Betake the quiet charisma of Taza


Morocco has never been short of showcasing the beauty through its craftsmanship and art. The country’s interesting and colorful façade is a result of diversity and variety acquired from different facets encountered by its culture that evolved through time.

While Morocco is an artwork of its own, slipping into one of its undiscovered city Taza will allow those who are in journey understand and appreciate the place in a different extent.


Taza is located in north central of Morocco. It is composed of two towns divided by a mountain pass called ‘Taza Gap.’ This city is slightly noticed by travelers compared to the country’s flagship tourist destinations like Fez and Marrakech.

This can be a blessing in disguise though, because the location would enable its visitors to feel the rawness of culture and lifestyle residing in it.


Simply put, the climate is being categorized as tropical. The city experiences seasonal climate and treats September is the hottest month while January is being cited as the coldest.

Its location, in the presence of Atlas Mountain, plays a big role as to why the climate in the city is as such.


Taza won’t give travelers a difficult time. Its location is strategically accessible to major parts of Morocco. Travelling by train is the most common way of getting to this city. Gare de Taza train station is located in north Ville Nouvelle. This city destination can also be reached by bus.

There are ample bus companies that run to and from Taza. Convenience wise, another option would be taking grands taxis. These are taxis that can be commissioned to go outside Taza and get to nearby cities like Fes and Oujda.




Medina Walls

This is one of Taza’s main tourist attractions. This was a remembrance from Almohad’s rule in the 12th century.


Gouffre du Friouato

This is a cave found 25 kilometers from Taza. What makes this cave unique is its measurements – 20 meters wide and 150 meters long which makes it the deepest in North African region.

The cave has two famous chambers namely Salle de Lixus and Salle De Draperis.



Djebel Tazekka

This oak forest is perfect for those who love to do trekking. A scenic view itself, this woodland also allows travelers to view Middle Atlas and Rif from its peak.


Market Mosque

Located within the Medina Walls, Market Mosque is a trading spot that allows tourists shop from bazaars and see kissaria.



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