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Having a youthful appearance is temporary. This point in the human life cycle does not remain forever, but it doesn’t mean you cannot halt the occurrence of aging. With a proper beauty regimen and tediously following your routines, your appearance can stay youthful against your actual age. Be that kind of advocate by paying attention to one of the areas on your face that’s somewhat neglected by the majority.

As we all know, the elasticity of the skin diminishes as we age. Add other factors like pollution and vices then imagine the harm they can cause to the appearance of the largest organ in the body.  Rejuvenate the dwindling amount of skin elasticity by having a healthy lifestyle and sticking to a routine that best suits your skin type.

According to debates by dermatologists, the skin around the eye is different from the other areas of the face. This part is the thinnest and more sensitive, thus making it more susceptible to damage. This must be the reason why most early signs of wrinkles show up in this region of the face. With that being said, men and women should be more thorough in taking care of their skin and be more diligent, especially with what’s around the eyes.


Putting on eye cream during your nightly routine is the best way to combat and delay the surfacing of facial folds around the eyes. Since this part does not have much ability to produce natural oils, supplying moisture from the outside is the best way to counteract its dwindling amount as we grow older. Make sure to use only those with gentle formulation paired with hydrating effects, and stay away from creams that give peeling as an end result.

Remember how sensitive this part of your face is and scratching the surface might not help. Ideally, applying a thin amount would suffice, but it still depends on the consistency of your preferred eye cream. Gel cream works better with oily skin while serums are said to penetrate deeply. Get the advice of your trusted dermatologist to know what brand will work best on your skin.


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