An Impressive Commitment from Uniqlo through LifeWear


In every grand outfit lies an inspiration that leans on a very simple and basic form. While most of us adore the fad that ‘being over the top’ has, we’d still have some mundane moments when we just want to slip into our staple white shirt and torn jeans.

There’s no denying that wearing these basic clothes is sometimes the best feeling in the world because your fashion sense does not need to prove anything.

Your raw go-to cover-ups, your old sneakers and your hand-me-down sweaters are just so difficult to resist that you wish to be with them every single day.

While many it is common knowledge that fashion is always changing, everyone just knows that these staples are here to stay no matter what.


Uniqlo, a world-renowned clothing brand, has gone beyond the intrinsic sciences of textile and fashion to offer their clients the best staples that they’re accustomed to.

Despite the luring concept of innovating into something new, the brains behind this successful fashion name have known better to just stick with the old because the world asked for it.

They started out with the smallest things in fashion and evolved them into things that a person would use, or be endeared to, for a long time. Be introduced to Uniqlo’s latest achievement in clothing: “LifeWear.”


LifeWear is another way for you to enjoy your favorite garments for a longer time, as the company used only the finest of materials for them. While many would find LifeWear pieces a little bit expensive, the ‘service’ provided to a consumer will definitely be worth every penny.

Uniqlo leaked materials such as merino wool and cashmere as components of their collection, which have a dual purpose of controlling your body temperature amid heat or cold, while looking dashing due to their creative designs.


For those who are sporty, LifeWear takes pride in another innovation called ‘AIRism’ which efficiently uses fabric to absorb sweat. Uniqlo’s LifeWear boasts ultra-fine fibers that can generally be found in their sports shirts, and even sports underwear; something that’s never been thought of before.

Truthfully, Uniqlo is still on the verge of creating clothing innovations like the ‘HEATech’, which will certainly be part of the LifeWear series. Contrary to AIRism, this wondrous feat will supply its future clients with the warmth that everyone loves during those seasons when the temperature drops.

HEATech will cross the borders of mass-producing clothes and would not have a bulky feel, ensuring that while you enjoy its warmth, it won’t compromise your look.


Uniqlo is one of the few retail brands that truly puts their customer’s convenience first, instead of satisfying their own self-righteousness.

Despite the hefty price tags, LifeWear items are said to provide with companionship that garments have never done before.

This innovation would pave more ways for other clothing lines to follow suit so that in the near future, we would all be finished with just pleasing the eyes alone, and focus more on the functionality of wearing an outfit. Uniqlo and their LifeWear philosophy is truly a great leap for the whole fashion industry.

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