Onitsuka Tiger is Japan’s contribution to global fashion


Japan had been known all over the planet as a country which shouts of development and anything modern. They have been viewed as the tech-savvy ones; by far one of the best bunch of intellectual beings that have ever roamed the Earth.

Aside from the technology that they have channeled, they are also known in keeping their natural roots intact, hence, the abundance of shrines and the never-ending legend of ninjas.

As the country moved a long time, they have reached the deepest corners of the place where we live in and put their ‘Made in Japan’ tapered on every electronic device we put our hands into.

They haven’t stopped from being influential; they also have immersed themselves into the world of fashion by taking good care of the absurd yet fashion-forward trends.

We have seen costume plays and Harujuku ladies being paraded on social media, the eccentric approach on a simple clothing design and the very way that they flipped it to be Japanese is such an amazing skill.

One testament that the Japanese folks never ceased to put us in awe, is through a shoe brand named Onitsuka Tiger, and yes, it’s a must-have.

Dubbed to be one of the oldest shoe companies in the Land of the Rising Sun, Onitsuka Tiger had been mightily standing to be a brand worthy of your respect.

Patronized by a lot of shoe lovers in a global scale, the brand is known for their minimalist approach in releasing sport shoes that are functional and editorial at the same time.

Some even have joked that if a guy isn’t an owner of an Onitsuka Tiger pair, then he’s missing how good it felt to own a shoe. Rooted from a former military officer by the name of Kihachiro Onitsuka, the shoe brand has been an attempt to place a shot in the business world, postwar.

Futhermore, the company has been originally built to boost the youth’s drive in starting their lives again through athletics, hence, the focus on sports shoes. It is quite expected that an Onitsuka Tiger pair is made to help the owner by its sophisticated make and purposive models.

The design of the shoe is meant for basketball and the components are pegged on helping players not to topple when playing the sport. With a well-conceptualized tweaks of adding cups and holes through its soles, this would definitely aid sturdy support and smart arching of the heels.

Several sports personalities have helped Onitsuka Tiger gain more audience aside from its home country with the likes of Tooru Terasaw, Abebe Bikila, Phillip Knight and Bill Bowerman.

It was in the year 1970s, when Onitsuka established a strong footing in the world of fashion and trade as the Japanese Team in the Munich Olympics worn the FABRE (Fast Break) line, further proving the shoes’ capacity in every type of sport.

Currently, Onitsuka Tiger is nothing but an iconic and a vintage shoe line which is being handled by the sports brand ASICS. Since its inception and execution in 1949, Onitsuka have been fairly known to have created shoes meant for sports such as martial arts, cheerleading, volleyball, track and field, football, long-distance running and cross-training.

You don’t need to fret as the vintage Onitsuka Tiger shoes are still on the market and can still be purchased despite the liquidation of its mother company.

The Mexico 66 Line, dubbed to be the brand’s best selling pair, can be availed through sports stands worldwide.

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2016 New York Fashion Week


Fashion Week in New York has finally started! And it includes the highly anticipated parade of Givenchy, which exceptionally will cross the Atlantic.

New York, with its stars, its glitter and surprises – including the rain could spoil the debut of the festival – traditionally launches the ball of Fashion Weeks, followed by London, Milan and Paris.

What to know for spring-summer 2016 fashion shows in New York:

Givenchy headlining

The French house abandoned Paris and will present her collection, staged by the Serbian artist Marina Abramovic, famous for its experimental shows.

Extremely rare in fashion, more than 800 seats were given to the general public, and 200 for fashion students, who can attend, alongside celebrities and journalists, the parade, which will also be broadcast live in six locations in Manhattan.

It will be under the theme “Celebration of love” wanted by the artistic director Riccardo Tisci, who celebrates ten years as head of collections for women and men as well as home accessories.

New showcase

Exit noisy and commercial tents at Lincoln Center, the heart for five years of Fashion Week. Parades migrate further south in the former post Moynihan Station on 33rd Street and Clarkson in Soho Square. Made Fashion Week always presents its emerging designers to Milk Studios. Many designers also continue to present their collections elsewhere in the city.

Fashion Week has also changed its name after the withdrawal of his main sponsor Mercedes-Benz. Exit the “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week,” Long live “New York Fashion Week: the shows.” The calendar, now owned by the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) was a bit lighter after creating a week of separate Male fashion: 308 shows, presentations and private parties, against 362 last season.

