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The culture of boy bands has remained as quite a fad since the early 1990s. It is just adorable to see groups of boys dancing and singing to entertain, and a majority of the female population is hypnotized as avid followers. Before, mainstream music has been doused with names such as the Backstreet Boys, A1, New Kids from the Block and Boyzone, while the people of today get to experience the craze brought about by One Direction and The 1975.

Transcending through time and music’s ever changing demands, the boy band culture is rooted deeply in our subconscious and one way or another, we crave to witness great acts to quench this thirst. Fans behold the boy band named Lukas Graham, and you’d wonder where they have been all this time.

Aside from chocolates and the prevalence of house music, Denmark is now known due to the attention Lukas Graham is getting. Focusing on catchy genres such as pop rock and soul, there’s a lot of favorable and ecstatic feedback given to the group.

Since the waning of One Direction and other boy bands going off the radar, Lukas Graham is obviously rekindling the boy band craze and is now talked about by a lot of radio shows and chart listing sites within Denmark and Europe. Since the formation of the band in 2011, the path Lukas Graham has treaded is directed to superstardom, as many say that aside from their unmistakable talent, they’ve got looks to boot.

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Lukas Graham is comprised of four equally talented youngsters namely Lukas Forchhammer, Mark Falgren, Magnus Larsson and Kasper Dauggard. The band has unforgettable collaborations with highly regarded musicians such as Suspekt and Hedegaard, further exposing them to the shimmering limelight of mainstream music.

The boy band became known initially when they uploaded two Youtube videos of themselves and made covers of songs Drunk in the Morning and Criminal Mind. As expected, these videos whirled around social media like a storm and reached a wider audience. Copenhagen Records immediately showed interest in Lukas Graham and signed them up as new artists to manage.

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Lukas Graham’s self-titled debut album is an explosion in the Denmark music scene due to the funky refreshing approach put forth in pop music. Easily, the album reached quadruple-platinum status in Denmark alone, paraded with smash tracks Ordinary Things, Better Than Yourself and Drunk in the Morning. They also extended their presence to Europe with the song Happy Home, and went to being famous in Sweden and New Zealand.

At the peak of their debut album, Lukas Graham conquered their own country and capped a lot of live shows and exposures which they thought they would never get. Following up their first album is Lukas Graham Blue Album, which includes favorably revered tracks such as 7 Years, Strip No More and Mama Said. This further increased Lukas Graham’s success and tapped the US Billboard Charts as an upcoming feisty band.

Just recently, they announced that they will be re-releasing their first album with copies to be distributed on a global scale.

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