Albuquerque Will Definitely Leave You Spellbound and Amazed

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If have an inclination to spend your time outdoors and want to be in touch with Mother Nature, then a trip to Albuquerque in New Mexico would be the best bet on your bucket list.

With the looming desert that screams adventure just waiting to be uncovered and the vast lands filled with history and local highlights, your stay in this charming city will be one for the books.

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Explore the sandy and paved walkways, drink to your heart’s content at inviting watering holes and have a taste of Albuquerque through its cuisine. A short trip to this majestic area is quite rewarding.


On the map, you can easily pinpoint Albuquerque as it is right in the middle of the New Mexico state. It is located in the Chihuahan Desert eco-region, at the upper, northern edges. The city is also known as one of the most elevated cities in the United States, currently measured at 1,490 meters above sea level.

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Albuquerque is adjacent to some notable places such as the Colorado Plateau, the Southwest Range and the Arizona-New Mexico mountains.


For those who want to go hiking almost every day of the year, then be delighted to know that Albuquerque will give you more sunshine than you think you need. Brilliant sunny days dominate the whole year due to its positioning in an eco-region space.

mp072312q/METRO/MorganPetroski/072312 -- A large rain cloud looms over the Sandias as it begins to creep across Albuquerque, Monday, July 23, 2012, as viewed from Paseo del Norte. (Morgan Petroski/Albuquerque Journal)


According to the Koppen Climate Classification, Albuquerque has a semi-arid climate which equates to sunny and dry phases, averaging a total of 3,415 sunshine hours per annum. Despite Albuquerque’s reputation for being sunny all year, the city still has four seasons with brief and milder winters.


If you’re an American or just another adventurous traveler who wants to reach Albuquerque by land, then take note of the following highways which will lead you to its center: the Pan-American Freeway, Coronado Freeway, Paseo Del Norte, Coors Boulevard, Central Avenue, Alameda Boulevard and the Tramway Boulevard.

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For the city’s commuter railway system, the city is catered by the BNSF Railway which carries both long passenger trips and freight routes. As for aviation terminals, Albuquerque is catered by either the Double Eagle II Airport or the Albuquerque International Sunport.

What to See

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

Out of the dozens of art museums and galleries around Albuquerque, many have noted that a short side trip to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center can suit your need to be pleased visually and mentally. Here, you’ll be exposed to the most exquisite types of displays ranging from collective history to individual artistic traditions and the galleries often change for a wider scope of its rich history.

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Crafting demonstrations and cultural dances are also held inside. Do try to take advantage of the famous Pueblo Harvest Café and the center’s retail gallery as well.

Petroglyph National Monument

One of the most exciting activities that Albuquerque can offer is said to be found at the Petroglyph National Monument.

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Just off Interstate 40, everyone can immediately spot the expanse of this attraction and choose between three hiking trails namely the Boca Negra Canyon, Rinconada Canyon and the Piedras Marcadas.


Since its establishment in the 1700s, Corrales has retained its beauty and its impressive stature up to this very day. Now, visitors can marvel at the fine produce of crops that will then be turned into delectable wine, the untouched pavement which will transport you back in time and the long-standing houses with its intricate markings still intact.

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For a day, Corrales will be your escape from the tiring activities of being outdoors and the serenity of the old structures will make you admire Albuquerque’s history.

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