Mannequins disabled

“I hope that by the modeling I can change people’s vision on disabled” says Madeline Stuart. At 18, this young Australian with Down syndrome will scroll Sunday FTL MODA which, in partnership with the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, scrolls disabled mannequins. Rebekah Marine, an American of 28 years, which has an artificial arm also scroll for the second time.

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Zendaya launches her new shoe line collection

Zendaya spotted looking radiant while arriving into an office building in Midtown, New York City Pictured: Zendaya Ref: SPL1095550  050815   Picture by: Felipe Ramales / Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles:	310-821-2666 New York:	212-619-2666 London:	870-934-2666

Yes! The Disney starlet, actress, singer, producer, and red carpet regular have grown and now officially become a shoe designer. Zendaya is very excited to share with everyone and her fans that she is launching her brand new shoe line that will be out on spring next year. This latest project of Zendaya is a partnership with Titan Industries, which is a famous footwear company.

Last 5th of August, Zendaya launched and debut her spring 2016 shoe collection in the big apple, New York City. Her collection is called “Daya” which is a nickname called by her closest friends and family. The collection is also co-created by her longtime and the well-known stylist, Law Roach.

Daya Collection

The Zendaya’s collection showed-off her unique style with the bright colors of the shoes like yellow, purple, bright blue, and etc. The different style of this collection is very exceptional with its cut out details, fringe embellishments, wedges, slides, pointed-toe flats and block heels which is in the latest trend are just some of the styles that her shoe collection showcases.

The beautiful 18 year old had an exclusive interview with the “Footwear News” regarding her latest shoe collection. “I wanted shoes that were going to speak for themselves. If the consumers didn’t know who the heck I was, which a lot of people don’t, they are still going to like the shoes, I don’t want people buying because they’re Zendaya shoes — they are for everyone” she said.

Zendaya wanted her shoe collection to have a wide variety of styles including slides, sneakers, strappy platforms and pumps and she also wants it to be very affordable for her fans, “Doing my best to get the best prices but not sacrifice the quality of the shoe, feel me? #igotyouboo” She shared on her official Twitter account. Zendaya‘s shoe line will launch in Spring 2016 and prices will range under $225.

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Would you go try some bubblenails?


Decorating the nails is actually one of the many perks of being a woman. We all have been exposed to different and endless ways of adding a pop to one’s set of nails, such as the legendary French tip, the bold one-toned polish, the matte finishes and the various types of nail art.

Slowly, women succumbed into getting the fad no matter how absurd it looked at first, and since riding the waves of trends have been deemed fabulous, once a nail style picks up a fire, it will spread ceaselessly.

One of the most famous nail trends circulating around social media moguls such as Instagram and Twitter is the innocuously looking photos of nails that are like fanciful nail arts but blatantly on a different family. Hashtags say that this craze is called as bubblenails.

Fashion addicts have given the bubblenails a mixed reception due to the absurdity and the coolness that this new trend channel. Some who tried it have loved every bit of the design while others shamefully broadcasted over social media that getting bubblenails is some fashion mistake overblown.

Bubblenails are technically designs which resemble that of a bubble being tacked on your nails. They looked as if they are mini-balls of color popping out of your fingers. Women are known patrons of anything with hue, hence, the growing addiction and following.

According to some nail experts, your manicurist would need a lot of acrylic to get the design done. It will start with a small amount of polish to be applied in the middle of your finger in a ball-sized manner.

Once it dries out, more and more coats would be applied and dried with an epicenter which is higher than the rest of your nails. Your manicurist won’t stop coating and applying nail polish on it up until you have a humped nail that looks like a shell of a turtle.

Depending on the color and design you’d choose, the main aim is to achieve a raised center of the nail, with the sides significantly ‘lower’ (due to thin polish applications) than the rest. Also, getting bubblenails isn’t an easy task to carry out as acrylic applications should and must be perfect every time.

One thing that bubblenails promise is the fact that your hands would surely be noticeable when you sport the fad. Many people are joining this bandwagon via using and infusing nail stickers and nail art templates to make it more visually appealing.

Some women also stick with the power of using a striking and bold color so as to emphasize the biblical finish. Like it or not, pretty much it would stick around for a few more months and due to the edge it might bring, it will definitely become a hit more than everybody’s expectations.

