Banana Republic: Exuding Minimalism While Being On Top

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Sometimes, people love to wear brands that are neither too superfluous nor too shabby. We all want comfort especially in our wardrobe, and we only rely on familiar names every time the need arises.

While it is everyone’s dream to own a parka from Chanel or a sweatshirt from Hermes for a hefty price tag, our wallets and salaries just can’t cover the expenses.

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Fashion isn’t measured by how much it costs, but the way it is worn, and that is where the brand Banana Republic comes in. With numerous stores scattered all over the planet, Banana Republic is a household name that puts focus on ready-to-wear items and luxurious-looking garments without being pricey. Now established as one of the most purchased brands in the general fashion market, Banana Republic is a name to remember for style fused with utter comfort.

It was in the glorious year of 1978 when Mel and Patricia Ziegler ventured into the clothing business that trekked through unconventional designs and patterns. Stressing that their brand is a cut above the rest, Banana Republic originally focused on safari themed ensembles using luxury textiles for clothing that was still accessible to the middle class market.

In 1983, the eponymous retail brand was acquired by the equally famous outfit Gap Inc., which gave the humble clothing line a more upscale and indulgent feel without compromising value due to impending price hikes.

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Currently, Banana Republic can be seen and be visited in a whopping 642 stores all over the world, which makes the brand extremely worthy of your daily fashion needs. Banana Republic can be remembered by their risky patterns and unique cuts that touch tourist-oriented garments and styling.

The brand never strayed from this vision and has inspired the majority to give in to their cravings for being fashionable yet economical.

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The international presence channeled by Banana Republic can be merited to its parent brand Gap Inc., which never ceased to put up stores since the merger. The United States has the largest number of retail outlets, currently counted at 536 because Banana Republic was first built on this country. Banana Republic extended its reach to even more areas such as Morocco, South Africa, Azerbaijan, Peru, the Philippines, South Korea and Georgia.

Some of the most notable collections from this relevant brand include the BR Monogram, Heritage and Sunday Sunday. Banana Republic’s official website,, offers their latest fashion releases from sweaters, outerwear collection, ready-to-wear garments, jewelry, accessories and even shoes for women and men.

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