Bright Neon Trends


The world is full of colors. Wherever people may go, whatever they do, whenever they want to, they can see colors. Colors put life to each and every thing in this world; it adds creativeness, fun and soul to anything that crosses its path. What if the world is black and white? What if there are no colors at all? Everything seems to be lifeless without colors. One of the things that people commonly associate or pair colors with is through fashion. Color is creative, so as fashion.

When people say colors, they commonly associate it with clothes to wear. Clothes are the best way to express their stylish innovations, and color is surely one. Some people loves wearing simple color shades such as white and black, and some would like to go out of the box and wear fashion with unique color combinations. Some would go in contrasting colors, but others think it’s untrendy and prefer dressing complementing colors. Speaking about colors, a flashy trend has definitely caught the eyes of the fashion world these past few years.


This brightly colored or famously known as neon colored clothes and accessories have definitely took the fashion world by storm. This year, the neon show began, from clothes down to nails, from bags down to lips; everything has been a success for this bright trend. Neon colors became a trend because it gives an extra boost and swag to various ensembles. Neon is perfect for highlighting different fashion but too much of it may cause quite a headache. One can match this brightly colored trend to simple colored ensembles, they can also use it with non-contrasting neon apparels.


This fall season, neon styles have paraded different red carpets and fashion shows all around the globe. It gives a classy and outstanding look for fall season outfits. It also adds attention and emphasis to several accessories rather than wearing neutral colors. Indeed, neon colors have been dominating the fashion scenes, with this trend; everything becomes classy, flashy and fun.

Archie Fegidero

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