Oversized items, when worn with mastery and skill are as glamorous as the skinny, body-hugging ones. These clothes were seen on the runway and collections with large shirts, tunics, skirts, pants, jackets, and dresses were showcased by designer labels like Gucci, Balenciaga, Chloe, and MOs chino.

Oversize is breaking all the fashion rules and is making clothes more comfortable to wear and sport. It is with oversizing that one can devour all the food that she can without worrying about fitting into that little black dress purchased for an important night of cocktail.

Sizing up is the new craze, than sizing down. But the vital key to standing out even while wearing an oversized attire, is to wear it right. For women, looking the part is like an amalgamation of tomboyish with feminine. There are a lot of options one can tryout to supersize and rock the look.

One general rule, when it comes to going huge is to keep the bottoms slim with tights, stockings, or fitted trousers, when the top is bulgy. And on the other hand if you choose to wear bulky bottoms like balloon skirts, flared palazzo pants, or Bermuda shorts, then keeping the top fitted will help balance the act.

There are plenty of options to splurge on. For women as far as tops are concerned they can choose from boyfriend shirts, buffalo plaid ponchos, big sweaters and jackets, slouchy t-shirts, oversized cardigans, and blazers. Big and long denim vests are a must have.

In fact, oversized men’s coats are the next big thing for the upcoming fall/winter; Trussardi, Chanel, Michael Kors, and Christopher Kane created interesting closures in neutral and dark shades for this year’s runway collection.

To add a little shape and structure to the achieved look, ornamenting with a belt or tucking the top in would do the trick. Petite sized girls should veer away from enormous bottoms and instead bet on for bigger tops. Fully figured women must not pick anything too wide, as this will work against their wonderful body structure.

With oversized clothes, less is more. It is better to keep accessories to a low tone and instead of rummaging for a branded shoulder bag or beach tote, opt for easy to carry clutch bags.

Keeping footwear simple and not going over the top, with chunky and grungy boots, will enhance the silhouettes of the attire. The oversized trend is slowly catching up and one can find big clutches, watches, hats, earrings and bags.

The men’s fashion is also bustling with oversized outfits. Larger than the normal-sized coats, and voluminous jackets, ran the shows at fashion weeks. Baggy jeans and loose t-shirts have been a principal with menswear for the longest of times.

But this period, it is wide sweaters, loose shirts, and relaxing pajama styled pants that are producing new style surfs. Baggy but cropped cotton pants are ideal for the summer, while the winter look includes large silhouetted woolen cardigans, puffy round sleeved jackets, and huge eccentric collared coats.


The flexibility of wearing an oversized garment is enticing designers to explore this profitable trend. The change began with big, bulky, and sculptural coats that progressively caught on to the rest of the trend. The biggest benefit of oversized fashion is that it fits any figure.

Dressing over proportion is making its way in fashion and is a rising trend, be it from street wear to couture, from relaxing holiday wear to formal wear, from casual wear to the red carpet, everyone seems to be sporting it.

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Bershka is a Gift to the Youth


With the ongoing development that fashion is under, it is no wonder that there had been spawns being born every single day. When you walk inside your favorite shopping center, you would be surprised that almost every month, there had been a new boutique opened, a new name and something that the curious lot would surely appreciate.

Collaborations of two old brands, or a new line put-up by a brave, just graduated fashion neophyte, or an international name stretching out to the whole world one country at a time, While it is with great assurance that patronizing big brands will be the safest bet, a voice inside of us would still push us to take risks, especially when the flavor of the brand and the price tags are just suitable to our pockets.

The curiosity killed the cat as they say, but the level of wonder that you’re feeling is something that should be attended too, and you know for a fact that no, it won’t kill you, hence, it will introduce you to something different.

Slowly hitting the world one place at a time is a store dedicated to cater to the young professional, fashionable market. You might have come across this name on a yuppie website or have read of it to your usual fashion magazine, and while not as gargantuan a name as H&M or Forever 21, Bershka will surely capture your attention. This store had been expanding thoroughly, and should I say, smartly, as they have put-up flagship stores to countries where the youth valued fashion more than the aged class.

Owned by the same prototype group that’s been handling equally huge names like Zara, Massimo Dutti, Pull and Bear, Oysho and Stradivarius, Bershka is the latest addition to the fashionable family of the Spanish Inditex group. This fashion branch had been created last April 1998 which solely aimed to please the young market. Currenty, Bershka is responsible for Spanish Inditex’s 10% of total sales made, which is such a huge contribution to a just-opened and just-introduced cluster of clothing line.

