Blossoms is Certainly Not Just another Band from England

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England is such a music-rich country that whenever acts or artists hail from this country, we all try to witness how awesome they will be. The healthy music industry which is contained within the country itself is viewed as somewhat beneficial to the ‘gifts’ brewing inside the musicians residing in the UK.

English acts are now known as purely talented folks who mean the industry no harm, and the charm that any British artist cascades has been irresistibly good to patronize. Now that we’ve known soloists like Adele and group acts such as the Spice Girls, another band is yet to conquer the music arena and they call themselves ‘Blossoms’.

If you’re thinking that Blossoms is an all-female group, then erase that notion as the band is pure testosterone. Hailing from the humble city of Stockport, Greater Manchester, Blossoms is out and about to offer nothing but the best musical styles and unmistakable talent to entertain.

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Be delighted to know that this band is directed to perform tracks within the genres of indie pop, indie rock and alternative rock. Many music analysts have connoted that Blossoms’ fresh input to these seemingly old genres is just as bold as their ultimate dream to reach a worldwide audience.

Currently, Blossoms is under the experienced wing of musical firm Virgin EMI Records. While their fame is concentrated in the greater United Kingdom, Blossoms is slowly carving its name onto the mainstream music scene since they started out in 2013.

This English indie pop band is comprised of a gifted quintet, namely Tom Ogden (main vocals, guitars), Josh Dewhurst (lead guitar), Charlie Salt (bass, secondary vocals), Joe Donovan (drums) and Myles Kellock (keyboards). With this roster, Blossoms is an all-out band meant to provide their listeners with high-quality music and insurmountable energy when deployed on stage.

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The name ‘Blossoms’ is actually derived from a public house which is situated in their hometown, specifically in the corner of Bramhall Lane and Buxton Road. At the start of 2016, Blossoms was luckily included on BBC’s Sound of Music List, a citation for budding artists and acts that will definitely make it big if given the right amount of exposure and opportunity.

As soon as 2014 kicked in, Blossoms managed to deliver a couple of extended plays such as Bloom, Blown Rose, Charlemagne and At Most a Kiss. Just this year, they managed to release their first self-titled major studio album. Some of the tracks that made Blossoms’ journey interesting include You Pulled a Gun on Me, Blow, Cut Me and I’ll Bleed and Getaway.

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