Ariana Grande unleashes feisty side on Dangerous Woman

Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman (1)

From child star to successful music siren, Ariana Grande proved that crossing borders between her used to be wholesome image to her now alluring facade can be as flawless and seamless as can be. There is no doubt that she created enough buzz that made her become one of the most bankable stars of today.

The perfect mixture of the innocence found in the singer’s doe eyes and her teasing outfits made her gather interest from people around the world. Let us not forget the fact that this girl can really belt high notes, which proves that she is a legit musician. There is no stopping for this 22-year old singer as she returns with another single after her successful song entitled ‘Focus’.

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Guesting on a night show is clearly one of the most effective ways for an artist to promote everything new that is going on with her career. While this might seem to be a win-win situation between the show and the artist, Grande’s guesting in Saturday Night Live was totally an A as she proved that she is a performer that delivers and she has absolutely no plans of disappointing her audience.

The singer gave the viewing crowd a taste of her third album as she shared two of its songs. The LP entitled Dangerous Woman carries a title track that gives us somewhat of an R&B flavor – something new from the usual style we used to hear from her past songs. Hearing the song for the first time kind of reminded me of Alicia Keys or Destiny’s Child. The tempo is slower compared to the singer’s previous songs, like the upbeat Bang Bang and Problem.

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It is as though we are hearing a mature version of this stunning singer as the lyrics of the song coincides with the title itself.

The overall feel specifically provides empowerment to women with subtle advice of being an independent and self-sufficient individual.

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