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Elegant lipsticks – Next for Louboutin’s bold 2015 releases


After the ventures of the fashion brand Louboutin on getting your heels strapped with nude colors and the designer made nail polish, they have another surprise to those who got hooked by their charming and surprising releases for 2015.

The brand will again tickle their market’s fancy by crafting their first ever take to make-up which focuses on a wide array of lipstick shades to be made public in Saks Fifth Avenue this coming September.

Finally, after so many years of waiting, the glorious house of Louboutin paves way for them to be known and patronized to in the league of beauty moguls such as Naked, NARS, Clinique, Revlon and Maybelline.

What sets the future Louboutin lipsticks a cut above the rest is the luxurious packaging that the companies have decided to put in. You might be shocked to see these lipsticks not placed on their normal tubes but on something gold and glittering.

The brand twisted the conventional way of packaging and resorted into placing their lipstick line on mini masterpieces of art, which have been pegged on olden times’ Babylonian architecture, the art Deco movement and the glamorous Queen Nefertiti of Egypt.

With this follow-up on the streak of Louboutin releases, which focused on elements of fresh ideas and revamping the basics, this latest object of art slash lip savers would be catching fire as soon as it hits the stands.

Even more so, the look of the tube is on the same physique as that of a gilded bullet case, which is gold in color that gives off elegance and purpose at the same time. The lipstick’s proposed packaging can also double as a necklace pendant when users put a ribbon or any type of material that can work as a chain.

The luscious lipstick line is said to be having three textures which are Silky Satin, Sheer Voile and Velve Matte which all came from inspirations drawn to the fashion brand’s former handbags and shoes.

Through each texture lie a total of 36+1 different shades—20 hues for the Silky Satin, nine colors for the Velve Matte line and nine shades as well for the Sheer Voile collection. Out of all these shades, the special Rouge Louboutin shade would be on top of all as this one is different packaged. Instead of being enclosed in the golden gilded bullet case, the Rouge is set to be made public in a more precious black lacquer case.

The said lipstick collection would be available at $90 per shade and will be widely distributed in September. Get your hands on this brave Louboutin make-up endeavor as soon as you can and feel the rush of regal dominating your fashionable alter-ego.

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Get to know: Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid is making a big way in the fashion world by storm, she is one of the hottest and famous super models to be named in the fashion world at the moment. She has walked in the most famous and glamorous fashion shows of different well-known brands like Marc Jacobs and Chanel.

She has also appeared in the magazines such as VMAN, Elle, Cleo, Sports Illustrated, Paper magazine, Vogue and many more. In also in year 2012 she was the new face of Guess.

Jelena Noura Hadid or “Gigi” Hadid was born on April 23, 1995 in Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter of the real-estate development mogul Mohamed Hadid and the former model and reality TV star Yolanda Foster. Gigi was discovered by Paul Mariano of Guess when she was 2 years old and later on started modeling for Baby Guess.

Gigi Hadid Guess

After graduating from high school in 2013, she moved to New York City to concentrate on her studies, as well as start her modeling career. In February 2014, she made her New York Fashion Week debut, she walked the runway for Desigual’s show. She also made her debut in Jeremy Scott’s show the same year in March.

Gigi is hard working and dedicated and, despite being busy with the growing number of job offers and commitments, she still wishes to finish her study forensic psychology.

She is capable with strong enthusiasm and determination, she also stands out not just as a model, but also as a sportswoman, she is the captain of a volleyball team and an accomplished horse rider.

Kendall Gigi Karlie

Now, Nineteen-year-old model is one be the hottest rising star in the modeling industry alongside sharing the catwalk with her best friends Kendall Jenner and Karlie Kloss.

She was recently featured in Calvin Harris and Disciples Music Video for “How deep is your love” where she showcases her sexy and perfect body.

Here watch the latest music video:

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Balenciaga to be left by Wang, new fash prodigy wanted


It can be remembered when fashion prodigy Alexander Wang joins Balenciaga last December 2012 utter this statement, “I am deeply honored to embark on this new role for a brand and house that I have such great admiration and respect for.” Truthfully, it is such an elating and exciting feeling for the general fashion market when it combined two humongous names all under one roof, Wang x Balenciaga is one of the best mashup ever grace the industry. Alexander Wang replaced Nicolas Ghesquiere as Balenciaga’s creative director some 3 years ago and the journey of Wang and his new fashion empire started rolling until recently.

