Being More Connected through Technology

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The world nowadays is leaning towards the power of connection.

Gone were the days when one must write a long, handwritten letter which would then skim through the process of being delivered to another person from the opposite side of the globe.


We rarely see people sending each other constrained messages through the paid-by-word concept of telegrams.

Devoid are the ways of letting an argument pass due to the tedious process of conversing, the long wait for delivery men and the unwritten thoughts masked by the inability to express it.

The world is now a carousel of instants: messages, voice and a wide array of items.

Global Village, as how it’s now tagged, is where we are reveling and would be in for a few decades to come.

We are all introduced to a new way of communicating which can fit inside our pockets, write through a swish onto touchscreen glass, thoughts now being transcribed into digital media that’s convenient, concise and less time consuming.

The amazing ways of being in touch with almost anybody have given us the relief that in one way or another, we would never ever be alone, again.


The use of telephones to clearly express emotions, the flick of a mobile phone entitling us to converse in such a way that a second seems long and the help of fast-paced deliveries let us experience business transactions as if the one we’re doing business with is at arm’s reach.

We all have taken advantage of the distance now made closer, and while there are a lot of ideologies that are negative most of the time, we can all agree that it aids us in more ways than it doesn’t.

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We are now subscribed into being in the loop for new information, the latest updates and even the simplest things that we are not really interested in knowing.

What’s more exciting to ponder is the probability of having more innovation in the future, and how small the world can get when these developments are deployed.


We can expect better ways to talk, upgraded and digital methods of being in the know, and endless options for information that will certainly improve our way of life.

Human beings won’t be content and this would only shed light onto the fact that everything just keeps getting better.

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