A Must hear: Needed Me by Rihanna

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Rihanna continues to prove that she’s one of the best female singers out there. We know how the song Work flirted with our imagination as she and Drake delivered the teasing track right before our eyes and gave us an ear-gasmic experience that screams sensuality and fun.

Gone were the days when Riri gave us mystery as she proved that made it as seen in the progress of here even better looking career. No more drama and scandals like what happened between her and former boyfriend Chris Brown. Our girl from Barbados has risen even stronger and bolder, evident in the ventures she has engaged in not only in the field of music, but within fashion as well.

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Clearly unapologetic and rebellious in a sense, the singer successfully transcended stereotypes and maintained the public’s interest when we all thought things were over after the much talked about scandal she had with her former boyfriend. There were even rumors circulating that she’s been spending time with actor Leo DiCaprio lately. Now that’s what you call bouncing back.

If Work lets us peek into Rihanna’s alluring charm, then another single from her album Anti entitled Needed Me gives us all access to her sheer nakedness and soul mixed together to come up with a narration that’s interpreted by director Harmony Korine.

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Watching the video is like watching an installment of a gangster inspired movie. There’s violence and some explicit scenes that are not supposed to be seen by kids. With a gun in her hand and bloodshed in the latter part of the vid, it will not be a surprise if the singer would land a cameo role in a mafia film in the future.

The song is probably her last offering before jumpstarting the Anti World Tour scheduled to commence in the month of May.

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