Alexander Wang had been responsible in giving the prestigious brand’s mark in creating editorial fashion a youthful jolt while retaining its regal heritage. Wang had focused on enticing the market’s taste by reviving some old styles and fusing in his own interpretation of styles and fads onto Balenciaga’s men’s, women’s and accessories ventures.

The innovation and creativity that Alexander Wang had displayed in his designing career had been usually compared to that of Cristobal Balenciaga’s, hence, the bequeathing of the coveted role and trumping out another equally talented craftsman, Christopher Kane.

The luxurious way on how Wang creates his masterpieces, the androgynous take on finely knitted cashmere-pegged wear and the solid fashion foundation via New York’s Parsons School of Design make him a strong contender to continuously reprise the role of being the French fashion house’s main brain.

Reports have been released that Alexander Wang’s leadership as Balenciaga’s creative director will now come to an end as the fashion outfit’s parent company Kering decided not to renew the designer’s contract anymore.

No reasons have been said about this abrupt decision, but it will be clear that Wang would continue feeding his creative juices via his eponymous label set in New York. Also, Balenciaga’s Spring 2016 collection would be the last works of Alexander Wang that the public can witness which is set to be rolled on the runway for Paris Fashion Week in October 2.

Both Wang and Balenciaga have nothing bad to say about each other as they have relayed messages of thank you and good luck on the new paths they’d be trekking come October this year. Known to be the fashion industry’s golden boy, Alexander Wang is up to exit the brand with his head held high and is currently planning to put more focus on his growing fashion maison after Balenciaga career.

Some rumors have been circulating on as to who would go next to Balenciaga’s majestic creative director post, but one thing that’s above all else is that the fashion house would recruit a designer with lesser fame as compared to the two former heads.

With the recent flurry of Gucci upon acquiring Alessandro Michele, Balenciaga is now opting to get someone who is low on the fashion radar and is hoping that the same synergy would be reaped. Names like Christopher Kane and Paco Rabanne’s Julien Dossena are close to the line, but Balenciaga isn’t opening its mouth for validation and comments.

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See Gigi Hadid often as Topshop’s newest face


The world of fashion has known Topshop for its eloquent take in street wear and ready-to-wear garbs. In almost every corner of the world, Topshop is very much famous as a fashion pillar for pieces that are mainly editorial and yet reachable to the general buying public.

Topshop’s black and white garments, the grandiose in their fur pieces, the shimmering golden bangles, the sleek stilts and the corporate slash high-fashion pegs have been an instant craze for women in the global scale.

Truthfully, Topshop has been a strong fashion brand for all its glorious year in the business, and it does have the capacity of hiring bagshot names from the modeling clique, without so much as begging for the chosen model to do their advertisements and campaigns.

The name of Topshop itself is a cake that all wanted to partake, and yet only selected people are pinpointed to have their slice of shares.

Recently, we have seen model turned actress Cara Delevingne jump from her bountiful modeling career to the movie industry and this have left Topshop faceless for the autumn season.

There have been high-filed names but Gigi Hadid made it to be Topshop’s latest model slash endorser.

Gigi Hadid has been slowly making rounds to equally famous fashion names such as Balmain and Max Cara for this year’s winter adverts.


Truth be told, there would be no hard feelings when Hadid took over the vacated seat left by Delevingne as the two models are known to be real friends.

Hadid is expected to be a Topshop’s latest pin-up girl for the remaining months of the year and the general fashion industry would be seeing more of this American model through a series of sporty-pegged looks and eveningwear to be released by the brand.

Hadid have been the best bet and best decision that Topshop has done since this uprising model have a generous following on several social networking sites such as Instagram with a whopping 4.9 million followers.

Gigi Hadid’s presence in social media would definitely help Topshop reach a better audience without spending too much as Hadid’s fashion posts would be flipped as sublime campaigns.

Quoting Sir Philip Green, Topshop’s owner, “We are continually developing our footprint across all markets with ambitious plans both in the UK and internationally and I feel like Gigi is an ideal ambassador to underpin these efforts.”

