Boats and Unmistakable Serenity in Corpus Christi

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Traveling to the feisty state of Texas in the United States of America is such a worthwhile experience on its own. But if you wish to know Texas on a deeper level then head straight to Corpus Christi and satisfy this desire completely.

With its location in the city by the placid lake, Corpus Christi is now becoming known through the vibrant and exuberant feedback from visitors, making them want to come back as soon as they leave.

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Spaniard colonizers named the city after a Roman Catholic holy day and with everything that Corpus Christi experienced in the past, everyone can expect nothing but growth and development for the years to come.


Relative to its positioning in Texas, you can find Corpus Christi as the closest to a huge body of water. The city spans a total of 460.2 square miles for both its water and land divisions.

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Some of the lakes that supply water to the whole of Corpus Christi include Lake Corpus Christi and Lake Texana.


As expected from a Texan city, Corpus Christi experiences long, hot summers and very short, mild winters. According to the Koppen Climate Classification, the city has a humid subtropical climate, which has the characteristics of being cold from November to February and warm for the remaining months starting March.

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Temperatures can go as high as 43-degrees Celsius and drop to 9.2-degrees Celsius when the holiday season kicks in. As for precipitation, the city accumulates a total of 31.73 inches annually with 76.6 days of rain in a year.


Since US roads and highways are structured quite well compared to other countries, it is easier for a traveler to locate Corpus Christi bordering Interstate 37. Bus transportation is solely provided by the Corpus Christi Transportation Authority that caters to a total of 38 routes in maneuvering you to explore the whole town.

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Oddly, the city does not cater to ferry, cargo and passenger vessels despite the fact that it is located near a body of water. When traveling by air, the Corpus Christi International Airport will be your entry and exit point.

What to See

Heritage Park

Once known as a place for old, rustic homes, Heritage Park has evolved into being one of the most visited spots in the whole of Corpus Christi. Now, you can lay your eyes on a dozen houses which scale from the most esoteric to the grandest, dating as far back as 1851.

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Aside from that, you can feel the historical value of the place itself as it is easy to see remnants of some old houses moved out of the streets to pave way for it to become a park.

North Beach

What better way to attest to Corpus Christi’s obvious affinity to water than by visiting the beaches it offers? Have a serene walk along the wide shorelines found in the famous North Beach, or take a thrilling dip in its crystal clear waters.

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Have a great summer escapade by getting in touch with the locals and never miss out on the fun brought about by spending some time under the sun.

Texas State Aquarium

Due to their reputation as a community of sea-loving people, locals of Corpus Christi have erected the Texas State Aquarium to house marine life that can be found within their marine territories.

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Here, you’ll be introduced to a circular course of exhibits which replicate what you can see beneath the surface of the water. Some of the marine life sheltered by the aquarium includes sharks, groupers, turtles, otters and even alligators.

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