Aerie’s Latest Campaign and the Advent of Plus-Size Models

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When someone speaks of lingerie, the words sexy, sultry and sizzling hot would come to mind. We have indulged in the annual parade of ‘angels’ with lavishly beautiful bodies gliding on the playful runway of the illustrious Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Sometimes, we can see the well-sculpted bodies of women and men baring skin on print advertisements and billboards all over the country along with catalogs of our favorite lingerie brands.

Little do we know that most of these companies have stereotyped our view of what is truly sexy. We have stopped believing that every curve and body figure allows everyone to be tagged as sexy in one way or another. If you think it’s too late to turn this mindset around, then let Aerie burst your bubble and present you with their very own lingerie models.

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Just recently, Aerie, a brand owned by American Eagle Outfitters, released a campaign with the concept of lingerie modelling without the conventional inhibitions. Following a trend that’s slowly gaining popularity within the fashion industry, Aerie decided to be more realistic when it comes to using models that can be found in common households, streets and public transportation.

The lingerie brand wanted to remind us that amid the seemingly perfect bodies we’ve been lusting for, there are even more beautiful women in the world in their most natural state, which we have definitely ignored over the years. Aerie’s latest lingerie campaign is actually a continuation of what they had the year before in accordance to the National Eating Disorders Week.

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Aerie named their latest campaign as ‘Strong, Beautiful, Me’ which features a 25-year old British model Iskra Lawrence. Lawrence is a devout spokesperson of eating disorders and her involvement in this campaign is suitable to what she really fights for. Aerie will accompany this crusade with a limited edition T-shirt to be sold online with all of its sales funding used for education and the much needed treatment for persons with eating disorders.

Also, Aerie stores around the world will open its doors to kind donations, which will then be rewarded by a special edition bracelet from the brand itself. Furthermore, Aerie’s campaign is currently in full blast on social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to reach a larger audience and hopefully, touch more lives in the process.

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During the last few years in the fashion industry, some other brands have also played this type of advertisement such as Dove, Nike, H&M, David’s Bridal and Christian Louboutin to name a few. Also, who can forget when Ashley Graham graced the cover of Sports illustrated despite the fact that she’s considered to be a plus-size model, and the magazine itself is notorious in featuring women with slender, sexy bodies.

Television show America’s Next Top Model also had seasons wherein stereotyping was avoided to pick who the contestants will be and even a plus-size model won the competition once.

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