As of current count, Bershka had a whopping 973 stores in place and opened with over 64 countries being served. And while putting up stores all over the planet, Bershka, together with its sister fashion brands have ridden the wave of technological advancement by releasing an online market last September 2011. Some of the lucky countries who get to experience this online feat are France, Germany, Greece, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, China and the whole United Kingdom.

If you would be visiting a Bershka store, here are the types of styles and garments that you would witness: For men, feast your eyes with amazing basics like shirts, hooded jackets, sweaters and cardigans, trousers, jeans and a couple of accessories to choose from.

Ponchos and kimonos, dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, swimwear and denim, blouses — these are some things that women might be interested in. Some of the accessories that they offer ranges from belts, foulards and knit scarves, purses and even mobile phone accessories, hats and bags. Shoes are also in the shelf which includes sneakers, heeled sandals, wedges and ankle boots, sneakers and countless flats.

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Being Maison Martin Margiela Equaled Being Simple


There are a lot of names in fashion and some had left their marks on our minds like stamps. We have seen fashion evolve and devolve and we have never let go of it since this is one creative way of expressing ourselves.

Fashion, like society, is a way of life. We would never be tired of it no matter how demanding the trends are and would be nor would we put this aside as if it’s not a necessity. We all have been victims of its tight grasp and yet, we have loved every second of it.

And simply because of our undying love with fashion, we have crafted this dream of someday being able to contribute a new trend. Names in fashion had started off with humble beginnings, and people like Martin Margiela do know this by heart.

While keeping a low in being a famous persona in the fashion industry, Martin Margiela’s innate ability to create had never helped him to keep things undertone. His name had been bannered all over the fashion world and there’s no subtle way to put it but he had been one of the best designers of his generation.

Born April 9, 1957, Martin Margiela is a Belgian designer and the sole founder of Maison Martin Margiela which is a very famous fashion house known to those who are on the upper echelons of the society. He pursued his designer dream by finishing off his studies in Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 1979.

Shortly after graduation, Margiela tread down the steep hill to success by freelancing for five straight years. This talented creator also had been under the supervision of another big name Jean Paul Gaultier between the years 1985 and 1987.

By having almost a decade after graduation, Martin Margiela finally came out of his cocoon and released his very first collection under his own label in 1989 partnering with business mogul Jenny Meirens.

With his talent and continuous creativity stashed on his belt, Margiela had been Hermes’ creative director for six years starting 1997 and he was also appointed in 2010 as a guest member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture which is an association for high-end fashion designers.

During the 1980s, the Japanese avantgardists, with Rei Kawakubo—creator of the label Comme des Garçons—had turned the fashion scene upside-down with their eccentric and ground-breaking designs.

Martin Margiela and the Antwerp Six would carry on the work, revolting against the luxurious fashion world with garments of oversized proportions such as long arms, and with linings, seams and hems on the outside.

The concept of deconstruction (also embraced by Kawakubo) is important for the understanding of Margiela’s fashion statement. Margiela famously redesigns by hand objects such as old wigs, canvases and silk scarves into couture garments.

Throughout his career, Margiela has maintained a low personal profile. He has never had his picture taken and remains backstage after his shows. All media contact is dealt with via fax.

Maison Martin Margiela’s ultradiscreet trademark consists of a piece of cloth with the numbers 0-23. The badge is attached to the inside with four small, white, pick stitches, exposed to the outside on unlined garments. For the 20th anniversary the anonymous tag was replaced by a classic logotype.

After Margiela’s brand was acquired by OTB group in 2002, Margiela left due to creative differences and desire to live life outside the fashion industry.

Currently, Martin Margiela is not associated with any type of brand including his very own fashion house which is now in the hands of John Galliano. With rumors rising, Margiela is said to make a huge come back this year with a fresh and youthful start.

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What’s With the Bob?

Bob with a side bangs

The temperature is warming up and your hair is gathering at the back of your nape. You only have two options. You can gather it in a bun or in ponytail, as you’re too busy – or too lazy – to braid your hair or you simply don’t know how. OR you can decide to cut it short – only you’re afraid of scissors especially when they’re just a few inches away from your precious hair.

Most women prefer long hair over short ones. It seems that the old adage about your hair being your crowning glory only applies if you have long, glossy mane, which is so not true. You can still turn heads and entice people without flipping your hair and just a simple bob.

A bob is a short haircut at around jaw-level usually of women with bangs to match. Bob hairstyle is a safe choice, as it matches shape faces from square to round.

There are also different types of bob. You can opt for the usual straight, jaw-level bob, the classic Marilyn Monroe style, the short tousled bob, or bob with bangs.

