Braving a Brand New Year with Stylish Risqué Nets

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Lately, we have been seeing a lot of fashion icons and celebrities donning the legendary always-stylish fishnet tights.

The very sexiness and sultry aura that fishnet tights give off has always been a craze for a lot of women, and there are more ways to sport it like a pro.

Some might think that wearing these kinds of stockings would somewhat result in being vulgar, but when worn fashionably, fishnet tights might even put you on top of the fashion food chain.

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Usually made up of interlocking and weaved mesh of black net, it really does resemble the tool used for fishing and the only variation you’d be able to notice is how wide the weaves are. Women succumb to the power of this garment when they feel playful with their outfits but shockingly, fishnet tights can be worn in more ways that would channel your creative side.

Fishnet tights also have the capability of making your legs look shapely and defined. The visual treat that the nets provide also obscures any imperfections on your torso, without adding bulk or using any type of covering material. The real question when a woman decides to don fishnet tights is why exactly does she want to wear them in the first place?

Though always connoted as part of lingerie than daily clothing, a woman must be able to establish that can add pizzazz to her chosen ensemble. If you’re tempted to wear fishnet tights in the office, make sure to get a micronet so that it will look as if you’re wearing a glistening pair of stockings instead. Aside from black, it will also be best if you pick colors such as slate gray or navy blue for an office setting.

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For girly night-outs, try to experiment by wearing a couple of fishnet tights with different or contrasting colors. The playful color and the unassuming design would definitely work with tattered denim shorts to give you a more carefree yet fashionable finish.

When going out for a date, you can also patronize this garment by pairing it with a dress. This look will exude a vintage feel as if you’re part of the movie Great Gatsby.

Feel more regal by pairing fishnet tights with the right dress type such as wraparounds. If you want to hint on sexiness without going over the top, put fishnet tights into play with a knee-length skirt and boots that are below the knees. This would definitely serve its purpose of hinting at being sultry yet fashionable at the same time.

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