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Meet the print of fall: Houndstooth

Miu Miu FallWinter 2015-2016 Collection

Denims, camouflage, bold lip shades… The list of classics goes on and it seems this year is the revival of those. Or maybe not. With the undulating cycle of bringing the old trend back to be the current hottest fashion style, it is hard to keep track of what is original and just new to the eye. Yet whether the look is new or old or recycled, the love for what’s on today is not diminishing – especially with the pieces treated with a fresh outlook.

In this fall, another classic that has made its appearance is the Houndstooth. While it is never totally out of the fashion scene, numerous sightings of this print in runways for this year have defined what the print will hit the stores as the intense heat of summer gives way to leaves falling down into the ground in a riot of muted colors.

Houndstooth is of Scottish origin, particularly of the lowlands where the print is first woven into fabrics of wool in a twill pattern. Later on, as De Pinna of New York City introduced Houndstooth to the fashion world in 1885, a variety of forms of this print appeared in the industry marking its place in the runways and on stores since then. Yet is wasn’t until the fifties did the print reached its full glory and became an Audrey Hepburn favorite.

In the current style, Miu Miu Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear included Houndstooth in their collection themed by postmodernism and plastic, fake, and artificial. Houndstooth are treated in arrays of colors, all looking unnatural and borderline plastic layered with classics from the fifties to the nineties.

There are also other collections of Houndstooth where the print was partnered with lace. Designers such as from Michael Kors, Rodarte, and Altuzarra went with this formula. Designers used the Houndstooth as layering over dresses, skinnies, and the tops often with lace as part of the fabric.

Handset for 2015 often appears in small forms called puppytooth and usually shown in outerwears like blazers, yet there are also some in skirts and tops, and pants. From earth tones to bold colors, Houndstooth or shall we say puppy tooth, has evolved from its classic look.

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From short sleeves to long sleeves: What you need to know for the in look this fall


While we obsessed about the silhouettes, colors, and designs, another important part of a clothing piece is the sleeves. Though we look up on sleeves as part of the whole cut and never as a separate one, sleeves still play a huge part on how the clothing pieces would look like.

It is also our most common ground in determining which one is suited for fall and winter and which one is for summer and spring season. Yet apart from those, sleeves have also become what we look at in looking for the definition of what style is the current trend.

Racy and sexy? Covered and Sophisticated? Or a bit of both? With such matters stated, it is only essential we get acquainted with our kind of sleeves (the one you commonly wear every day) and what kind is currently on trend in order to learn how to intersperse our comfort with style.

Miu MiuMiu Miu Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

For the Fall/Winter 2015-2016 Fashion Trend, amongst all the sleeves we see on the runway, the limelight falls on puffy sleeves. Puffy sleeves are originally short sleeves and often associated with children’s clothing, wedding dresses, and a piece of a wardrobe piece from your grandmother.

However, it seems not to be the case this season. From the 80s, puffy sleeves are pinched, tweak, poked, and brought to the modern world by designers such as Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, and Givenchy to name a few of the prominent labels in the industry.

While some stick to the traditional, many has gone of the way to create a new look for the puffy sleeves. Givenchy partnered lace and a timeless black in creating puffy sleeves for a look that of a Victorian style. It is the same as the collection from Louis Vuitton who used lace and designed a crop top with puffed sleeves.

On the other hand, it is from Alexander Wang and Balenciaga’s collection that we see the puffed sleeves as the center of attention as they are mostly a part of the designer’s collection on dresses and coats.

Putting puff sleeves as a part of your regimen in ramping your sartorial taste can give you advantages. The volume puts on your shoulders, make it look strong and put on the illusion that you have a smaller waist. Puffed sleeves are most suited for pear and square body shape.

While puffed sleeves stole the scene, there are also other sleeves that caught the eyes many. With the appearance of Victorian and Edwardian fashion on the runway scene from the Italian designer collections such as Emilio Pucci and Bottega Veneta, we can’t help but admire the frills and bows that makes for a romantic atmosphere. It is not the only thing however, lace tops with bishop sleeves are one of the pieces you’d love to take home.

There are also the tailored sleeves from the collections of Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Givenchy, Gucci, Alexander Wang, Comme des Garcons and Balenciaga. From the shows presented by these designers, we are reminded that comfort should not be forgotten in favor of style.

With a variety of sleeves presented in different types of cuts, you’ll never run out of choices. However, if you still opt of for the traditional ones, many of them are yet to be out of the fashion scene with long sleeves in turtlenecks and three-fourths still within sight in current’s what’s hot.

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