1 D’s Hair Transformation


Hairstyle is one distinguishing factor in every individual. They are using different hairstyles for expressing themselves, personally or in the society. Hairstyles are changing from time to time because of the curiosity and the creativity of the human mind. Hairstyles are part of glamorous world nowadays, whether in fashion, sports, television and of course music. In music, people are listening because of the voice of the artist, but some also look at their fashion, style and most of all hair. One example is the British boy band One Direction, fans, around the world are following them not only because of their jiving and smooth melody, but also the gorgeous looks of the boys.

Fans around the world love the performances and the music that One Direction is creating but some love them because of their hairstyles. Yes they have such a voice, but their hairstyles also make them appealing to the public. Since 2010, when they were first discovered at X Factor UK, by who else but Simon Cowell, a massive transformation of hairstyles and looks catch everyone’s attention.  First is the adorable Harry Styles, who started with a messy mop top hairstyle when he first appeared in the X Factor UK. He was just sixteen back then. One year later, he still has a curly hair, but it was messier and a bit thicker. In 2012, Harry grew up and also his hair, he still had his famous shaggy mop, but ditched it into a straight one swept in one side. 2103, he had transformed his hair into a rockier one to fit their new album that time. His hair looked edgier, rocking a shaggy, wind-blown hairstyle. Second is Liam Payne, started with a long straight hair which in case anyone forgets. 2011, from a long straight hair, he ditched into a wild and curly hair.

Everyone remembered Liam shaved his hair in 2012. In 2013, he added some serious scruff to his shorter spikes hairdo which he managed pretty well. Third is Louis Tomlinson who in 2010 also has a long straight hair. In 2011, he went to a permanent wind-blown look. His hair became slightly tamed in 2012 to match his slick style and in 2014, along with a bit of scruff and a rolled out of bed look. The Irishman Niall Horan, had a blonde hair and probably the shortest hair in 2010. In 2011, changes his hairstyle into a spiky one from a side swept style. He died his tips white back in 2012 and his frosted tips got more volume in 2013. Lastly, Zayn Malik, had the unique hairstyle because he had the spiky black since he started in 2010 and a year later grew it into a taller spikes. In 2012, changed his spikes into streaks and added massive scruff, to balance it, Zayn cut his hair shorter and slightly messy.

We can’t argue that the boys took their hairstyles into massive transformation over the years. And so far, they managed it pretty well.

Archie Fegidero

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