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The world of fashion gives opportunities for everyone to grow, shine and be famous as long as they have the right mindset and attitude. The next big thing in fashion designing does not require a degree in fashion from Paris, or your next idol gliding through the catwalk who never really thought of modeling a few years back. In fashion, it is everyone’s ball game, and luckily, the people have come to embrace it wholeheartedly.

We have seen a lot of collaborations among fashion companies and those outside the fashion realm such as singers, Hollywood actors and everyone deemed fit for a successful partnership. Not surprisingly, this melding of minds is very appealing to the market, and they are not close to ending even in the next few decades.

Just recently, singing supernova Beyonce entered the fashion scene by putting up her own clothing line, and as expected, it blew out of proportions in a positive manner.


Beyonce is one of the strongest purveyors of feminism and empowering women. With her latest collection circling online, many fashion analysts have applauded the singer’s latest move to promote her recent clothing venture. Enlisted as Beyonce’s latest model and style ambassadress is a fashion blogger named Jillian Mercado, and her story is way out of the ordinary.

Mercado is diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, 28 years old and is a known prolific blogger, opening up the information gateway for her followers to be aware of the latest in fashion. Choosing Jillian Mercado as Beyonce’s model warmed the hearts and uplifted the spirits of people with disability, as they can dream as much as they want without any hesitations.


Instagram welcomed the news directly from Jillian Mercado’s official account, and she mentioned how grateful she was to be a part of Beyonce’s retail collection. Just like how any typical model should be treated, Mercado was given full-blown attention the way it should be.

Rocking it with feisty hair and make-up, the fashion blogger transcended the barriers of her own wheelchair and showed the entire planet how beautiful can she be despite her disability. Furthermore, Jillian Mercado’s involvement as a fashion blogger strengthened this venture for both her and Beyonce’s party as credibility is established significantly.

MilkMade presentations Highland, Pyer Moss and Rochambeau

The merchandise campaign is inspired from Beyonce’s latest hit tracks 7/11 and Formation, with their lyrics used as core prints of the clothing ensemble. Fans can cap different garments such as sweatshirts, hats and T-shirts, plastered with the song’s lyrics, making it stand out from your conventional ready-to-wear ensembles.

Beyonce’s latest fashion venture is now readily available online, and revels in Jillian Mercado’s participation to ensure that this collection will be a huge success.

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