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In the slippery mainstream music industry, the combination of passion, looks, songwriting skills and vocal prowess is certainly a very lethal combination; lethal in a sense that one may overpower every existing singer on the same path with precision and ease.

It is never ordinary to come across an individual with all the glaring features of a future supernova, and the people of today are considered fortunate to cross paths with two or three femme fatales who dominate the music field. Certainly rare gems, these kinds of singers wouldn’t have known how powerful their talents are until they are exposed to the scene, innocent of what they are capable of. Take budding artist Bebe Rexha, for example.

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One vital thing that this rising artist has is the fact that she’s of pure ethnic Albanian descent. With a very rich historical rearing introduced to Bebe Rexha at home, fused with the culture of living in the urbanized city of Brooklyn, it is no surprise that she blossomed into someone who’s creative, confident and full of motivation to attain her musical dream.

Named in real life as Bleta Rexha, she is one of the most known frequents to the illustrious US Billboards due to her notable stints as a singer slash songwriter since she started out in 2010. She began embracing her talent in this field as early as her 4th grade and has been exposed to musicals such as Jesus Christ Superstar, the legendary Fiddler on the Roof and Hello, Dolly!

Since her younger years, this very talented musician has garnered inspiration from famous names in the industry like The Temptations, Stevie Wonder and Tori Amos.

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Focusing on musical genres such as pop and EDM, Bebe Rexha is also noted for being adept in playing the guitar and the piano with dexterity. Due to her slow but sure climb on the musical ladder, Bebe Rexha signed up and worked with different music labels such as Decaydance, Island Def Jam Music Group and Warner Bros.

Now aged 26, the experiences evident in her seemingly short career fueled the passion in her to move forward and collaborate with different artists and musicians. We can remember that Bebe Rexha was featured on tracks such as Cash Cash’s Take Me Home, David Guetta’s Hey Mama and the LSS-hit Me, Myself and I with G-Eazy.

Bebe Rexha is also a member of a now-defunct band Black Cards which was founded by another famous singer Pete Wentz back in the day. Bebe Rexha’s contribution to the song The Monster by Eminem and Rihanna opened doors for her to be established as a serious songwriter during her starting years in the industry.

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With her songwriting skills treated as a notable asset, Bebe Rexha can be remembered through a plethora of songs, some of which are Lucifer by Shinee, Like a Champion by Selena Gomez, All Hands on Deck by Tinashe, One More Night by Bella Thorne, All The Way by Reykon and Battle Cry by Havana Brown.

Due to her unmistakable talent in singing and writing, Bebe Rexha has also received accolades from the Teen Choice Awards and the MTV Europe Music Awards last 2015 for Hey Mama, and garnered a nomination from the 2016 iHeart Radio Music Awards for the same track.

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