Baba Vanga: The Prophecies of the Blind

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The human mind has always been curious; always in pursuit of knowing the reasons behind everything. This is one of the reasons why practices like fortune telling tickle the interest of many. The mystique that surrounds different kinds of foresight has garnered a solid following from people who want to know about this unusual body of knowledge.

There will be people who would claim to possess a special gift when it comes to telling the future. However, only a few legitimate names arose throughout history. Even in the past, sorcerers and wizards held important roles in society, even in politics. Rulers would receive their counsel in seeing the future, maintaining order and preventing disasters.

While some narratives depict these people as evil, those with clairvoyant abilities have become useful and their capabilities were recognized.

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Sometime in World War II, a blind woman believed to predict the future with great accuracy attracted attention. The world came to know this person as Bulgaria’s Nostradamus due to her forecasts that mostly came true. Her stature as a reputable fortune teller became evident when the Bulgarian tsar Boris III visited her. Since then, visits from important people including politicians, dignitaries and even commoners became common.

Born Vangelia Gushterova, the prophetess used to have two working brown eyes. However, the young Baba Vanga was lost in a storm and found after a long search. This was not verified but narrations indicate that this instance was the reason why the young fortune teller lost her sense of sight.

She underwent several operations in an attempt to recover her ability to see but all of these failed. After seeing many dreams that depicted the future, more and more people soon realized her one of a kind ability, which then led to a growing number of followers.

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According to accounts written about her, Baba Vanga was able to make predictions with the help of invisible creatures. As to what kind or how they look like, no clear descriptions were made. The books that narrated her works and fortune telling were written by the people who surrounded her during her lifetime.

One of the most famous prophecies that became reality was the 9-11 attack. Another intriguing prediction was the invasion of Muslims in Europe in the year 2043. Some people see the recent Paris attack as an event related to this. While studies say that nearly 80% of her predictions came true, one of the most controversial was the surge of World War III that was said to transpire in 2010. Evidently, this didn’t happen.

Before she passed away, she mentioned that a blind 10 year old girl would inherit her abilities. The said heiress of the unusual ability is said to be living in France.

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