Beyonce and the MET gala through the years

Because she’s Beyonce, there is no question. Queen B has always been the emblem of making it to the news in a classy and talk-worthy kind of way. Cite her latest project for example. Lemonade is receiving a big heap of attention not only because of ‘Becky with the good hair’, but due to the shaping and genius idea behind this latest venture.

More than just a celebrity, Queen B rose to become a brand empire herself. A girl with a golden hands as they say, expect success to come following in any project she dips herself into. Regal and classy, Beyonce was able to set the mark not only through her music but in the way she dresses as well.

Aside from the numerous red carpets, MET gala is one of the most anticipated occasions that mostly brings the odd crossing paths with high fashion. Queen B has always been present through the years and this lady never disappoints.

Her 2011 appearance was ethereal. This Emilio Pucci gown really brought out the best in Beyonce’s curves. The queen’s body was very much evident in all the right places. She may have had a hard time dealing with stairs, but who cares? Fashion sometimes calls for some sort of a sacrifice anyway.

Beyonce fashion gala (1)

Blue Ivy’s mom definitely knows which dress will work best for each occasion. Why not? That body alone is to die for. Beyonce has proven that being plump is another version of beauty amid the skinnies that the majority of Hollywood is made of.

Beyonce fashion gala (2)

She has raised the mermaid dress to a whole new level as it is considered as her staple wardrobe especially during formal affairs. She did it differently during the 2014 MET Ball, but was still on point. Arriving like a mysterious madam and with all the sheer glitz, it wasn’t surprising that she landed on the best-dressed list that year.

The recently concluded MET Gala proved that the occasion will not be complete without the queen’s presence. Many were not sure about her arriving, but all lights flashed and all eyes were thrown at her when she was finally seen. Only one word could describe her: Pristine.

<> at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 5, 2014 in New York City.

This latex Givenchy gown is something that showcases the delicate beauty of our queen. Do not be fooled though, she’s still that feisty wife we have seen on Lemonade. Simply put, Beyonce is a woman who knows what she wants and will get it no matter what. Long live the queen!


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