Avicii’s second album, Stories

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‘Waiting for Love’ DJ/singer comes back after taking some time off from his tour with a sophomore album in his hands. Not seeing him in the limelight made us miss this artist that possesses a different kind of music style and the news that his return includes an LP makes us understand that some things are really worth the wait, especially if it means good tunes to fill our dull routines.

Released in October 2 via PRMD Records, Stories was a 15 track album including 14 new and original tracks with the addition of his international hit song ‘Waiting for Love’. We know how good his debut album was. His first LP named ‘True’ was a success as it sold 5 million copies worldwide and managed to reach the top spot in around 80 counties.

“It’s going to be a lot more song-oriented. True was an attempt at that, getting electronic music in a song format”- the Swedish DJ-singer producer describes. (Cited: http://www.josepvinaixa.com/blog/avicii-stories/)

The talented DJ is said to have around 80 unreleased songs. Too bad not all of them can fit one album. His single ‘For a Better Day’ has gained much attention as it reached millions of video views. The song wasn’t far from the original sound he is known for. Hear electronic sounds accompanied by acoustic instrumentals. The song may not be as captivating as his first hits in terms of rhythm, but ‘For a Better Day’ has a beauty of its own and a message as well.

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The song is about carrying on and dealing with what’s at hand amid longing and waiting. Even its music video is a must-watch itself. It’s like watching a good documentary film set in a monochrome mood. There’s revenge while touching a seemingly sensitive topic of human trafficking. The video is genius and relates to a serious problem rather than dipping toes into superficial matters of the present day.

So far, four singles were released from the said album including Waiting for Love, Pure Grinding and Broken Arrows. Despite reviews saying that this album somehow didn’t match the intensity of his first, Avicii was able to embody the diversity of his music outside EDM where he first became famous.

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