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Nice is the capital city of Côte d’Azur. It is also called Nissa La Bella which means Nice the Beautiful. This is the fifth most overcrowded city in France. Nice is the home of wonderful museums, breathtaking and beaches, with the blend of medieval old town buildings and cathedrals that gives ancient provincial French feels. It also has a lovely ambiance of deep blue waters and the fresh breeze coming from the Mediterranean air.

This city is not just perfect for couples, but also for backpackers who love adventures and families who are at their most awaited summer vacation. With the unique mixture of the city and old world richness, and all year-round sunshine, Nice is the perfect destination for the tourist who is looking for a new and foreign place that they have never been to.

Nice Location(2)


Nice is a city located in the south east coast of France. It is between the Alps, the Provence region of Corsica, 20 miles away from the border of Italy and at the center of the French Riviera. It has an advantageous location at the crossroads of the city that occupies an amazing natural site, having a grown over the centuries around the large bay of the Mediterranean Sea, and to the South with a succession of hills of East to West.

Nice is connected to the national motorway network and also served by the high-speed train that connects to the city of Paris and northern France.

Nice Climate(3)


Nice has a four season all year round. Summer is the best time to visit Nice these are during the months of June to August with an average temperature that ranges between 24 and 29C. Autumn in Nice is still warm, it is during the months of September and October, the temperature ranges from 21 to 25C, however, when the night comes it gets cooler at this time of the year until the month of November that can get high around 16C, this is also the wettest time and a month for the city.

While winter in Nice is still mild with its temperature that ranges from 10 and 12C during the daytime, and also the temperature can fall below 5C overnight. And spring season is also one of the best times to visit Nice during the months of March and April.

Nice Transportation(4)


Nice Côte d’Azur Airport is one of the busiest air hubs in France it is located 5.9 kilometers away southwest from the city of Nice. It has two major terminals that cater 9.6 million passengers in 2010 and increases to 10.4 million in the year 2011. The number of passengers and tourists visiting the airport is slowly and growing every year.

It has a frequent daily flights going to Paris, and direct flights to most major cities like Moscow, as well as New York and Canada. And also there are a number of destinations in North Africa and the Middle East.

What to See

French Riviera(5)

French Riviera

The French Riviera is one of the well-known attractions in Nice. It is famous for its St. Tropez, Monaco and Cannes Film Festival. This place is also has been a great inspiration for many renowned artists such as Picasso that showcases his work in local art galleries and museums around the place.

Riviera is very famous and crowded during the months of July and August because locals and tourists visit it for the famous events and festivals like the Film Festival, Jasmine Festival, Toulon Tournament, Tall Ships’ Race and etc.

Musee Matisse(6)

Musee Matisse

The Matisse Museum is located on the hill of Cimiez and not that far from the Franciscan monastery. The Museum has been showcasing the collection of the works of the French painter, Henri Matisse and his heirs to the city of Nice since the year 1918 up to now.

The museum gathers the world’s largest collections of his works like paintings, drawings, prints, photos, sculptures, and books illustrated by him that traces his artistic beginnings and his evolution through his last works. There are also 187 objects that belonged to the painter, and prints, tapestries, ceramics, stained glass and documents that showcase the intimate world of the artist’s studio.

Russian Orthodox Cathedral(7)

Russian Orthodox Cathedral

This cathedral was opened in the year 1912 and it is located in Nice. It is the house of the worship of the Moscow Patriarchate and it is in the legal property of the country of Russia. It is considered as a one of the national monuments of France, and also the largest Russian Orthodox cathedral in Western Europe. It also displays a stage of history when Russian aristocrats visited the city of Nice.

The Russian Orthodox Church in Nice is very famous with locals and tourist because of its impressive structure and unique design of architecture that shows the rich culture and history of Russian Orthodox.



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