Amazing clash of clans in Aden

001015-N-0000X-003 	The U.S. Navy guided missile destroyer USS Cole (DDG 67) (foreground) remains moored to a refueling platform in the industrial harbor in Aden, Yemen, on Oct. 15, 2000.   The Arleigh Burke class destroyer was the target of a suspected terrorist attack which took place in the port of Aden on Oct. 12, 2000, during a scheduled refueling.  Nine sailors were killed and eight have been listed as missing.  DoD photo.  (Released)

One interesting thing that a travel spot would have is the amalgamation of races, colors and behaviors sitting on its very bed. The thought of witnessing clashes in opinion and views while thriving together to make the place progress is a must-see feat.

You would be exposed in various languages, the mishmash of way of living and the air saturated with opposing poles. While this might sound pandemonium to some, it makes the trip one heck of an unforgettable experience.

Be amazed at how this little town in Yemen managed to incorporate the blatant differences into a unified liking in making its name known as a tourist spot. Adore and be crazed by Aden, Yemen’s very epitome of cultural variations.



With a total population of 800,000, Aden can be found on the outskirts of Yemen specifically lying at the eastern end of the infamous Red Sea.

Aden is a good 170 kilometers off of Bab-ei-Mandeb, also on its Eastern tip, and is considered to be one of the country’s leading seaports.

Aden is comprised of several sub-divisions, namely as Crater, Ma’alla, Tawahi and Gold Mohur.




As according to the Koppen Climate Classification, Aden is experiencing a subtropical/low-altitude arid hot climate. As how the type says it, Aden is typically a town with high temperature all throughout the year.

Annually, Aden is averaging a 29.2-degree Celsius mark to the lowest point recorded in 7-degrees Celsius. The months of January and September recorded the highest amounts of accumulated precipitation with 39 millimeters as the annual count. Generally, the months of April until June had been known to be the driest quarter of the year.


FILE - In this Wednesday, March 18, 2015, file photo, fishermen work  on their boats in the southern city of Aden, Yemen.  Hundreds of families are trapped in their homes by weeks of fierce fighting in the center of the southern city of Aden, running short of supplies _ their only lifeline coming from volunteers making dangerous runs across the city’s harbor in rickety boats bearing food and medicine.  (AP Photo/Yassir Hassan, File)

Aden is generally a city tacked with Red Sea and other bodies of water and so travel by water had been the most convenient and generic way to get to the town. Hundreds of passenger ships, which dock in Tawahi had been uplifting the city’s daily tourism.

Commercial ships are also frequent in Aden, which then gives the city’s trade and industry the fuel it needs. The port itself to get in and out of Aden is measured at 8 by 4 miles wide as of the latest tracking. If traveling by air, the airport serving tourists is the Aden International Airport and is located 10 kilometers away from the city center.

What to See

Al-Aidrus Mosque



If you want to witness how Aden strived from its ancient roots to the modernized city it is now today, then pay a visit at the Al-Aidrus Mosque.

Constructed in the mid-19th century era, this glorious feat of architecture sits atop 600-year old ruins and is commonly visited by the local community for religious purposes.

Tourist Harbour

Aerial view of the Port of Mogadishu.  Three cargo ships, large, medium and small sized vessels are moored to the docks.  A tugboat is heading out of the port.  A US Marine UH-1N "Huey" helicopter flies left to right at the right of the frame.  The port played an important role in the support of Operation Restore Hope.


If you just want to feast your eyes on how the day passes by in Aden, get a seat at the famous Tourist Harbor and be mesmerized.

Day and night, this area in Aden is alive with docking tourist cruise ships and business is open 24/7 for endless commercialized tankers visiting the town.

Aden Tanks


Resulting from the connived efforts of Aden dynasties, the 13 cisterns of water called the Aden Tanks had been a hot tourist spot for the historical background it holds.

It is said that the tanks were built dating as far as the first century, which had been a purposeful setting for the whole of Aden in keeping buckets of rainwater.

Gold Mohur Club


When you’re craving for swimming and binging on drinks all at the same time, then get your feet moving in the Gold Mohur Club, which is a part of the well-known hotel chain, Sheraton.

With a fee, you’d be able to experience how Aden should be experienced, get a little tipsy while diving in the city’s pristine sea.



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