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At first, he offered beats and tunes to the world that were reminiscent of the biggest EDM artists who conquered early 2010. The genius in him produced melodies and string of sounds that are just irresistible for dancing and after series of exposures, he displayed that there’s more to him than just beats. After quite few appearances on various stages, he then shocked his growing fans that his vocal chords can work wonders too.

The versatility of his mind to create electronic music and impeccably sing at the same time is reason enough for the world to know him more. If you’re on the look-out for an awesome artist to dominate your playlists, then try James Blake and never regret it.

Born James Blake Litherland, the 27-year old musician is slowly taking the world by storm through his sheer talent in crafting and performing songs. James Blake is focused on genres such as electronic, post dubstep, R&B, soul and experimental, which shows everyone how flexible his skills can really be.

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Aside from his innate vocal prowess, James Blake is also notoriously known for playing the piano and the EDM instrument called the synthesizer. He has been around since 2009 and if you’re just starting to know him through this article, he’s definitely worth a shot to be heard.

Starting off with extended plays, James Blake is a cut above the rest due to the fact that he trekked the complex post dubstep genre, a concept that gave him the edge and exposure. He first gained popularity from his home country the United Kingdom and through the connection brought about by technology, his name zoomed into stardom as soon as it hit the mainstream.

James Blake’s career has been handled by different music firms such as 1-800 Dinosaur, ATLAS, Polydor, Universal Republic and Hessle Audio. James Blake, despite his short tenure, received a Mercury Prize for his second album and was nominated as the Best New Artist for both the Grammy’s and the Brit Awards.

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Throughout the course of his journey, James Blake was able to produce three studio albums and a total of six extended plays which all turned out positively for this multi-talented artist. In 2010 and 2011, he captured the industry’s interest through EPs entitled The Bells Sketch, CMYK, Klavierwerke, Enough Thunder, Love What Happened Here and 200 Press.

His first self-titled studio album earned Silver and Gold status from BPI and IFPI DEN respectively and gave him his first break on charts such as US Dance, Denmark, UK, Australia and Belgium. His sophomore album entitled Overgrown was equally received by certain countries with open arms, which further cemented his career as a full-fledged recording artist.

Just recently, ‘The Colour in Anything’ under Republic Records is making a mark on several charts and is said to make his journey all the more famous in the next few months.

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