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We all have been acquainted with country music as led by solo acts of Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Carrie Underwood and Shania Twain. Little do we know that the always flourishing country genre also has some group acts to boast, and when a couple of country artists come together, expect nothing but amazing music.

While the number of bands focusing on country music is quite small compared to juggernauts such as pop and contemporary, the noticeable rise of artists clumped together as single acts makes the genre more exciting. Just recently, the band Old Dominion is making rounds in the fame arena, and they are sailing smoothly into becoming one of the most celebrated country bands in history.

What makes Old Dominion more evident than bands within their league is the bold approach that they injected into country music. While country is a great genre to play as it is, many people have appreciated Old Dominion’s risk of putting in touches of rock, hip hop and even pop which translated into something unconventional and enjoyable.

Old Dominion leaned on the concept of transcending country and making it more appealing to the public, all along preserving the things that they gained by focusing on this genre. Nevertheless, this creative and crafty country group is setting a new standard for artists who are hesitant to try new things, and their example is a good path to follow.

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Old Dominion consists of the creative quintet of Matthew Ramsey on vocals, Whit Sellers on drums, Trevor Rosen on guitars and keyboards, Brad Tursi on main guitars and Geoff Sprung on bass. The combination of their talents and experience as solo acts before are their perfect potion to be more famous outside of their chosen genre.

Old Dominion is currently signed up with one of the leading purveyors of country music which is RCA Nashville and the band also got a chance to work with budding music firm ReeSmack Records during their early years. Old Dominion actually started in 2007, and their long yet worthy climb to success has been witnessed by their most loyal followers.

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The group started to test the waters when they offered their first, self-titled extended play which is under ReeSmack. Old Dominion’s extended play has reached far and outside the country charts, placing ninth in US Heat and 139th on the overall US Album Charts. In the United States alone, the band was able to gain a whopping total of $32,000 which is quite a marvelous feat for such a small project.

In November 2015, the band expanded their vision and put forth their first studio album entitled Meat and Candy, governed by RCA Nashville and was able to bank in a total of $82,400 in sales. Meat and Candy, as expected, placed at the third spot in the US Country Charts, 16th place on the US Album Charts and 30th in the Canadian Hit Charts.

Old Dominion can be remembered with some of their biggest tracks such as Shut Me Up, Snapback and Break Up with Him.

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