A Sweet Treat from the Feisty Town of Waco

                                                         1.) City of Waco

Texas is one America’s most visited states due to its blatant fusion of cultures that’s just appealing to the eye. With all the festivities observed in this huge place, many people have come to adore the merry life observed within its realms. Texas is all about the scalding heat of the sun, spicy food and the warmth brought about by local hospitality.

If ever you set foot here, better take a sidetrip to Waco, a small and unassuming town which will give you a break from the Texas culture you would be doused with. Waco is dotted with laidback architecture, winding roads of relaxation and peace, surrounded with cheap cafeterias and multiple restaurants. If you find yourself tired of urban living, visit Waco in a heartbeat and you’ll never regret a second of your stay in this very solemn yet enjoyable place.


Map of Waco, Texas

                                                     2.) Map of Waco, Texas

Right smack in the middle of Texas, Waco is a town you’d pass by if you’re on a long road trip across the state. There are no known landmarks to distinguish the place. However, the aura of Waco will is different to its neighboring towns and cities. Covering a land area of 95.5-square miles, Waco is a brimming town of life.

Waco is also known to be a little bit elevated that the rest at 143.3 miles above sea level. Currently, there are roughly 330,000 people living within Waco’s extensive land area, both in rural and urban sites.


A day in Waco

                                                     3.) A day in Waco

Waco, being a part of Texas, is characterized by mild winters and intensely hot summers. According to the Koppen Climate Classification, Waco is under the humid subtropical climate similar to the rest of Texas. At its peak, temperatures can go up to 44-degrees Celsius on an annual scale.

In contrast, it can even go as low as 5-degrees Celsius especially during the Holidays. Rainy days aren’t generally visible in Waco and the town’s annual precipitation days would only amount to 82, which is distinctively low as compared to other Texan cities. Accumulated rainfall in the course of a year is at 34.66 inches, with May considered to be the rainiest month.

Humid nights and arid mornings are experienced during the months of August and September while cool winds blow in Waco from November to February.


Waco Transportation

                                           4.) Waco Transportation

If you travel by land, Waco can be easily reached via Interstate 35 which connects the town to equally famous Texan cities like Fort Worth, San Antonio and Austin. Since it is located in Texas’ midland area, the best way to get in and out of Waco is through long road trips and bus rides.

Aside from I-35, some other famous roads to access Waco from the outside are the so-called Waco Drive, Loop 340 and US Highway 84. State Highway 31 is another good route if you’re coming from Tyler, Shreveport and Longview, Louisiana. Traveling by air would be catered by three aviation terminals: TSTC Waco Airport (a former Air Force Base and is normally used by government officials), Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (daily in-county, intercity, interstate and international flights catered by American Eagle) and the McGregor Executive Airport (a general-aviation facility).

In getting around, get the services offered by the Waco Transit System, a bus company that would transport you to any part of Waco on scheduled times.

What to See

Dr. Pepper Museum


                                                 5.) Dr. Pepper Museum

Known to be the home of Waco pharmacist Charles Alderton who invented the Dr. Pepper Soda series, it is quite fitting to have the Dr. Pepper Museum set up in town. The museum is for soda addicts who want to have a cool look back on how Dr. Pepper started production through sets of vintage photos, memorabilia and old paraphernalia which will warp you back in time. Inside, you’d also find an outdated soda machine which you can use for free and sip through your favorite beverage while walking around the museum.

Waco Mammoth Site

6.) Mammoth Site

                                                    6.) Mammoth Site

If you’re the type of person who’s into National Geographic and Animal Planet, then the Waco Mammoth Site would be the perfect place for you. It was in 1978 when two residents of this town excavated what seemed to be a bone structure close to what a Columbian mammoth looks like. This site has long been subjects of academic research and is now open for public viewing.

Cameron Park & Zoo

7.) Cameron Aquarium

                                       7.) Cameron Aquarium

With a whopping area of 52 hectares, the Cameron Park & Zoo is one of Waco’s most visited tourist spots. Here, the complex is home to almost 30 species featuring animals from the African region: elephants, rhinoceros, giraffes and exotic insects. The 20-mile trail of the park is also suitable for those who want to hike and those who avidly ride their bicycles for outdoor fun.

Armstrong Browning Library

8.) Armstrong Browning Library

                                      8.) Armstrong Browning Library

Located in the infamous Baylor Campus is the Armstrong Browning Library which will definitely attract academics and literature lovers due to its amazing content. The library is home to the world’s largest collection of firsthand manuscripts and other personal writings from two of the best Romantic English poets, Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Also, revel on the library’s stained glass architecture, which is just a full-blown work of art aside from the books it houses.



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