According to Patrick Melville, a hairstylist in New York, bobs highlights your cheekbones and creates an illusion of sculpted cheeks. It also adds fullness to your features especially if you have thin and short face.

Layered bobs are advisable for these face shapes, only make sure that the layers don’t go past your shoulders. It will seem more like an overlooked hair of an unfinished hairstyle than the chic, easy to manage bob you’re going for.

Bobs with blunt bangs takes away the focus from wrinkles and soften features. The fringes and wispy ends can make you look younger. However, if you’re looking for a more matured, and sophisticated look, the edges and cuts of bobs with straight bangs will do the trick.

Despite of bobs being effortless hairstyles, it does not mean you will completely neglect your hair. You also need to check on your hair once in a while to avoid damage.

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A Run-Through On 2015’s Met Gala

Riri In Imperial Robe-
Of course if someone’s going to nail any costume party, it must be Rihanna! Donned in an imperial yellow fur-trimmed robed, Riri has – yet again – gone all out! It was made by no other than Beijing-based Chinese couturier Guo Pei, whose works will also be put on display for this year’s Met exhibition in which the theme is “China: Through The Looking Glass.”


However, before we precede ooh-ing and aah-ing to this year’s red carpet show of haute couture fashion collections, taupe lips to bold inky eye makeup, and high-profile jewelry designer donned celebrities, let’s first define what Met Gala is.

Met Museum

Met Gala is formally known as the Costume Institute Gala, which was annually celebrated as a fundraising event that would benefit Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City.

Each year, the guests are free to choose their formal dresses as long as it conforms to the theme of the exhibit.

Met Exhibit
The museum was founded around the 1870s and was originally located in the Fifth Avenue. It has a wide range of arts collections such as the paintings and sculptures from famous, classical masters across Europe. It also includes art from the African, Asian, and Oceanic region of the world in different timelines – from classics to modern.

In this year’s exhibit, the y will feature more than a hundred couture and ready-to-wear pieces of Western fashion influenced by the Chinese art in low-lit galleries.

The exhibition is just half the part of this annual high-profile event.

Under the management of Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, the guest-list for this year’s gala will be the other half of the entertainment.

This year’s theme has been the cause of apprehension for some spectators, as the red carpet will be a carnival show of stereotypes. So, to avoid such incidences, they predicted many will opt for a little red in there and a little gold in that for safety precaution. But of course, there are the risk-takers. Take a look at some of these celebrities.

Solange Knowles

Aside from Riri’s attention grabbing – and space-taking – robe is Solange Knowles Giles Deacon Dress with an abstract, galaxy-looking design in a Christian Louboutin shoes.

attends the "China: Through The Looking Glass" Costume Institute

Kate Hudson in her Michael Kors dress is just one of the many celebrities that wore the scene’s bronze and gold staple. Others include Fan Bingbing in a gold dress worn with a cape, Anne Hathaway in a Ralph Lauren hooded-dress, and Feifei Sun in another Michael Kors dress.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker in H&M dress turned up at the gala with flaming-red headpiece. She does not just turned heads, but her photos boomed in the internet next to Rihanna. She really took the theme by heart.

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On the Rise: Rad Hourani


“I don’t understand why a man has certain things he’s allowed to wear and women have skirts, and flower prints and high heels,” [Rad Hourani] said. “I don’t understand who made these rules.”

This was the statement made by Rad Hourani of RAD on his talk to Misty White Sidell of the Daily Beast in Paris on the last day of the Paris’s spring 2013 haute couture presentations.

Hourini was a Canadian fashion designer born in Jordan. His unique outlook on the neutrality of gender made his designs stand-out from the usuals in the past couture presentations.

Meeting the styles together to create a unique blend of a man and a woman’s clothes has been his couture art. His workmanship is composed of simple, indistinct array of garments that were modeled with the look of silent severeness and angular faces. These create simple artistic, futuristic designs.


Haute couture is the art of making fashion by hand from start to finish, only made with expensive, high-quality fabrics sewn together to the littlest details by excellent dressmakers.

He was currently one of the eleven designers of couture in the list of “inviteds” announced by the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Paris who determines which fashion houses are eligible to be true haute couture houses. It was already a high privilege and a brilliant milestone in his career.

Hourini already has a permanent studio in Paris, France named, “Rad Hourani Unisex Gallery at 75 Rue Charlot.”

“A pair of trousers will cost about $7,000. A jacket will cost around $15,000.” [He] stated to David Graham of However, rarely do couture buyers recoil from the price as they see it as an art.

Rad Hourani has already launched his own collections of couture designs and has an exhibition on May 7th to May 13th of 2015 from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm at his studio in Paris, France.

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