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If you were saddened by the disbandment of the Jonas Brothers and you’re missing Joe Jonas quite terribly, then fret no more as a rising group called DNCE will chase your blues away. It’s a normal phenomenon that even the most successful acts would soon get into the separation phase, like the Spice Girls or Destiny’s Child, but the careers of the members thereafter are best to watch out for.

Like what happened to the Jonas Brothers, the disbandment led its members to tread their own paths. If you’re one of the millions who adored Joe better than the rest of the former group’s huge fan base, you need to fasten your seatbelts for the unstoppable rise of DNCE.

Formed and dominating the general music scene since last 2015, the American group DNCE is all about performance and the strong display of individual skills from its members. Many music fans have commented that the mixture of members and their accompanying individuality make DNCE a group to root for in the next few years.

Focusing on pop rock and funk, DNCE screams dance beats and fanciful tunes, giving the whole music community a breath of fresh air in contemporary music. DNCE is currently handled by the eponymous outfit Republic Records, and everyone is excited about the group’s bright future.

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DNCE is comprised of Joe Jonas, Jack Lawless, Jin Joo Lee and Cole Whittle, all equipped with awesome passion to please their growing fan base. Most of them have come from bands of their own, and the experiences they have reaped from their former careers gave DNCE a boost to become even more successful.

DNCE tested the waters of fame when they ventured into releasing the track Cake by the Ocean, which generally started out a bit off the radar upon its release. However, when people came to know that the members of the band sounded very familiar, the song proceeded to gain steam and received positive feedback from a plethora of pop lovers.

Cake by the Ocean successfully landed on the US Billboard Hot 100 at the ninth spot and even entered the Canadian Hot 100 at number seven.

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Right after their firs track rolled out, DNCE put forth the effort to craft their first official extended play entitled SWAY, comprised of four cuts. The inevitable influence of Jonas’ slick pop orientation has been evident on SWAY, and reviews are generally positive. They then followed it up with a fourteen-date tour, the Greatest Tour Ever, which was a treat to those who witnessed the event.

DNCE gave it their best shot by performing with unreleased tracks and numerous covers of current and old pop songs. The band has also been applauded with their renditions of songs such as Maybe Baby, Rock and Rock is Here to Stay and Born to Hand Jive. While they are becoming increasingly famous, DNCE took the opportunity to dig deeper by joining pop superstar Selena Gomez in her Revival Tour this year by being the concert’s opening act.

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